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Marketplace / 100 PTS - Create 'What are AGS & PTS?' Infographic [CLOSED]
« on: January 06, 2014, 03:48:26 am »
This bounty is for creating an infographic that explains ProtoShares and AngelShares and how they relate to one another. A very basic visual can be found on the home page at This infographic will show what owning each type of share produces, with percentages as they relate to future DACs.

What we're looking for is an infographic with a simple and elegant design, one page only, which can be printed on standard 8.5X11 paper, and tailored for the non-technical person.  We will then distribute it as a handout at the next event. Because the event is the end of this month, this bounty will have a deadline of Jan 17 at which time the winner will be chosen. 

Marketplace / 100 PTS - Create 'Intro to Keyhotee' Infographic [CLOSED]
« on: January 06, 2014, 03:20:35 am »
This bounty is for turning the content in Dan's youtube video "Introduction to Keyhotee" into an infographic that explains 'What is Keyhotee?'.   We will then distribute it as a handout at the next event. Because the event is the end of this month, this bounty will have a deadline of Jan 17 at which time the winner will be chosen. 

What we're looking for is an infographic with a simple and elegant design, one page only, that can be printed on standard 8.5X11 paper, and tailored for the non-technical person.  It will explain visually how keyhotee works in its various functions.

This will be open to suggestions and comments until Jan 7 at which time it will become [ACTIVE].

Marketplace / Re: 1200 PTS - New Invictus Website Ready to Deploy [ACTIVE]
« on: December 30, 2013, 08:15:21 pm »
I'm loving the energy involved here.  Looking forward to seeing this revamped site up in the new year. 

Marketplace / Re: 10 PTS - AngelShares Press Release Bounty [PENDING]
« on: December 30, 2013, 08:09:04 pm »
Submission deadline is tomorrow for the Jan 1 press release. Submit your own version if you have one. Thanks. B

General Discussion / Re: Whats your strategy on PR?
« on: December 28, 2013, 10:07:39 pm »
I appreciate your questions and wanted to give a quick update: Press Releases go out Jan 1 for AngelShares as well as our new Bounty Campaign. 

You'll find a discussion has already begun in the forum for the Angelshares PR and a bounty of 10PTS offered to the winning submission(s) by Dec 31.

We do have a protoshares facebook page, additional pages are being created for our soon to be released products.

Marketplace / Re: 10 PTS - AngelShares Press Release Bounty [PENDING]
« on: December 28, 2013, 08:27:03 pm »
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Great edits so far.  I'm excited to be involved in choosing the final draft and winner(s) of this bounty. We have quite a few bounties coming down the pipeline, as you've probably heard, so keep you eyes open.  My thoughts so far:

que23 - I think you're going the right direction by removing some of the technical references to terms like DAC's, etc. 

Number1 took it a step further and definitely wrote something very readable; which will translate well with the layperson. It flows very well. 

James212 is right in that we may want to link to a more technical explanation, keeping the initial PR simple as possible. 

This is going to be a balance between explaining the basics of angelshares and the business model while at the same time communicating the opportunity. The average person is asking the question we all ask when we see a marketing message:  What's in it for me? So keep that thought in mind when writing.  Great so far...


General Discussion / Re: An open proposal to the community and Brian/Dan
« on: December 23, 2013, 05:26:35 pm »

You have some great ideas, many of which are already in development, some of which are original and worth considering. Feel free to PM me directly your contact information and I'd be happy to discuss some of these with you.


Vegas Baby, Vegas: The Buzz About Bitshares by Brian Page

Like most of you, I first heard about Bitcoin in the news.  As each month went by I found more articles popping up: A guy purchases $27 in bitcoin and forgot about only it to find himself a millionaire a short time later.  I read about miners who were supposedly building money machines in their homes and the shutdown of silk road by the government.  It kept coming to my attention until I couldn't ignore it any longer.

The more I learned about it the more it resonated with me - not just because of the potential to make money but because of what it could mean for privacy, freedom and the disruption of the status quo. The powerful idea that money can actually be separated from state and that financial power can be decentralized sounded like an idea who's time has come.

I heard from veterans in the tech industry that Bitcoin and the crypto-currency business was reminiscent of the early internet dot com boom. I didn't have an opportunity to participate in that historic event but I decided years ago that I wasn't going to miss the next big thing. Could this be it? I put everything on hold to spend months doing research. I ate, slept and breathed crypto-currency. I decided to put myself in front of as many experts as I could. This led me to the Inside Bitcoins conference in Las Vegas.

When I arrived the first day the mood was electric.  There were venture capitalists mixing with private investors. I saw tech savvy silicon valley types chatting up the CEO's of new crypto currency companies as well as the just plain curious folks, like me. 
I like to be curious.  It allows me to get to the top of the food chain fairly quickly by simply asking quality questions. Questions like: Where is the greatest opportunity today? If Bitcoin was the answer to that question in 2009, what about in 2014?  If Bitcoin was the Microsoft of the decentralized world, would there be an Ebay, a Facebook or Google? What opportunity lies just around the corner as a result of this paradigm shift? That was what I was searching for.

I've done this kind amateur investigating since I was very young, allowing me to meet and be mentored by some well-known leaders in personal development and business.  Leaders who's names you'd recognize as new york times bestselling authors, international speakers and business visionaries.  I found that these people are generally identifiable early on, if you know what to look for. I'm the kind of person who would seek out Satashi Nakamoto himself and camp on his front lawn if need be if it meant I could work with him. But sadly, he was not in Vegas...or was he?

I set out to meet as many people as I could in the industry.  I asked nearly everyone this question: Where is the greatest opportunity right now in the crypto-currency industry?  I heard a few companies get mentioned but the one comment I heard more than any other was some version of: "You should look at what Daniel/Invictus/Protoshares is doing." I heard it being discussed by groups of people in the hallway during the breaks, by some of the speakers, by miners and prominent bloggers.  It kept coming up.
Throughout the next 24 hours I spent a lot of time within earshot of Dan, listening to him address groups of people who were either huge fans of Invictus or who wanted to learn more.  People who mined Protoshares were coming up to him to tell him how much they admired what he was doing.  Other CEOs asked to joint venture with Invictus, or suggested placing his future Bitshares on their exchange next year.  There was a real buzz about us as we walked around MGM.  One guy I met offered to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars with Dan and I watched at least two people each offer him millions. Seems the secret was out.

Earlier that morning I heard Dan speak on a panel of experts and I was one of the first to come up to him to introduce myself.  He invited me to join him and some of his team for dinner. I peppered them with questions at Wolfgang Puck. I was looking at the next big thing and I wanted to be a part of it.

But as much as I was fascinated I was also honest with Dan. I felt that for a company with so many fans among the tech savvy and crypto-currency set, his company's marketing and image left something to be desired. 

Now to be fair, things in this industry are happening at lightning speed and Dan and his team have so many hats to wear, that marketing/image/brand were not particularly at the forefront of their minds.  After all, they seemed to be doing just fine with Protoshares.  It was just launched Nov 5 and was already in the top 10 for market cap.

But I could see that the potential was huge.  That they had just begun to scratch the surface.  What they needed was a clear message.  A brand with an edge, and a new website to help introduce the public at large to what they're doing, and in general, a strategy.  He must have liked my energy and passion because he asked me to join the team that same day.  I said yes.

So what's next?

Invictus is going to the tailor. We're taking off the baggy sweat suit and putting on a brand new tailored three-piece Armani.  We're designing an image, a message and a true brand.  We're producing quality videos to explain the concept clearly to the non-technical person, a new site, a strong presence on all social media, infographics and print media. We're getting this company ready for it's close up.
Within the next year we'll be in front of mainstream news organizations and creating one of the largest, if not the largest team in the industry. We'll form new channels of investment through our various Bitshares, building on our already solid buzz and support in the community.  We are the first crypto-equity company in history, and we will change business the same way Bitcoin is changing money.

We want YOU to be a part of it. All of you.  We look forward to your opinions and support as the largest community supporting, mining and buying Bitshares.  We look forward to including you in an incredible opportunity to not only profit but to change the status quo.  Be patient with our team as we implement these changes.  Look for me to be a part of this forum, contributing to the ongoing discussion and making announcements as these changes take place over the coming months. 2013 has been the year the world woke up to Bitcoin. 2014 will be the year of Bitshares. 


Brian Page
Director of Marketing
Invictus Innovations

Hi everyone.  My username is MktDirector. Great to be a part of the team!

Brian Page
Director of Marketing

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