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中文 (Chinese) / 猴哥此战又封神了,BTS大船驶往何处?
« on: April 02, 2019, 02:43:06 pm »

中文 (Chinese) / 关于建立社区多签投票账户的提议
« on: November 27, 2018, 12:35:05 pm »


1、设置多签投票账户 cn-vote(#1148184),控制方为社区公认的意见领袖或者对理事会/见证人之前的决定有异议的用户。

第一批签名者为:国安(bts04),舞天非月(zmm00500),嘟嘟(fangli0755), 德森(aboy),东方的大鸟(bj13586273511),雨卦(yjl20170630),键盘敲很轻(bts-king110),凡阳(h15208255013), KUCCI(kkdskkds123),教授(bts0502)



This is a translation of

Fund Introduction:
Spring BTS Fund is a BTS interior fund jointly initiated by Waterdrip Capital ( Ivy Capital( Fund token issuance, subscription, management, and all other operations are carried out on the decentralized exchange and the asset management platform, BitShares. The fund accounts are jointly managed by the two Capital via multiple signatures. All operations are open and transparent.
Fund Establishment Purpose:
The BTS that are idle within BitShares can be used for collateral to generate bitCNY. On one side, it increases the supply of bitCNY. On the other hand, it plays the role of stabilization fund as it buys BTS when the market is low and sells at a high price. The specific operation point is based on the judgment of the fund managers. Meanwhile, Spring Fund can also be used as an angel investment fund to invest in blockchain projects of the cornerstone investment when the supply of bitCNY is sufficient or the fund itself achieves a large profit, which enables fund holders to make profits continuously.

Fundraising Target Group:
BTS holders with rich investment experience, who are able to fully understand the operation mechanism of BitShares, recognize the long-term value of BTS, believe that the current BTS price is underestimated and the supply of bitCNY is in severe shortage, and hope to bring together the strength of the community to steadily increase the BTS price and bitCNY supply, expanding and strengthening the ecology of BTS smart currencies and exchanges.

How to Subscribe Spring One
The fund voucher is the SPRING token issued within BitShares platform. Each SPRING corresponds to one unit of fund. The initial subscription price is 1BTS/SPRING. SPRING can be freely traded within BitShares.

You can send BTS to the BitShares account, spring-team (#1019038) before 2018.07.18. The minimum sending amount is 100,000 BTS, and the minimum increment is 100,000. The subscription by directly sending BTS can be guaranteed. After the fund account receives the BTS, it will send back the original account SPRING tokens as a voucher.

During 2018.07.18-2018.07.31, SPRING tokens can be purchased directly on the SPRING/BTS market at a price of 1 SPRING/BTS. The number of selling orders for SPRING tokens lodged in the fund account depends on the amount of participation in the first phase. If the first phase meets the requirements of fund operation, the second phase may no longer be placed.

Spring One Fundraising Amount:
Minimum starting amount is 50 million BTS

If the BTS amount raised before 00:00, 2018.08.01, of Beijing time is less than 50 million, the management team will return the raised BTS and close the fund. Otherwise, the fund will start operation.

The maximum amount is 200 million BTS.

The Management Fee of Spring One:
Two-thousandths of a quarter is used to manage staff salaries and legal compliance fees.

Spring Fund Purchasing and Redeeming Rules:
Since SPRING tokens can be circulated in the market, all fund holders can withdraw at any time by selling SPRING on the market.

The net value will be calculated at the end of each month of the first quarter, and the purchasing will be opened at the beginning of next month.

The purchasing and redeeming time is fixed once a quarter, when the fund managers will repurchase SPRING tokens on the SPRING/BTS market. The amount of BTS used for repurchasing is determined by the managers and the minimum is 10% of the total net value of the fund. At the same time, SPRING is also sold on the SPRING/BTS market for purchasing.

Spring 1 Net Value Calculation Rules:

The “average daily price” described below refers to the average price from 0:00 to 24:00 of Beijing time in addition to special instructions.

In the initial fundraising period, the initial net value is calculated according to the daily average price of the BTS/bitCNY transaction pair within BTS on the day when the fundraising amount reaches 50 million BTS.

At the end of each month of the first quarter, the daily average transaction price of the BTS/bitCNY transaction pair within BTS on the last day of the month is used to calculate the net value as the basis for the purchasing price.

The fund settles quarterly. The daily average transaction price of the BTS/bitCNY transaction pair within BTS at the last day of the quarter is used to calculate the BTS net increase A and the bitCNY net increase B.

Max (Min (A*10%, B*40%), 0) is taken as the fund retention ratio, and the rest as the net value increases. The retention fee will be awarded to the fund management personnel by issuing additional SPRING.

Specifically, first compare 10% of the increase in the net value of BTS and 40% of the increase in the net value of bitCNY, and then take the smaller value. If either of the two numbers is below 0, only a two-thousandths of the management fee will be charged.

For example,
Case 1: If the current BTS price is 1 yuan and the initial value of the fund is 50 million BTS, and the BTS price becomes 1.5 yuan one quarter later with the fund owning 70 million BTS and 20 million debts at the time, then the net value of BTS is 7000-2000/1.5=56.67 million BTS, and the net value increases 6.67 million BTS. The net value of bitCNY is 7000*1.5-2000=85 million bitCNY, and the net value is increased by 35 million bitCNY. The smaller of the two is based on BTS, so the fund retention fee is 6.67 million * 10% = 667,000 BTS. At the same time, at the end of the quarter, the fund will place at least 5.67 million BTS repos on the market.

Case 2: If the current BTS price is 1 yuan and the initial value of the fund is 50 million BTS, and the BTS price becomes 0.8 yuan one quarter later with the fund owning 80 million BTS and 10 million debts at the time, then the net value of BTS is 8000-1000/0.8=67.5 million BTS, and the net value increases 17.5 million BTS. The net value of bitCNY is 8000*0.8-1000=54 million bitCNY, and the net value is increased by 4 million bitCNY. The smaller of the two is based on bitCNY, so the fund retention fee is 4 million bitCNY * 10% = 1.6 million bitCNY. At the same time, at the end of the quarter, the fund will place at least 6.75 million BTS repos on the market.

Case 3: If the current BTS price is 1 yuan and the initial value of the fund is 50 million BTS, and the BTS price becomes 0.9 yuan one quarter later with the fund owning 60 million BTS and 10 million debts at the time, then the fund is in a loss whether calculated in BTS or in bitCNY, so the fund retention fee is 0. At the end of the quarter, meanwhile, the fund will place at least 5 million BTS to repurchase SPRING on the market.

Other Sources of Income of Spring Fund:
Spring Fund will establish a witness and organize professional and technical personnel to maintain it. If it is elected, the income will be transferred to the fund account as a net increase after deducting the maintenance personnel's remuneration.

中文 (Chinese) / BTS下一个版本修改点征集
« on: July 04, 2018, 11:38:14 am »

鉴于此,特此开这个置顶贴,征集大家对新版本的改进建议。 本人会发给开发者看,或者组织相关人员汇总后去github上提issue。如果有建议被采纳,也会收到打赏。 


各自按 “见证人账号+ location + API 节点地址”的格式累加式回复:

in.abit 美国:wss://

witness.yao 新加坡:wss://

xn-delegate 新加坡:wss://

crazybit 中国wss://

winex.witness 新加坡 wss://

delegate.freedom 中国 wss://

witness.hiblockchain 北京 wss://

witness.still 香港 wss://

abc123 香港 wss://

xman 东京 wss:// 

delegate-zhaomu 美国(将迁香港) wss://

magicwallet.witness 杭州  wss://

liuye   中国.山东联通     wss://

delegate-zhaomu 美国(将迁香港) wss://


Dear BTS shareholders,

I am xiaoshan, aka @jademont on steemit, I am the moderator of Chinese subforum, cofounder of YOYOW(, and cofounder of Waterdrip Capital( I would like to officially apply for the committee.

I have been with Bitshares since the genesis block. My life with Bitshares can be divided into three phases:

Phase one: PTS era
As one of the very first participants of Protoshares, I became the moderator of Chinese subforum of in 2013 with the recommendation of Amazon and BoShen. Since then, I have spent plenty of time on writing tutorials, answering questions and organizing activities in Chinese community. For example, I participated in wiring the famous book《Bitshares investment whitepaper》, though it was not distributed to people eventually due to the outdated information because of Big Merge.

Phase two: Bitshares 1.0 era
Besides being a moderator on the forum, I run the witness btsx.chinesecommunity, part of its income was donated to the Chinese BTS Community Fund, which is used to reward volunteers and cover the cost of off-line activities.

Phase three: Bitshares 2.0~now

Due to the bad experience of bitshares 1.0 wallet and some fights in the community, many early members left, and bitshares suffered through a persistent downturn. Bitshares 2.0 is a revolutionary product, but at the beginning, it was not well accepted by the market due to the situation of the whole crypto market.

During that hard time, I joined as an administrator and joined hellobts as an author. Btsabc launched the first web wallet and fiat gateway in China, and you can find the most comprehensive Bitshares tutorials there. Also, I played as the bridge of west and east communities by blogging, especially I helped openledger for their business in China as an ambassador.

Why I want to join the committee?
It’s undeniable that the committee was not operated as well as the community expected. The recent campaign of @clockwork inspired me, and I realize that the committee is not only a honorary position for influential persons, but for persons that really want to contribute their energy and time.
I worked in multinational company as a research engineer/project leader, therefore I could only contribute my spared time on serving the community, but now I have resigned and working in blockchain industry full time, so I believe I can do much more than before. As we can see the committee is making some changes recently, and I would like to join to speed up the process.

My plan:
1\Perform the duty of a committee member. Announce the proposals, organize discussion about all proposals, collect the opinions of community and feedback to committee. 

2\ Set up an office in Shanghai for BTS shareholders to regularly meet, as well as a standpoint to meet partners and to organize activities, for example, the coming Global Graphene Devcon in May. 

3\ Do some research on Graphene frame, figure out a universal solution for projects using Graphene technology, summarize complete documents to help more projects land on Bitshares or Graphene blockchain, to increase the influence of Graphene technology.

Please vote for jademont, thank you!

Chinese version:






第二,BTS 1.0阶段

在继续担任版主的同时,自己独立运行了BTS1.0时101个见证人之一的btsx.chinesecommunity, 其收入的一部分捐赠给了论坛公共基金,该基金由社区成员引长弓和我发起,用于奖励志愿者,举办BTS线上线下活动等等。早期收入全靠社区成员捐赠,特别是Shenbo, Stan等大户,后期收入主要来源是我的见证人以及helloworld团队见证人。

第三,BTS 2.0阶段



不可否认,之前理事会的运转与社区的期望有一点差距。我之前坚持认为理事会只有比特股生态的各大利益团体,比如各大交易所或者网关的代表,核心开发者代表,见证人代表等才有资格担任。但是实际上这些人缺乏动力也没有时间进入BTS理事会,导致理事会的竞争一直不激烈,甚至有几个基本不活跃的人。后来我想明白,理事会并不是光荣榜也不是名人堂,理事会需要有更多的肯真正的为社区做贡献又有一定能力的人参与。如果最终能把相关事务理顺,吸引到更重量级的团体来竞选,那自然是最好的。 近期理事会已经有了很多好的改变,希望我的加入能使得理事会运转更加顺畅。

1、   切实履行理事会成员的义务。引导社区成员讨论问题并收集社区意见,及时向社区反馈理事会的讨论结果和决议。定期在专门的网页发布理事会报告并传到到社区(老外理事已经在建设中)。

2、   在中国上海建立实体办公室,供BTS股东们定期见面以及商讨事务,同时作为BTS与其它项目方合作和谈判的据点。组织一些有影响力的活动,比如五月份初的全球石墨烯开发者大会。

3、   研究石墨烯框架的研发体系,探索出一整套基于石墨烯底层来开发项目的解决方案,并发布相关的技术文档供新项目在比特股上快速落地,同时利用业内资源帮助项目孵化,投资以及发展,提高石墨烯区块链在业内的影响力。

希望大家投 理事会账号 jademont 一票,非常感谢!


目前见证人每个块 1 BTS收入,每个月总支出864000BTS(实际考虑到丢块和延时,要低于这个数字),合人民币400多万,这显然不是一个低成本的网络了。社区最近也有声音要求降低见证人收入。因此做这个调查,看一下大家的预期。

注意: 此结果仅作为一个民意调查供理事会参考,具体结果以理事会投票为准。

BTS诞生已经3年多,而2.0版本也已经稳定运行了2年多了,取得了令人瞩目的成就。最近核心开发团队试图进行一次硬分叉,改进一些浅层的bug, 但核心的机制并无改动。但众所周知,自BM离开后,他最初设定的这套核心机制随着时间的推移,逐渐暴露了一些缺点,有一些甚至到了非改不可的地步。




本版置顶帖中的公共基金,将拿出一部分来奖励参与者,如果您的改进建议最终被采纳,将奖励1000BTS, 不能被采纳,也有100BTS的奖励。注意,本次建言献策偏重底层逻辑,UI的一些小bug不在讨论之列,这些无争论的bug可以直接提交到github上。此外,同类问题,只奖励第一个人。

 +5% +5% +5% +5% +5%


 Dear community ,

  We are very pleased to announce that the main net of YOYOW is up, you may visit our web wallet to create your first YOYOW account. In this special time due to the ICO regulations in China, we would like to thank you all for being with us.

webwallet :
blockchain explorer:
command line client:

Token conversion
Currently there exists two kinds of YOYOW tokens--- UIA in Bitshares DEX or ERC20 token in ETH network. Both of them can be converted  into YOYOW main net . However, to reduce the risk into minimum, we would suggest you keep the tokens either in Bitshares DEX or ETH wallet until the new chain is stable enough.

If you want to transfer your tokens into YOYOW main net right now , here are the steps:

1\ Create your YOYOW account at, and ***don't forget to back up!!!***
For example, 476967954 is my account number.

  After you back up your account, you will have a .bin file, just like other Graphene products, and keep it somewhere safe.

2\ Now that you have your YOYOW account, you can transfer your fund depending on difference cases:

#1 If you have YOYOW in Bitshares DEX, you can send it to account yoyow.out(#395262) via Bitshares wallet, with your YOYOW ID in MEMO. To me, I should put #476967954 in MEMO.

#2 If you have YOYOW as ERC20 tokens in Ether wallet, you may send your YOYOW to address 0xea52357c951F0b2c17B9a6AB555e5503d848013a

And the amount should strictly follow this format:

x.000y, where x= the amount, y is your YOYOW ID.

For example, I want to transfer 5000 YOYOW from ETH to YOYOW main net, I should send 5000.000476967954 YOYOW to address

#3 If you have YOYOW at, you need to withdraw them to your ETH wallet first, then follow #2.

#4 If you have YOYOW at ICO365, ICOAGE or btc9 and never withdrew it since you participated YOYOW ICO, unfortunately, due to the ICO regulation policy of China, we have to refund you through these ICO platforms at the original exchange rate, and then you can withdraw your ETH or BTC. If further policy comes out, they might open for withdrawal, then you just need to follow #3.

We appreciate all your understanding .


        yoyow team  @ yoyow block #9256


第一步,在 注册好账户,然后做好备份!做好备份!做好备份! 然后你会得到你的YOYOW主链ID类似如下:#号后面的数字就是你的yoyow主链ID(如右图)。

第二步,提币到YOYOW 主链。按照目前YOYOW token的分布,分为四种情况。
1. 你的token在 BTS 内盘
发送YOYOW到BTS地址:yoyow.out (#395262),并在MEMO里备注你的YOYOW 主链ID,我们将在3天内发放1:1兑换的YOYOW。
2. 你的token在以太钱包
整数位是YOYOW数量,小数位先是三个0,再紧跟你的YOYOW主链 ID。
以上面的YOYOW ID为例: 如果你想给#476967954这个YOYOW主链ID充值10000个YOYOW, 那么你需要给 0xea52357c951F0b2c17B9a6AB555e5503d848013a 这个ETH地址转账 10000.000476967954 YOYOW.
3. 你的token在币安交易所(Binance)
然后按照以太钱包的提现方式兑换(方式同2. 你的token在以太钱包)。
4. 你的token在第三方ICO平台


It will be a command line version at first. +5% +5% +5%

中文 (Chinese) / 购买优惠的OBITS的教程
« on: April 10, 2017, 05:45:01 pm »


少量购买OBITS? 那就直接从OBITS市场购买吧。



OBITS WARRANTS 可以从下面的市场购买:

BitUSD markets


OBITS简介:OBITS是欧洲区块链巨头OpenLedger APS集团发行以及运营的一款虚拟币,运行在Bitshares区块链上,总量1700万,目前流通超过990万。OpenLedger总部位于丹麦,团队成员十几人,目前有区块链交易所业务(openledger交易所),区块链广告业务(BTSR),博客及推荐人业务(bloggerclub),游戏业务(getgame)等等。 OBITS享受一切Bitshares的优势,例如转账速度快(3秒到账),全透明可查账等等,同时,OBITS是OpenLedger集团多种业务的分红币,享受Openledger集团发展带来的红利。目前已经稳定运行超过一年,有超过一千的持币人。

为了保障OBITS的持续增长,大宗购买OBITS已经由购买OBITS WARRANTS所替代。剩余未发行的700万OBITS已经以OBITS WARRANTS的形式预留给了投资者,并将逐步提高价格。

我们建议直接从上面列出的市场中购买OBITS,以BTC, BTS或者BITUSD都可以。一旦你完成购买,那么你的资金将由你本人而非其他任何人控制。重要提醒: 请备份你的账户并将私钥和密码保存在其他安全的地方,远离你的电脑。

你也可以从www.livecoin.net购买, 这是首个交易OBITS的中心化交易所。很快,将会有更多的交易所会提供OBITS的交易。



,价格为0.1 bitUSD每个. 而OpenLedger将以这个价格从市场回购OBITS并销毁,从而逐渐减少总量,同时抬高交易价格。这些限量销售的700万OBITS WARRANTS 将以50万为单位逐步放出,并且根据要约直接供应给感兴趣的团体 ,订购者或者持有者。

任何相信OBITS将在2017年内价格超过0.26 bitUSD的人都可以从购买OBITS WARRANTS中受益。因为你只需要付0.16 bitUSD外加 1 个OBITS WARRANT,就可以获得1个OBITS。(0.1+0.16=0.26)

出售OBITS WARRANTS所获得的100%收入都将用于回购并销毁目前市场上存在的OBITS,用于推高OBITS价格。从2016年初到现在,已经有140万OBITS被回购并销毁了(退出流通),剩余1690万(其中990万流通)。

   你购买的每一个OBITS WARRANT,都可以在2017年内,转换为非公开发行的OBITS
   从2018年1月1号开始,所有的OBITS WARRANTS将失效
   转换率:1 OBITS WARRANT+0.16 BITUSD = 1 OBITS token

如果你有任何问题,或者想把 OBITS WARRANT兑换为OBTIS, 请发信给Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger ,e-mail

General Discussion / [Discuss]Why we reject all Bitshares workers?
« on: December 18, 2016, 06:20:24 pm »
A worker was designed to be the employee of Bitshares blockchain and work for the whole ecosystem. This innovative mechanism indeed played great role at the beginning of Bitshares 2.0, when a bunch of talented “workers” gathered as core dev team to make Bitshares 2.0 happen. Besides the core dev team, some other “workers” added much value to Bitshares too, such as @cass ’s UI, @xeroc ’s script and documents.
However, debates also accompanied the worker ever since the first day, and a few top voting proxies even reject all workers without any bias, which means the worker mechanism is not accepted by the most. The consequence is that every worker proposal is hard to get approved.
At the beginning I stand the point that we should encourage people to work for Bitshares and apply for workers. However, now I am more and more inclined to support the point that worker system should be abandoned and I highly suggest that bounty should replace worker. Here are a few reasons.

1\ Bitshares 2.0 is generally a very stable system, which has been running without any hardfork for months. What we need at the current stage is bug fixing or customized new features, instead of touching the bottom codes. Therefore, we don’t really need full time workers to work for Bitshares. Both bug fixing or the demand of customized new features can be done by bounty.

2\ Bitshares 2.0 is too poor to feed a lot of workers, and the dilution due to workers actually stops potential investors to join. The “dilution” of Bitshares is sometimes “notorious” in blockchain community. 

2\Worker system actually discourages volunteering. If you grow with Bitshares community since the old days when there was no worker, you may recall that Bitshares community was actually very active, with a lot of volunteers working for Bitshares for free. But now, some of them hesitate to do it because they feel unfair seeing workers get paid while they don’t.

3\ Workers are not more loyal than others. It is embarrassing that most of the past workers disappeared once their worker contract expired, or they ask for new worker contract to clean the old bugs they made. 
On the other hand, the long time loyal members of community who are contributing a lot to the system are not workers or were not paid much. I can list a few, such as openLedger, blockpay, beyondbitcoin, transwiser, btsbots, btsabc,hellobts, etc. According to the evaluation criteria of worker, anyone on this list deserves a worker proposal, but they are still happily working for Bitshares without being worker.   

Why I support Bounty to replace worker?
I believe we still have a lot of talents in our community, they are good programmers or good marketers, and they are pleased to help bitshares by accepting the bounty. They will be rewarded by bounty and honor.

1\Bounty will let people compete therefore better results can be expected compared with non-competing worker, not to mention the efficiency and quality.
2\ Don’t worry that no one respond to the mission. If it happens, it means this mission is not important enough to increase the bounty.

A normal flow of bounty is:
Shareholders feedback the demand firstly, then the committee is responsible for summarizing these demands and organizing voting to create bounty, then waiting for people to submit their work, then shareholders decide whether the work is qualified for bounty or not.

The above is just my preliminary thoughts, whereas some details might need to be reconsidered, so welcome any comments.

中文 (Chinese) / OpenLedger 和AMP达成合作, 又上了几个新品
« on: September 22, 2016, 05:56:40 pm »

OpenLedger跟Synereo 刚刚达成了合作– Synereo是基础于Tel-Aviv公司开发分散科技平台,。Synereo现在开发基础于信誉的社交网络。对OpenLedger意味着是什么?

很多加密电子货币的狂热爱好者找到关于新的ICO或加密电子货币的最新的资讯新闻,Synereo 正好可能成为这个入口网站。

Synerero正在建造第一个完全去中心的社交媒体。 这个社交媒体是是更大的区中心网络的一部分。 该团队正在建造R Chain以及测试栈,这是第一个能满足目前互联网需求的可以扩展的区块链平台。


1、AMP将是Synereo 虚拟机的汽油。因此每一次当有人通过你的节点或者进行运算,储存信息以及获取信息时,都将以手续费的形式被使用。
2、AMP将是Synereo PoS共识协议的股权货币。



作为Synereo伙伴我们在OpenLedger添加了AMP,现在可以自由的存放和提取。这意味着您可以交易AMP在DEX以OPEN.AMP的形式。我们也加了别的OMNI相关的资产(例如:MaidSafe, Agoras Tokens, Tether USDT, EURT和OMNI自己。


Ronny 和 OpenLedger 团队

中文 (Chinese) / CCEDK致OBITS股东们的一封信
« on: September 18, 2016, 04:34:57 pm »

我们收到了很多OBITS持有人们的请求,关于OpenLedger 每月营收的分红方式以及未来可能的空投sharedrop(一种分红形式)。我们决定采用投票的方式让全体股东来决定是否取消目前的每月“回购燃烧”方式,并找到最好的方式。


举一个大概的例子。 如果OpenLedger每月的利润等价于500万BTS,那么我们将拿出90%的利润以BTS的形式分红,而另外的10%将以等价的BTC的形式分红。

跟之前的方案一样。 回购燃烧将每月一次, OBITS 将用450万BTS以及 50万BTS购买的BTC来回购OBITS,并全部燃烧。

OpenLedger的利润将sharedrop给所有OBITS持有人。我们用同样的数字做例子。如果某人拥有10%的OBITS, 那么他将得到45万BTS,以及等值5万BTS可以买到的BTC(取决于市场价格)


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