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Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] Cryptomate Listing
« on: April 22, 2019, 09:55:34 pm »
Ok now live for people to vote on: 1.14.182

I know workers are getting part funded and voted in/out to balance things so I have put a little extra over the 11 days with the aim of it being in and funded for 7 days.

Anything above the budget ceiling will be refunded the same day it is paid and the same will be reported back here.

I believe it will be closed out comfortably within the budget.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] Cryptomate Listing
« on: April 22, 2019, 08:07:17 pm »
What's the first and second link popping up in Google? :)


Well on mine it was a coinsutra and articles so they were the first place you could actually buy..  ;)

Stakeholder Proposals / [Worker Proposal] Cryptomate Listing
« on: April 22, 2019, 07:47:25 pm »

Worker Cost: Refer to on chain proposal

Purpose: Additional easy fiat gateway for new users to purchase small sums with a good trust pilot score.

I have agreed listing with for BTS.

They are a fiat to crypto gateway in the UK and come in the top 3-5 Google results for 'buy crypto uk'. They have good trust pilot score and are on CMC (small volumes). Their Alexa rank shows all traffic is in the UK as you'd expect for a UK service but that means the ranking isn't that high (turns we're a small country...)

Listing will be live within 2 weeks from payment and announced on their channels / mailing list etc.

Their spread is a bit high on BTC price but the fact they don't need KYC for small purchases, they have a good trust pilot score and they feature in the top results on Google means they should be a good in for newbies.


I like the idea of easy movement between the chains. Id like to see confirmation it will be built for easy deployment on Bitshares based exchanges and that it will cover all Bitshares assets / ERC20 tokens.

It'd also be good to get the view from some of our CEXs about whether this would be useful / beneficial in their view (George, Ronny etc). It feels a bit odd funding a business sat on another chain I guess is also part of my hesitation...maybe that's a bit close minded though as it is a function that is all about being cross chain.

Kong's point (and Jonathan's by proxy) is a good one - what business will this add? My initial view is it would be a good addition bit I don't have much basis for that.

I don't know enough about the man hours required to comment on the estimated budget. We've been talking a lot about cross chain swaps the last few much of an add on is this compared to what we will have?

Also, and this is sincerely meant as no criticism to the original posters as I'm not that clued up on ethereum projects, but have people used Everbloom? Is it good and is it popular? I couldn't see any data about it on Alexa or CMC.

Is this still paying out? My friend just finished a security check contract so might throw a few hours at it.

The biggest risk to smartcoins is margin orders not being eaten (in my view) so I disagree with this proposal.

If anything I would prefer to see MSSR increased.

I am Tony , Founder of GTS (, I am lobbist of George, I will take responsibility for bitCNY and BTS be list on ZBG exchange and won't be remove within 6 months. Let me know if any question regarding on BTS and bitCNY list on ZBG exchange.

Best regards
Tony Yang

Tony drop Thul and I a PM and then we can discuss by email/telegram.

It'd be good if you could include someone from ZB so we can establish what we need to do to improve things and get liquidity for bitCNY on there.

I've spoken to directly - if a native speaker wants to take over I can share the contact details.

ZBG is not a top 50 exchange so would not qualify under this worker (we already had one with Biki that did not technically qualify).

ZB is for sure a good top 5-10 exchange we should resolve things with but I'm not sure it would count either under this worker (as we had listing already when the worker was proposed and it's been removed due to low liquidity so maybe not the best option till we resolve what went wrong with them).

I spoke to last year and they informed they had already listed bitCNY - I couldn't quite get to the bottom of it and it seemed there had been issues with paused withdrawls etc.

Thul I contacted a huge number of exchanges to discuss, in some cases they concluded they would not list at the minute but maybe in the future. Some I am still discussing with.

The only ones who came to me/were spamming offers were IDAX who were also looking to get 19BTC for 3 pairs so it is really clear where their business case lies.

It's easy to just constantly sh*t on everything else people do - you have an opportunity now to actively do something / be involved in things in your proxy role so hopefully we can see some good proposals and activity coming from your side.

LATOKEN are consistently top 20/25 so bring profile and they have a decent ranking on Alexa which implies a good portion of the traffic/trading is legitimate.

Out of the top 50 exchanges there are periodic concerns with traffic/trading volumes.

The point here on this worker was to get us listed on some exchanges so that people start actually hearing what bitCNY/USD are.

I agree with Xeroc's point we should be specific with workers moving forward as here I had probably 5-6 options that satisfied the criteria back in Nov. Only one listing took place so far and that was for a non-top 50 exchange.

You have some power now as a proxy Thul to support/propose good workers that will add specific value to Bitshares as you see it - have you thought about what these will be or what you would like to see being proposed?

I think bounties are good, more specific and clear the criteria the better to avoid cases of disagreement among the community.

To be clear - speaking to Jademont the view was to get one mid-range exchange closed and listed then use the remaining fee available for a top 10 exchange. LATOKEN would be the mid-range increasing visibility of bitCNY.

I'm assisting Thule in his discussions with HitBTC and am speaking to others (including Binance) about bitCNY separately.

I think listing bitCNY is a bit of a no brainer for the big exchanges once it is on their radar and they see trading volume elsewhere - it reduces their exposure to centralised coins and adds the Chinese currency to their stablecoin offering.

guys I appreciate your work, now what I got is:

1.the worker is voted out and now there's only 1.62M BTS left.
2.seems LATOKEN is not a good choice?

so I think you can select CEXs from IDCM, Exrates, and also HotBit  and work on that following the process defined in this thread, make sure the left fund can cover the cost for listing.

LATOKEN option also available to committee for decision. PMs sent (for those I have details for) on telegram.

Ranking below (for context is 205,590):

1. (Alexa = 124,793)
2. (Alexa = 418,843)
3. (Alexa = 31,954)
4. (Alexa =  38,158)
5. IDAX (Alexa = 60,213)
6. RightBTC (Alexa = 407,324)

IDAX is > 4* as expensive so we can rule that option out.

Traffic wise LATOKEN actually looks good. Let me know what it says for them, Hotbit and Exrates on feixiahohao.


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