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Hey everyone!

After being head down and off grid for a bit, working with Cass - over a LOT of hours, I'm happy to say (REloaded!) As Stan likes to say, is up!  The new site is simpler, more focused on our core business, more elegant and easy to understand.  I hope you like it. 

And can I just go on the record here and say Cass is not only the hardest working person I know, he's also a brilliant artist and the designer behind what you see.  He also overcome some incredibly difficult personal situations to get this job done fast and at great sacrifice.  So THANK YOU CASS! THANK YOU.   

Thank you to bytemaster for sitting through long sessions with the marketing guys to continually drill down to answer the question, What IS BitShares? as I asked over and over and over and to the devs who all pitched in ideas up in VA. Thank you guys.  We have a lot more to do, but this site is the first glimpse of a newer, leaner, meaner, more relevant and purposeful BitShares. 

Please feel free to point out edits or anything we may have overlooked.  And please offer (constructive) criticism, we'd really appreciate it.  The site will be filled out more over the next few weeks with more pages, it's not yet fully complete, but the core of it is there.   Enjoy!

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