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General Discussion / Re: Angel Shares Feedback Requested
« on: December 16, 2013, 12:58:11 am »
Your greed is pushing you to try to combine two things. You want to move to proof-of-stake mining because you learned it is more practical for DACs. The problem is you are now trying to change the social contract for ProtoShares to increase the ownership that you felt you missed out on. In the process, you are undermining all PTS value to investors and encouraging centralization of power. In just one evening I've gone from one of your biggest supporters to thinking I want out entirely. I recall how you gleefully told another investor how their departure means cheaper shares for you, so don't bother. Your primary concern was obvious then, and I should have trusted my instincts. I'll review further before making such a rash decision.

First of all I thing this was just a idea that Bytemaster proposed and by no means a final decision, in fact he clearly stated  and  the name of the topic is : Feedback Request. Ultimately I thing everybody wants the project to succeed. So before accusing Bytmaster of greed or else. There are some obvious  things that are not right and bytemaster is trying to solve. The bootents and the chinese super computer. Those guys they don't give a shit about protoshare they are in short term  for the money, and if we let them be, they gonna take the big part of every pie that they can get there hands on,  be it DAC, Bitshare or else. Don't get me wrong we all hopping to make some money of course but at least we are trying to do something about it like arguing in this forum, or trying already to build a DAC like WETube for example.  Botnets , for them, all this   is just money out of thin air nothing more.

What Invictus proposed is something  that potentially could change the cryptoworld or even the way we do business as we know it. In order to succeed the project needs programmers, needs marketing, needs people to believe and be involved, for all of that the project  needs money the more the better.
Now let's  not forget that Invictus said, if need be, there will be a Protoshare 2.0, so it is not  breach of contract IF Protoshare 2.0  will be forked IF  is solving obvious problems and this with the consensus of everybody  and in a way that is still very interesting for new investors. I mean I'm not saying that we should change everything but this project it is very young still, so if there are thing to be fixed this is the time to do it of course we need sound reasons and be completely transparent about it.

So should be a good ideea to find a better way to address those needs instead of accusing or even worst threatening to dump protoshares, anyhow those that are dumping right know  they are in for short term so they may as well do whatever and get the hell out of this project we don't need them.

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