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This sounds like a great idea that could bring a lot of traders to the DEX and adds a lot of value to it as a trading platform, I like the idea of being to lock up any asset and think it will improve liquidity.

If I think BTS is cheap at the minute but don't necessarily want to sell my remaining BTC to buy more, locking it up to borrow might be a sensible middle route.

Similarly guaranteed interest returns should encourage more people to be making bitUSD/bitCNY, especially if there is demand and interest rates are attractive. I think it would bring more fiat in as well - bank rates are terrible at the minute, bitUSD with interest paid via a lending facility has to be a better option.

My only concern would be if we get tangled in something that complicates the DEX's status as they try to say we are acting as a money lender and are therefore subject to X, y and z laws.

Hi Abit, yes they'll list both of them against 4 trading pairs: BTC, ETH, LA (the native token) and USDT.

Ok they'll list both bitUSD and bitCNY for 7 BTC + 1 BTC in bitCNY / bitUSD. They think they could have us on there by around 17 Dec.

Bitcrab what are your thoughts? Not sure how this compares to other exchanges.

Ok have been speaking to a few.

LATOKEN (currently around No.40) will list bitCNY or bitUSD but the charge is 7 BTC + 1 BTC in bitCNY or bitUSD as appropriate.

More than cancels out any bounty reward that might be put in place. Will see if there is any wiggle room on that and in the meantime will continue discussing with the others.

Good job Alex, looking forward to hearing how it goes

This is bad news and I'm very sorry to hear it - as Armin notes I don't think there is anything that can be done as the network is decentralised and nobody else has access to your account.

Have you definitely not got any access to it? I guess you will have tried all the combinations of different passwords etc you have but remember there could also be an issue of whether is a local wallet or not. Suggest posting the Q on this group in telegram as if it can be solved a way is normally found on there:

My view is we are a big decentralised community and bounties are a great way to get things done - the size of bounties and the value they bring can all be assessed but this seems like a good first target.

Stable coins are massive news at the minute and some of the main centralised options are waivering - BTS aren't even in the conversation at the minute. If we are suddenly popping up at exchanges all over the place that changes.

Liquidity is an issue but I think that only gets corrected by the value of BTS going up and being stable at higher levels - at $0.1 it is much harder to create bitUSD than it is at BTS=$1.75.

I remain of the view stable coin uptake is one of the best things that could happen to BTS and it would organically drive the price up. If Binance suddenly list bitCNY and bitUSD with some good trading pairs we would see an immediate pump in BTS value to 2x/3x where it is now as an absolute minimum.

Not trading advice ;)


...otherwise what's preventing these exchanges from simply delisting these tokens in a few months due to a lack of liquidity like multiple CEX have done in the past?

Have other exchanges listed bitUSD and bitCNY historically?

I'm reaching out to a few, will let you know if I get any traction with them.

Good initiative Bitcrab and good comment Alex - these documents (or assurance they are available if a lobbyist nudges someone towards the right person) would be great.

Thanks Bangzi I will do - I know most of the guys (to some degree) through telegram so I will ask for their views there. Bitcrab is the exception as I don't think he is on there - is there an English WeChat group I might be able to reach him through?

I am going to push two proposals:

1\ Set up a bounty in the whole community, to improve the API capability of a single node. The best improvement win the prize,and the code can be merged into the mainnet.

2\ Improve the voting system by adding decay factor for voting. For example, the votes will expire unless updating their votes every month/year...

Anyway, the above is just simple thought, more details will be added gradually, and welcome any kind of discussion.

Dear Jademont - congratulations on becoming a member of the Committee.

I have had a similar idea to the bounty system and I recently posted an initial overview on Steemit regarding the same:

I have now added it as a post on this forum as well. I welcome thoughts from you and others how this idea can be developed.



I have submitted my first worker proposal - please see link below.

I believe that by creating a reward pool with 'prizes' for achieving pre-determined milestones we can bring about a step change in the adoption of BTS.

I would like to discuss with the major delegates how we might put together a Committee for managing the reward fund which they would support:

Thoughts welcomed  :)


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