Author Topic: Identabit Hangout w/ John Underwood  (Read 30445 times)

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Really enjoyed this; thanks for posting and looking forward to Identabit!

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That was one of the best hangouts I have ever heard. John Underwood really laid out some very valid points regarding identabit and bitcoin.

I'm glad to hear there will be several follow up mumble sessions with john.


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Hey everyone,

I'm posting this into the General section so we can get this Hangout pushed out into the forums main traffic.

From what I gather, this past Saturday's Hangout is just the first of many to come  :D
Tentatively these Hangouts with John Underwood (Identabit) will occur weekly, every Saturday @ 5pm EST.

So help yourselves and listen to this weeks first recording in regards to this project and stay in the know.!

@Fav - if you think this post needs moved...could you at least keep this here please for a couple days before moving, or until we start a dedicated sticky??? Thanks!

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