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General Discussion / Brian Page (MktDirector) Is Moving On
« on: December 16, 2014, 08:30:16 pm »
Hey Forum,

I'm in the BitShares offices up in Virginia with Dan and the devs today.  I had lunch with Dan and we discussed the exciting new chapter BitShares is starting in 2015.  However, my own chapter with BitShares is now coming to a close.  I've made the decision to resign any sort of official role with the organization in order to persue other opportunities.

I can say without a doubt that some of the new marketing talent that's come on board recently with BitShares and the grassroots marketing team have incredible plans in the works to take the community and business to the next level.  I'm thrilled to see what they can do in the upcoming year. 

I believe not only in BitShares but in the ideals of this community and those who lead it.   It's been an exciting and wild ride over the last year or so and I am so incredibly proud to have been a small part of it.  Thank you for the passion and energy you all have brought to this project and for those of you who went above and beyond to put your blood sweat and tears into it. 

I can tell you one thing is for sure about this organization: The level of integrity, commitment, and talent with those I worked with are second to none. I trust these people fully and consider them my friends and truly amazing people.  I encourage you to continue investing your time, money and energy in this grand vision that is BitShares.

Wishing each and every one of you the very best in all you do,


Bytemaster here:
   I wanted to add the following information.  Brian has done a great job at what he is good at: conferences.   Because of his efforts I had many speaking roles and interviews that I would not have had without him.  Brian and I are friends and will likely work together in the future when his new venture integrates BitShares. 

   I have retained the team Brian was working with and they will be showing some of the fruit of their labor this week as the first BitShares book is published and launches.   I have informed this team that they need to market themselves as well as BitShares and you will be seeing more of the value they bring to the table in the short term.   

  Brian will not be receiving any additional payments from the AGS funds which has freed up over ~15M BTS of earmarked bonus funds.  These funds will be redirected toward covering the costs of gaining new users. 

  I have asked Brian's team to provide measurable statistics regarding their contribution to the marketing effort.  I have commitments with these guys and have full faith in their abilities.

  I will not be replacing Brian nor establish an official marketing team.  Everything will be community/delegate driven from here on out.   Adam will be working in his industry to bring people to BitShares.  We need leaders who take charge and get things done and don't depend upon me or anyone else to tell them what to do.   Bitcoin doesn't have official marketing nor funded marketing.   Anyone who can get and maintain a delegate position is "official".   

  Lets work together and change the world! 


Yes, certainly.  We have another site that will be just for complete newbies that Murderistic and team are working on.  So, yes, there will be separate "funnel" sites that are very targeted to specific niches.... is primarily an information/brand/and identity site, not primarily a marketing site.  Just keep that in mind.  Will be sharing the other site once it's up...murderistic may be able to give some ideas/input on this as well..... b

Hey team.   

So most of the usability/error edits have been looked over and are in the process of being fixed now. Thank you for letting us know what they are. 

As far as the target audience and message of the site (something a lot of people mentioned), the concept for the new site was gone over at length with Bytemaster and other members of the core team in VA before we began working on it, and it was decided that the main target market would be primarily individual users and merchants. 

It was also discussed that the site would be simpler and focused on benefits/features of the core product only (BitShares).  As you can see, we stripped away a LOT of the old content from the site and aimed to make BitShares much simpler than it was before with only one core service and a lot less side "products."

With that being said, Agreed - we need more content and fleshing out of the description of what BitShares is, and we're working on that now. (We are discussing a video as a possibility).  Some of your suggestions on additional content/explanation are awesome. I've reached out directly to a few of you today, to ask permission to use some of your ideas and words on the site. This week we'll aiming to get that done.... 

Please revisit the site this weekend, and then post up new ideas or feedback as you think of them. Keep in mind, we can't incorporate every single idea or suggestion, but we are definitely seeing the site through all of your eyes and taking the feedback to heart. will never "arrive" at perfection, but will be a continual work of improvement.   

Thanks and keep the ideas coming.... B

We're discussing now which events we'll attend in 2015.  Miami is one of them that I think we should be at.  B

Some great suggestions here.... give me and Cass some time to go through them and do some more edits/updates based on the feedback.  B

good point teenagecheese, we'll add more info for sure.  News updates are a great idea as well.   More to come. b

Hey everyone!

After being head down and off grid for a bit, working with Cass - over a LOT of hours, I'm happy to say (REloaded!) As Stan likes to say, is up!  The new site is simpler, more focused on our core business, more elegant and easy to understand.  I hope you like it. 

And can I just go on the record here and say Cass is not only the hardest working person I know, he's also a brilliant artist and the designer behind what you see.  He also overcome some incredibly difficult personal situations to get this job done fast and at great sacrifice.  So THANK YOU CASS! THANK YOU.   

Thank you to bytemaster for sitting through long sessions with the marketing guys to continually drill down to answer the question, What IS BitShares? as I asked over and over and over and to the devs who all pitched in ideas up in VA. Thank you guys.  We have a lot more to do, but this site is the first glimpse of a newer, leaner, meaner, more relevant and purposeful BitShares. 

Please feel free to point out edits or anything we may have overlooked.  And please offer (constructive) criticism, we'd really appreciate it.  The site will be filled out more over the next few weeks with more pages, it's not yet fully complete, but the core of it is there.   Enjoy!


General Discussion / Re: New Marketing Opportunity
« on: November 19, 2014, 07:40:16 pm »
I'd be happy to. Please contact me directly at


General Discussion / Re: The new site is coming soon!
« on: November 19, 2014, 02:02:15 pm »
Sorry for the delay folks.  We had a tragedy with someone in the BitShares community (I'd like to protect his privacy) but we're moving forward and about 90% complete with the new site. It's gonna be a stunner.  Simple, clean, elegant.   B

There's some great ideas in here for sure.  I'd like to see if Cass could add in that code once the "New BitShares" is ready for it's close up so we can have a better idea about our traffic.  To be very brief and to the point about what's next for our sites, it's this:

Take down site and redirect all traffic to
Retain only the one site ( as the official informational site
Redesign this site to reflect a MUCH simpler, easy to understand business model and value prop
Target all the benefits of BitShares in relation to "banking" and personal financial services
Target also "merchants" for business financial services
Make a source to download the new BitShares client
Make the message clear, simple, compelling, and did I say simple?

This is just an overview, but you get the idea.... all in progress now. 

Hey guys, we were mostly completed with our marketing funnel until we got the news that the entire BitShares brand is being relaunched and a new snapshot taken (today).  There aren't new accounts as a result of our efforts because what we've been working on all these weeks has not been launched yet. It cant be launched without coordinating with the MASSIVE structural change at BitShares currently underway - which includes everything from our product, to our brand to our software.  I'm not going to defend myself, but rather just say we are not sitting around here, we are working on this day in and day out. If the results aren't fast enough for you, I don't know what more to say.  I can assure you, we are moving forward. If you want to contact me directly my email is   

this is the best video we have until we get permission to use the professionally done one from inside bitcoins, which we cant use at the moment. B

hey guys, I agree, we need this.  I have no direct involvement with APIs.  Those who do I'm sure know this and have it on thier list of things to be done soon. b

General Discussion / Re: will there still be mkting push?
« on: October 28, 2014, 01:56:21 pm »
The plan now (as it's in MAJOR transition) is to complete the rebranding and simplification of BitShares as outlined by bytemaster in his post "Proposal to Resolve a Million Issues at Once," along with the GUI redesign, and marketing campaign - all at the same time.   So the dev, marketing, and GUI/web development teams are planning to complete these projects on the same timeframe, all by the end of the year.  B

I've always championed bitAssets over bitUSD and hope we can promote those as an idea first and foremost.  After all, bitAssets can cover many different currencies, not just the dollar.  But bytemaster has a point in wanting to promote bitUSD first, because (whether we like it or not) USD is still the primary currency for much of the modern world and even more so in the tech world, which is where we find ourselves.  But agreed, we need to focus on the idea of "virtual" or "crypto" currencies on the broad scale, not just bitUSD and to those within USD based economies. 

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