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General Discussion / how many bts are paid by work contract now
« on: October 30, 2015, 04:33:14 am »
how many bts are paid by work contract now ?
 I  think we should let more people promote bts by this function.

Meta / Please do not move the thread random,
« on: October 26, 2015, 09:36:25 am »
Please do not move the thread random,
it is thread is not trades  bts,  it is discuss to reason of bts price  , I think it can stay in "General Discussion".

Price of BTS is 0.000014 btc/bts  before announce bts2.0, but now the price is  0.00001290btc/bts
what the reason , I think
1. same of investor are disappoint with the high tx fee. they think fee is high ,cannot attack new user , people does`t want to invest a product without user ,  ,so they have to sell their bts .  and most of them are waiting for change , for example me , I wait for change . is too different to import wallet with many keys, they think bts did not pay attention to  user experience.

what is more ?

General Discussion / We cannot let a baby to earn money ,about high fee
« on: October 23, 2015, 06:32:04 am »
There was a thread discuss transaction fee , why I open a new one ,  because this thread does not focus on if the fee high or low , it focus on when need low fee , when need high fee, and how to adjust it .
My core mind want to express is one sentence : we cannot let a baby to earn money.
I am an old man in this thread ,but today I want to introduce me more , I am a big fans of BTS, yes .
I am a big fans of bts, I think , I spend most of my spare time on this, help user resolve all kinds of wallet problem.
I manage a qq group in China include most of bts fans and active investor.
I hire a high speed vps in China run full node since bts launched to support bts user that network block by GWF, now supply a bts 2.0 API data source. ws://
as non-IT worker ,I learn nodejs and run a faucet website for user register from China till bts1.0 stop , help several hundreds of people to register account.
and I think many bts fans like me ,and do more thing than me .
back to main topic
Debating about fee is very violent, many people think fee is fit , but most of people from China think fee is high,
low fee make bts system cannot get profit  ,and also influence referral program ,but other people think high fee cannot attack new user.
I had a suggestion in the old thread , but I glad to emphasize it again , the purpose it make we focus on when charge high fee , when low fee is needed .
my suggestion is adjust fee according to average transaction per second (TPS)
we can select a term , such as 15 days as one months , adjust the fee according to TPS value
1. if TPS<=5.                   fee=2bts or $0.01
2. if 5<TPS<=10 ,             fee=4bts or $0.02
3. if 10<TPS<=20,            fee=6bts or $0.03
4. if 20<TPS<=40             fee=8bts or $0.04
5. if 40<TPS<=80             fee=10 bts or $0.05
6. if 80<TPS<=160           fee=12bts or $0.06
7. if 160 <TPS<320          fee=14bts or $0.07
8. if 320<TPS<=640         fee=16bts or $0.08
9.if 640 <TPS<=1280       fee=18bts or $0.09
10. if 1280<TPS<=2560  fee=20bts or $0.10
11. if TPS>2560                fee=40bts or $0.20

my core mind is "we cannot let a baby to earn money"
high fee supporter think BTS  must been a system with profit ,  yes ,if the TPS reach to 160+ TPS , fee per tx is 0.06 , the fee income per day=0.06*160*3600*24=$829,440 , one year is $300M , I think no one doubt profit capacity of bts
but now bts is a baby, we cannot let a baby to earn money .
when TPS <=5 , the fee is only $0.01, it is basically free , it have big attraction to new user.
it also does not influence referral programs .

中文(Chinese) / BTS几种钱包的功能说明。
« on: October 22, 2015, 11:59:16 am »
在 上BTS的钱包有几种,而这些钱包分别有什么用途。
1.命令行工具 下载地址
        1)witness_node.exe  :witness和全节点 需要运行的程序,主要功能是witness出块和全节点块链验证。
        2)delayed_node.exe :延时全节点,和witness_node.exe 类似,延时验证块链。
        3)cli_wallet.exe         : 命令行钱包,提供全部钱包网络命令。
2.自建重钱包 参考,19071.0.html
3.轻钱包(中心化数据源) BitShares-light_2.15.292.exe
   :轻钱包,需要有中心化的API数据才能运行(要不然会白板)默认openlenger 提供API数据,也可以使用国内几个爱好者提供的API
     play小组 :ws://
    老狼维护的新加坡节点 :
4.网页钱包  官方站:
                     中国play站 内建推荐系统(k1 是推荐人)

Suggest reduce transfer fee ,please don`t give up small amount transfer .
if keep transfer fee 0.2$, it mean give up small amount transfer market,  small amount transfer is a very important market  for BTS, I think.
1. many potential user of bts( bitusd/bitcny) is small amount transfer I think ,  if people transfer a larger amount of money , they more possible transfer it by bank or other payment system. because bitusd/bitcny is a small payment system. if they are not fans of bts, they may not trust bts system , so they cannot transfer a larger amount of money by bts (bitusd/bitcny) , but the high transfer would prevent them try it . if his transfer value is below $2, the transfer fee is 10%.  but there is no obvious fee advantage , why they try it ?
2. user of small amount transfer does not become life-times member  basically  , they may just transfer several times per mouth,  so they fee is much fee to them.
what user would update to life-time member , I think it include market marker , trader and other fans of bts, but not most of user?
3. small amount transfer maybe cannot bring bts many fee, but they bring bts to public, make bts more popular .
4. keep exchange fee ,it also can support profit of bts system and referral program

ps : I now manage a QQ group  that include most of active user and investor of BTS  in Chain ,
basically most of they think the fee is high , and think transfer should been reduced 

expect TITAN  , export TITAN, what is other anonymous technology?, what are they detail?

General Discussion / Do we reduce the transfer fee
« on: October 17, 2015, 12:28:50 pm »
BTS2.0 is good enough so far, but a lot of people think the fee is a little high.
about fee I have some thinking
transfer fee : transfer is an equal in value  of input and output ,  it is also a basic service supply by bts network ,  so it should pay the lowest fee
exchange fee : exchange is not an equal in value of input and output ,  people exchange would lost/get profit. in other words ,the purpose of exchange is to get profit, so most of them ignore the fee, because they can get hundreds of times profit than fee ,if they buy/sell at right price .   in other , exchange is a higher service than transfer, I think,  so the fee is higher than transfer fee is reasonable
borrow/close  fee :  because it is leverage trading, people would lost/get more profit , so the fee should higher than exchange fee

so I think the fee should   transfer fee <exchange fee<borrow/close  fee

additional :
I do not oppose referral program?  but referral program does not mean increase transfer fee.  opposite exchange fee may is the most of income of  referral program

Current released witness_node.exe cannot sync,chain is blocked at#91074 ,
I have compiled witness_node.exe with newest code , can sync

General Discussion / I try to run a witness node ,
« on: October 16, 2015, 09:54:33 am »
Chain user are blocked by GFW,  I have a VPS in Hong Kang high speed to mainland,  so I try to run a witness node ,
I run my witness node using command line :/witness_node -s --rpc-endpoint
but I can not connect to it using light wallet.
who can help me thanks 

Technical Support / account disappear after reopen light wallet
« on: October 16, 2015, 12:20:44 am »
OS: WIN7 X64
litght wallet version :BitShares-light_2.15.286.exe
API : WS:/
witness_node version :BitShares-2.15.286-win64-cli-tools.exe

I had import my wallet ,but account disappear reopen wallet

General Discussion / I cannot import my account "k1"
« on: October 15, 2015, 05:37:13 pm »
I have an account named k1 in my bts1.0 wallet ,also there are other account
I import this wallet in bts2.0 , expect k1 other account are showed in wallet -gui
it seems that the account K1 is not imported in bts2.0 ?
but I claim all some of my bts and all asset to K1,

BTS2.0 首先放出来的轻钱包,网络被墙严重,导致很多打开钱包变白板。现在完整一体化的重钱包并没有放出来。 但其实已经可以使用重钱包了。
1.下载windows命令行钱包 BitShares-2.15.286-win64-cli-tools.exe
    下载 windows 轻钱包
2.分别安装 命令行钱包 BitShares-2.15.286-win64-cli-tools.exe  和轻钱包BitShares-light_2.15.287.exe
3.找到命令行钱包目录(安装时候选择的) 默认目录为
Code: [Select]
C:\Program Files\BitShares 2\bin新建个一个批处理文件 start.bat  内容为
Code: [Select]
cd "%~dp0
witness_node -s --rpc-endpoint
Code: [Select]
欢迎大家加入探讨QQ :424152256

General Discussion / it much much slow to export private key to bts2.0
« on: October 14, 2015, 01:42:07 pm »
it much much slow to export private key to bts2.0

General Discussion / can we set exchange term of UIA by create ?
« on: October 09, 2015, 06:16:59 am »

now all UIA can exchange in BTS system 24 hours in one day  ,
 can we set exchange term of UIA by create ?

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