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General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:40:36 am »
Over the next couple of days I am going to start withdrawing and putting some money in to STEEM Power. I'm thinking like $10,000

Anyone else here using Compumatrix should think about investing in STEEM Power. You get a 90% interest rate, so say you have $20,000 from Compumatrix that you are trying to figure out how to invest. If you put it in STEEM Power, next year it could be around $40,000 and if you buy STEEM Now it is under $2, so if you get it now and it goes up to $3 and $4, and it could even go to $5 or $10 or spike to $20 at some points, then you could have way more than the $20,000 you invested.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 18, 2016, 11:37:13 am »
Great work, saw your post on steemit. Upvoted +5%


General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 15, 2016, 10:53:34 am »
This is awesome. When I can withdraw some, I am going to put a few thousand euros in to STEEM Power on Steemit.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 15, 2016, 10:43:08 am »
Now if you log in it say this:

Cashout for OL is Operational. Bitcoin Cashout will be tested first in the next couple of hours after our partners complete synchronization and installation of new signing keys. Please ensure you are qualified to use this service. Make sure you have completed all requirements on the Portal and OL.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 15, 2016, 12:39:54 am »
If you log in to Your Compumatrix Portal, right now it says this at the top:

We will begin testing the Automated Cashout Feature in the next couple of hours. Please ensure you are qualified to use this service. Make sure you have completed all requirements on the Portal and OL.

I'm ready for this to finally be open for withdraw.

Of course Xerox or Oracle or Accenture or Deloitte or SAP would hire a smaller company to do it for them, but they would have the bid under their name. It's like Contractors, and a lot of it comes out of the Middle East and Far East.

General Discussion / Re: The connection of bitshares and steem
« on: August 14, 2016, 03:42:07 am »
The main connection is on OpenLedger. And there may be a possible later connection when other people figure it out and start using Bitshares, maybe some cross Coin users creating Assets and Announcing them on Steemit or something. But I have not heard of any like official planned dual coin happenings.

It would probably have to be combined with traditional voting to ensure that everyone could do it, since some people can't even use AOL. But it could maybe work. They would just have to find a way to maybe put the traditional votes on the Blockchain and connect the wallet type Profiles with DMV records like they do with Voter Registration now.

Xerox or Oracle or Accenture or Deloitte or SAP could do it.

Here is a Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) bid that Accenture won.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 14, 2016, 03:27:04 am »
For anyone who is wondering what is going on with Compumatrix.

There may be a way to unlock you wallet by setting your Wallet Permissions to a weight of 4 for Compumatrix 1 and sending them 500 Compuceeds and 100 Bishares.

But the reason there is not a wide opening of all wallets is because they have not yet connected Wallets to the Bitcoin Blockchain, that is what they are working on now, as well as working with Yocoin.

And the main reason that there isn't any way to access funds right now, is because when some people got their Compuceeds at 1 Euro each from their Compumatrix wallet, they sold them for less than 1 euro worth of BTCPlus, then sold those for less than 1 euro worth of Bitshares, and that created a recession. But Compumatrix has a ton of people involved, and Regional Reps in like 85 Countries. They just need to do like a Press Release, Bitshares and Bitcointalk [ANN] posts, and they could really actually get something started. But they may have that planned, they keep saying it's coming really soon and these are the last few steps, etc. And I have looked at their Markets and gleaned everything stated above. So it's all happening, and they might even just make it where we can withdraw Bitcoins straight out of the wallet. I sent a little to the Wallet and it works, so it's about to happen.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 07, 2016, 08:46:35 pm »
That's right. And Compumatrix/Compuceeds may soon become the most well known part of the Bitshares platform.

And right now it's not even really time for everyone to start taking everything out, maybe in like a week or a month or at the most 2 or 3 months they will then start getting everyone's money on to OpenLedger. But right now you are really just supposed to give them 100 BTS and 500 Compuceeds and they are using it to trade on the Compuceeds market and get the price of Compuceeds pegged at 1 Euro. But as they do that they will give you Compuceeds back in return.

It also works to prove that you actually know how all of this works and that you aren't one of the many people that are part of Compumatrix who have no idea how Cryptocurrencies work or Exchanges work. If a bunch of people get Compuceeds from their Compumatrix balance and they just start dumping it in to the OpenLedger Buy Orders, it would crash the whole Economy of the Currency. So they need people to show that they know how this works, and can get 100 BTS and 500 Compuceeds to invest in it.

To set up your OpenLedger Wallet for Compumatrix, you have to go to Permission, and put "compumatrix1" under active, and set a weight of 4. Then you have to send 100 BTS and 500 Compuceeds to trade-ceeds

WTF would anyone allow compumatrix1 to access their account?
WTF would anyone to pay something to trade-ceeds just to starting trading assets that are available on OpenLedger anyway?

We all have Accounts and Wallets on their Website. On our end we can trade Euros for Bitcoins (and everyone has a lot), and on the OpenLedger end they can give us Compuceeds. So we have to take our Euros on the site, trade them for Bitcoins on the site, then let them access our account and give them 100 BTS and 500 Compuceeds to basically prove that we know how this works (because a lot of people don't, there are people completely confused, who have been in this for years, and have no idea what an Altcoin or DEX is). So once you do that, they can allow you to start transferring funds from your Compumatrix account to OpenLedger (and everyone has a good amount). Then you have tons of Compuceeds.

Maybe 20 people have done this whole process, I am not even done with it. I still have to give them 500 Compuceeds, and I am just waiting for some OpenLedger buy orders to go through.

But once everyone on Compumatrix figures all of this out, there is going to be a huge flood of Compuceeds traders. And it is a Centralized currency, so they can tell everyone to buy or sell at different times to make sure the price is stable (they want to peg 1 Compuceed at 1 Euro).

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 06, 2016, 10:41:10 pm »

If you have activated your Balance from the Pending section to the actual Balance section (if you have not done this you can do it by sending yourself at least .01 BTC and clicking the "Sell Bitcoin" button on the Portal, and then all of your Pending Balance will become your active Balance.

Then once you have an active balance click "Buy Bitcoin" then you can use the Euros in your Compumatrix account to buy Bitcoins.

Once you do that, then watch the Price of Bitcoin. You can do that various ways, there is an Android App called "Bitcoin Ticker Widget" and it allows you to click tabs to look at prices in different markets, then there are websites like Coin Market Cap. Just watch those, then, when Bitcoin is at say $500 or if they ever go to $400, and maybe even buy at $550. Then when they go up to $580 to $600+  you can go to the Compumatrix portal and click "Sell Bitcoins" and you will have more Euros than you started with.

The more Bitcoins you buy, the higher the risk is that you could lose more money when the Price changes (if it goes down), but the more you buy when the price is low, the better chance you have of making more money when it goes back up. So if you aren't sure what is high or what is low at the time (it could change, but $500-$550 is a good buying price right now, while $580-$600 is a good selling price right now) then just buy like 2 or 3 Bitcoins so that you don't lose a lot, then when you get the hang of it use more of your Euro balance to buy Bitcoins and use it to raise your Euro balance.

I bought a pretty large amount 1 day ago at about $550 and they are $580 right now.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 06, 2016, 08:09:47 am »
These links can be used as a guide between the normal Cryptocurrency World and the Compumatrix World, since this is Bitsharestalk, everyone here is already closer to the subject than most people[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/the-future-of-steem[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/do-you-want-to-get-deep-in-to-cryptocurrencies[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/getting-deep-in-to-cryptocurrencies-pt-2[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/deep-in-to-cryptocurrencies-pt-3[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/proof-that-steem-can-be-turned-in-to-us-dollars-usd918-withdrawn-from-steemit-how-to

General Discussion / Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 06, 2016, 08:01:19 am »
There is not a lot out there on the internet about Compuceeds or Compumatrix yet, so I thought I would put everything in one place and try to get the people in the Compuceeds community and the people in the Bitshares community to a common understanding. This thread will also help any Compuceeds users who don't understand Cryptocurrency.

Here are the 2 main Compuceeds threads on Bitsharestalk:,22234.0.html,21730.0.html

I have also noticed that there is a misunderstanding in the Bitshares community about what Compuceeds are. I have been using Bitcoin and Altcoins since 2011, and Compumatrix since 2013 or 2014, so I can help fill in the gap for both communities.

Compuceeds are not like a regular Cryptocurrency, and not even really like a regular Asset. Compuceeds is a Compumatrix Asset that is distributed for doing different activities on the Compumatrix Portal, including the sale of Pre-paid cards that allow people to get in to the Compumatrix Ecosystem. So Compumatrix users who sell cards are kind of like a Bridge between Fiat and Cryptocurrency. You generate codes for these cards on your user Portal, and then the codes for these cards can be redeemed by another user. So they pay you Fiat, you buy them a Card, and they have Euros on their Compumatrix account.

But until 2016 there was no way to withdraw your Compumatrix balance.

If you want to learn the basics of Compumatrix, go here and read all the red tented content:

Then go to these sections are read all the red tented content:

At that point you should have a better understanding of what is going on. Then if you want to you can read this, which explains their Steemit like website where you get paid for Blogging or posting on their Forum:

You can also earn by joining and helping with the World Community Grid by pointing some of your computer's hashing power at the Grid:

Here is the Open Ledger Trading discussion section:

To set up your OpenLedger Wallet for Compumatrix, you have to go to Permission, and put "compumatrix1" under active, and set a weight of 4. Then you have to send 100 BTS and 500 Compuceeds to trade-ceeds
Based on everything I have looked at on the Compumatrix forum, once you do that you should be able to access your Compumatrix Wallet.

Unlike most Cryptocurrencies, Compuceeds is Centralized. As an asset of Compumatrix, Compuceeds are distributed by the company Compumatrix, and it may seem like it is just one person, or one group of people, who are trading back and forth, but there is about to be a storm of Compuceed traders coming to the market. I am 1 person who has been waiting about 2 years, maybe longer, for them to finally get everything working. The small number of trades happening now are because there are very few people using Compumatrix who understand anything about Cryptocurrencies. Hardly any of them have ever heard of Altcoins, and only the ones who are deep in to their forum know anything about OpenLedger or how to use it.

So right now there trading is slow, but there are literally thousands of people, with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in Compuceeds, waiting for the Centralized company Compumatrix to unlock their wallets, and what they don't realize is that to unlock their wallets they have to get involved on OpenLedger and set their Permissions,  Pay a fee, etc.

So Compuceeds are about to explode. You can start buying them directly on OpenLedger now

Then once you have your Bitshares, you use them to buy BTCPlus, here:

BTCPlus is the primary means of trade for Compuceeds. Compuceeds have been traded directly for Bitshares, not often, and the prices have been actually higher (more Bitshares per Compuceed) when traded directly. Right now the best way to buy them is with BTCPlus. But as stated in pt.2 you can use the Compuceeds you buy with BTCPlus to start setting the market prices for all the other currencies.

And once you have BTCPlus, you buy Compuceeds, here:

Then if you went between both Compuceeds and Cryptoceeds, and traded say Compuceeds for Bitshares, for Cryptoceeds, for Compuceeds you could make money as the markets changed, and right now you can set the prices.

This market is set to explode, it just needs some smart investors.

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