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MemoryCoin / Re: [CSO] Support team status
« on: January 30, 2014, 09:51:43 am »
Welcome :)

Check out in the forums - they may need some translating from French :)

Ooh - and this:

Be careful with wallets :)

Extend your economic control volume a bit, maybe?

Multiple products per manufacturing source.  Mfg source at place of business.  Design bid distributed to multiple graphic artists / organizations?

MemoryCoin / Re: [ANN] Submission Thread: MMC in One-Line or More
« on: January 30, 2014, 02:13:18 am »
Absolutely Free!

Virtual Voting: No One Gets Nothing!

Trolling will be taxed.

Dig for Memories: Newb Lobotomy How-to Guide

MemoryCoin / [ANN] Submission Thread: MMC in One-Line or More
« on: January 30, 2014, 02:12:40 am »
Stolen directly from the PTS slogan thread:

Give Max Your Best MMC Explanation In 1-Sentence or More!

Leave a short MMC slogan below, or 1-5 sentence explanation of MMC, or a link for offsite sittin-n-readin-n-thinkin material.

A 3-5 frame cartoon explanation of MMC may become an official video script...If it can guess the number I'm thinking of...

General Discussion / Re: The Distributed Autonomous Non-Profit (DAN)
« on: January 29, 2014, 11:52:24 pm »
Come on Freetrade - why you always steal my ideas? This is just like my Distributed Autonomous Machine Network program...

MMC may actually be perfect for this.  It may be possible for any individual to use this to start / fund / file / grow a nonprofit or charity around himself virtually in MMC first, b/c of MMC's nonprofit and voting.

Whole thing needs write-up and review, but I think you can get:

A: For-Profit Individual - Me
B: Cooperative Nonstock Corporation - Me and any MMC member that votes for me
C: Legal business trust - My MMC address

B can be a nonprofit or charity with A as a director.  MMC Manifesto can be used as the basis for tax-exempt from US IRS...but takes time to approve.  Members of B are defined as any MMC member which agrees A acts in cooperative benefit of B members by voting.  MMC voting can be used as shareholder approval.

Ultimately, my MMC address could have a contract / legal trust status attached to it while A develops into any entity and B files for nonprofit status? Seems useful...


Your small DAC at the beginning allocates 10% of it's equity to PTS,  the effect is right at the beginning, you already have thousands of possible customers willing to purchase your services. It is also meant as a mechanism that with good management and application can secure a "stable" base price for equity units. The relationship goes both ways, by raising good value on your equity, it will help PTS rise, but also, when PTS rises so does your equity value.

III software is anything developed by them, bounties or otherwise paid for by them. Use of the software includes but is not limited to running it as it is, making modifications and forking.

Great answer - thanks a lot :)

When you think of PTS / DACs in a "total economy" sense - "user" has many different meanings. I think you wiggled around the one member class I was looking for...which I think is good.

3rd party (non-I3) software which uses/interfaces with I3 software without modification to I3 code, seem...exempt?  (Did I just describe a DAC in legal-ese?)

They could probly go around PTS / use another currency /etc. But wouldn't want to depending on stability / timeframe / etc like you said - and access to network of PTS individuals / reputation / etc.

MemoryCoin / Re: Constructive Criticism + Suggestions
« on: January 29, 2014, 10:33:31 pm »
Honestly we just need to attract more miners. We already have a tons of services and a great community, but not the miner power to back it up. More miners brings in more investors, which ultimately brings in more active people who really believe about the coin.

1) See my thread about "Max's Mine and Smaug".  What's the best way to automate payments to addresses that mine to one address? Should be able to do multiple address accounting, voting, and wallet management.

2) We need a crew to cross-post / etc...I'm hoping MMCPOST will help organize that a bit once we have it.  For now, start picking your favorite forums / officers / etc to mark your territory...cryptsy-geddon will be a fun voting day once it happens...

MemoryCoin / Re: Constructive Criticism + Suggestions
« on: January 29, 2014, 10:13:15 pm »
Sorry, image too big.

Make these pages for MMCPOST:


Visitor makes a 4-question crypto-related poll.
Site creates wallet and stores visitor votes in blockchain.
Once X hrs / days / week - most popular questions pay out X% to poll author.
Site markets meaning of blockchain addresses to other sites.


Visitor creates "crypto-support" ticket.  Basically, generic tech / service support for any currency.  Describes and posts an amount in non-MMC.

Site creates new MMC wallet and reserves and assigns an MMC member by "pledging" / "voting" an amount in MMC.  MMC member contacts user.  Upon completion, user pays site in non-MMC.  Site pays MMC member in pledged MMC.  Reputation increase over time.

MemoryCoin / Re: Constructive Criticism + Suggestions
« on: January 29, 2014, 09:17:14 pm »
Completely off-topic, but back to OP, I had this made up a while ago...

Anyone got any uses?

MemoryCoin / Re: Community Support for Marketing - Vote for MemoryCoin
« on: January 29, 2014, 06:45:25 pm »
We're not a spam-market, but get one or two peter parker's or clark kents to cross-post regularly / keep an eye on the news.

MemoryCoin / Officer Operations & Policy Standards - MaXTeaM
« on: January 29, 2014, 06:38:00 pm »

The OP will eventually become an FAQ / Voting Guide, but will serve as a campaign thread for now.  Specific sites and program details are discussed below the OP.

Vote to adopt by sending 1 MMC Satoshi to:


MT-OOPS !$001 - Voter Registration

MaXTeaM's (MT) Officer Operating Policies and Standards (OOPS) are user-adopted policies and guidelines.  Vote above to adopt or support usage of this community standard.  A vote from the above is considered approved usage.


MaXTeaM (MT) is MaxPWR's team of amateur and professional volunteer villains creating new unlicensed intellectual property and registering the MMC Manifesto for the first time!  MemoryCoin is the ultimate virtual currency volunteer tech support community.  MaxPWR is their worst enemy - a new username with no network history!
MT-OOPS !$001 - Voter Registration and Voting Preferences for registered MaXTeaM MemoryCoin Addresses.

OOPS Definitions:

(Un)Registered Address - Any address that does (not) vote for an MVTE address
(Un)Licensed Address - Any address is (not) voted for by an MVTE address
Candidate Address - Any address voting for the Manifesto
MaXTeaM (MT) Member - A user or address adopting this standard

MT members must be registered and licensed, and must vote for the Manifesto.

Voting Preferences:

In the long-term, MVTEs should be thought of as "programs" instead of users.  They receive ongoing funding for a bit, get voted out, new programs begin.  Good users stick around and execute more programs, good programs get debugged and re-executed.

Voting Preferences 1-9 should be thought of as "short-term" - "long-term" approval with a program definition, execution, or development.

Any Registered MMC user should vote for the Manifesto addresses.  If you don't want to send votes there, put another candidate in between. The MMC Manifesto is the ultimate goal of any registered candidate Officer.  If the Manifesto program is complete, we no longer need to develop MMC and so the taxed value should be returned to the community.  Other candidate programs are necessary along the way, though, so the Manifesto should be last in preference for active Candidates.



MaXTeaM members are Capitalists and Distributists regarding wealth and the means of production:

In a cooperatively organized industrial network, this requires capital to reach the most promising idea, audience, or market and efficient, quality, reliable program execution.  This requires efficient, economic, and memorable communication and distribution of new value and wealth - a memorycoin - between team-members, shareholders, and the public (See MT-OOPS !$002).  MT members are capitalists, which mean we know best what to do with value.  Each MT member shall vote for themselves first for all Officer Candidate positions and adopt MT-OOPS !$0001.  MT members should define sub-programs, roles or expectations for each of their candidate addresses.  MT members should also vote for at least 2 other Candidates in each discipline as a Deputy Officer and Deputy Analyst (see MT-OOPS !$002).


This OOPS outlines standard guidelines for utilizing MMC voting and preferences to endorse an MT addenda to MMC Manifesto Execution.  This MT addenda may be adopted or modified for the price of a vote to:


Implementation Policy.

1. MT members shall vote for at least 3 Candidate programs or MT-OOPS and the MMC Manifesto last.
2. MT members shall maintain an MVTE addresses for themselves first for all cXo positions.
3. MT members shall define standards and expectations for candidate and deputy positions (other OOPS).
4. MT members shall keep or endorse Campaign OOPS for Candidate programs.
5. MT members may keep separate non-MVTE addresses for each discipline for feedback.


MaXTeaM Mining Union Guild Card

The MaXTeaM Mining Guild is an organization of MaxTeaM sup-programs focused on network development to provide services and p2p trades to MMC mining addresses.  MT-MUG members should vote as shown below.  Voting options and candidate programs are discussed in the replies to this thread.

Voting From: MAXVTEoYhDfWJjvkNm2ZmUhHpYbsPYuybg

MaxPWR Main Public Campaign: MVTEceoftKAgPVbf7BgbqkPaRmKoZdbZRQ
See below for MaxPWR PWRUP Program details.

1. PWRUP MMCPOST – MVTEceoaLsH1iBKvcvuKZT4ht6ctVqG27H
2. MaxPWR (Public Campaign) – MVTEceoftKAgPVbf7BgbqkPaRmKoZdbZRQ
3. FreeTrade (current officer) – MVTEceoTeDMmxFHcRbkMyJGN4ct7ULKkS6
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEceo1111111111111111111111TvNrt

2. seraphim (current officer) – MVTEcsoL9GvfezMUgEDnhr7ioRAsByuTAv
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcso555555555555555555555G6uEbs

2. Killerbyte – MVTEcnogH2ArcvpkYJ66GcErb1iwHhLPN1
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcno222222222222222222222B1FB3W


2. itsik78 (current officer) – MVTEcmodH7do4V47ht1U9AXQKMouqYNAYM
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3


1. PWRUP ACADEMY – MVTEcto5WrTMifd5E6cS3HhqPwF38JQcoa
2. emre and s4l1h (current officer) – MVTEctogwRCHUvWZyNcqYMbrSdNXrFR6FK
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcto1111111111111111111119owJby

1. Horizontality - MVTEchagLNup4HJycBxbxWVXdiXaWLvbDu
2. Peace Geeks - MVTEchao4RjkTTyjMcYf8dnpQ7BqJdNVhr
3. DonSchoe -MVTEcha4La8HeNaewF4oaSFUwaRep8xEyR
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcha11111111111111111111116GDGs

[End Update]

Non-Vote Feedback:
(1 – 9 Satoshi):
Address: MAXcha2zTwgXSnwtgmuuUsQ62itg8CB5y4
Address: MAXcsoZvXGDFp5RtKuuU6aPz3eFCFzxxfg
Address: MAXceo2MmhWH3Fg7MqW5TwJjAYC49dK74F
Address: MAXcnoDbDQLiRBorAJ6HkYz6JG2puRSNC6
Address: MAXcmoVfLzJWf1BgATpbgY2sK2M83YcqXR

MemoryCoin / Re: Cryptostocks with MemoryCoin
« on: January 29, 2014, 02:13:01 pm »
Sorry, that may be more a US-specific silver history inside joke - look up "crash JP morgan, buy silver".

But seriously, boycott cryptostocks until cryptsy puts MMC on - ever hear of "vote with your wallet"? :)

But not seriously - CStock would be a great for places looking into virtual incorporation based in MMC, b/c of the charity aspect.  And, the voting aspect lets them form "sub-corps" within MMC.

MemoryCoin / Re: [CTO] work status
« on: January 29, 2014, 01:39:37 pm »
I like the idea of keeping .org functionality client side.  Focus on client-side gui for voting and some chain / address / tx history browsing.  And training and plug-in or script development web side.  May keep tx's "person-to-person" instead of "person-to-site-to-person"...which is probably good...

We should go past "entry-level" with guides, etc.  poll officers and community for what development platforms / tools they use.  get people to vote and people will tend towards the best ranked. 

They have sites like that - put one up for MMC where anyone submits a "what's the best" poll, site submits a vote to MMC wallet to track, etc.

MemoryCoin / Re: Cryptostocks with MemoryCoin
« on: January 29, 2014, 06:25:02 am »
cryptostocks trades cryptsy shares.  cryptsy does not trade MMC. 

Cryptostocks does not want you to own MMC. 

Crash JP Morgan! Buy MMC!

<\ MaxPWR />
  <\  CMO  />

MemoryCoin / Re: [CHA] Collecting suggestions
« on: January 28, 2014, 12:48:41 pm »
You as CHA and someone as CMO go 50/50 on hiring peace geeks and/or horizontality / another charity on an "mmc infrastructure" project - then it's a "public works" project...MMC from helicopters!

Just post a forum thread announcing it...if no one complains...

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