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General Discussion / Re: Development Team - Please Announce Yourself
« on: January 07, 2014, 09:14:21 am »
Ive been a C++ developer for about 12 years, mainly working on 3D graphics. Im currently working on the trading gui bounty, and putting in about 4 hours effort per day.

Marketplace / Re: 1000 PTS - BitShares Trading GUI [TO BE DEFINED]
« on: January 03, 2014, 01:09:16 am »
I just knocked up a Qt prototype that uses Qwt for candlestick charts. Here is a screenshot after a couple of hours:

My thinking was to have the asset list up the right side.

Ill work on it more tomorrow - leave your feedback.

Anyone can start one, but the SCSL license on the BitShares code will require honoring PTS/AGS holders ;)

I better hold on to my PTS then :)

One more question - if there are separate blockchains for each group/type of assets, do I have a separate balance for each of them? If I make a profitable trade in one chain, will I then have to trade that profit on an exchange if I want to switch to a different chain?

Btw I think Bitshares could be a game changer because it will allow people to get around so many national restrictions. For example the Chinese have restrictions on investing in overseas assets, whilst the US has restrictions on CFD trading. Bitshares just allows everyone to get around all of this. Anonymous decentralized trading on any asset in the world - this could be as big as bitcoin itself.

Thanks for the explanation. Yes having separate blockchains for the type of markets you are interested is definitely a clever efficiency mechanism.

So do you envision one chain for currencies, one for the NASDAQ, one for the FTSE etc?

And are the separate chains initiated by Invictus, or can anyone start a chain?

Will it be possible to use Bitshares to trade on stocks as well? That asset enum has only 16 values at the moment, but will it eventually be extended to include popular stocks such as Apple, Google etc?

It seems a bit limiting to have a fixed enum for assets - wouldnt it be possible to allow the bitshare holders to vote new assets into existence?

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