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Why not talked via cellphone and/or skype calls? There seems to be lack of communication and organization.. form both parts, or this wouldn't happen.

That would be great... but they are more intend on wasting time on here than doing anything about finishing this project.

Other than sending me the db of the migration after I requested it in skype.. they have said nothing and done nothing all day to proceed with finishing the job. It's how what they said would be delivered in two weeks has gone on for three months. I held out and gave more chances than I care to talk about.

It's in their hands to deliver on this project, always has been. They have taken Bitshares communities money, and have yet to deliver on the project. The past week was more delays over the migration. Now I have removed this.

Lets see them in action now!
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Not the first complaint here

"Beware of FreebieServers LLC and their developer Michael":,20034.0.html

I'm just saying, the new pool has been ready for people to mine on for over a month, I mean Bunker himself has been mining on it for over a month now (screenshot of payouts db):

As kuro put it, I'm just going to let @Freebieservers handle this in terms of discussion, I just felt obligated to point out this skewed mentality of "it's entirely our fault."
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Why not talked via cellphone and/or skype calls? There seems to be lack of communication and organization.. form both parts, or this wouldn't happen. | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads

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Not the first complaint here

"Beware of FreebieServers LLC and their developer Michael":,20034.0.html

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Hey Jonathan.

Glad that you decided to post about this.
We were discussing things internally too and this is the best way we could permit the community to know what's going on (although I need to point out, you just defaulted your own NDA here, but whatever)

Okay, now down to the issues at hand here.

1. You believe, we do not contribute sufficient time to the project and expect more from us (justified)
2. You believe this should have been wrapped up 2 months back

I'd like to bring to your notice a few things

1. We just sent the migration data via skype.
2.  You know this as well as anyone else that you haven't found the time to sit down with us and help us with the transition. Anyone that's worked with us on sharebits would know that we're available 24/7 on skype when we're on projects and we do give it our best but am all open to post chat logs and show you - how you have been busy with your other projects and haven't given us your time in regards to helping us with the transit. We are currently integrating with an exchange and we do take time in advance and schedule with coders from the other side so we have individuals with the technical expertise working with us, as and when we need them. Have we been able to schedule time with you and do the same ? There have been innumerous cases where you said "BRB" and went to be with your son, or had an emergency and left off to the bunker in the middle of tests and transition. How can an external enterprise help you with the transition with behaviour like that?

3. You've been sitting on the core software for a month or so now with basic transition issues going on. Some things mentioned are not even in the scope of the contract, but we have personall helped you set up your daemons and boxes and you come here..talking this of us.

4. We are not YOUR company. We are contractors. This means, while we will take time to figure your system out, you need to be present to assist us when we need you. You not being available doesn't help us in any way.

5. We did create a front end and a back end - went beyond the scope of the contract to be of service to you and ..this is what we get in return.

To end with, for the users here - you would have had your pool up a month back if Jonathan wasn't busy handling so many things at once. Unlike him, I understand business and I have to point out he is handling too many things together and due to the same its possible he couldn't commit the time required to spend with us to assist with the transition. But to come out and put the blame on us like this.. it hurts.

You have had the software for over a month with a minor setback on the transition aspect pending. To come out and have the audacity to tell people that we are at fault for your lack of commitment is admirable. Please message me when you decide to invest the time and energy to commit to this project and we'd be glad to cover this.

When you say the community wants results : we have delivered on other projects here, and are all set to launch 3 more in the weeks to come.
We understand results, but usually it doens't involve the counterparty being off so often.
Personally, I am obliged to admit, we are not perfect. Hell we're far from there. But pointless attacks like these..
Not sure, how I should react to them.
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Offline CalabiYau

I like the pool so far. Thank you for the pragmatic solution. Hope that you find a reliable contractor !  PM sent.

Offline BunkerChainLabs-DataSecurityNode

That's unfortunate .. not that I mine .. but to see that you picked a contractor that does deliver :(

his pool has been delivered for the better part of 2 months, he simply chose not to use the software.

ill let freebie handle this one...

That makes perfect sense.  ::)

I don't have time for forum shenanigans.

I messaged you 14 hours ago regarding migration and you have not responded, but you have time to post here.  ::) Over the past months this happened in stretches of days and weeks.. which is why we have a 2 week project now on its 3 months anniversary.

Get it done.

I will not be having discussions in public about this. It only wastes time that should be spent getting this delivered. Communicate directly like an adult. Rather sure the community wants results, not shenanigans. I said the same thing to you a month ago, yet here we are.

Get it done.
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Offline kuro112

That's unfortunate .. not that I mine .. but to see that you picked a contractor that does deliver :(

his pool has been delivered for the better part of 2 months, he simply chose not to use the software.

ill let freebie handle this one...
CTO @ Freebie, LLC

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Thanks @BunkerChainLabs,  appreciate the detail and clarity, keep pressing for the devs to finish / launch the new pool!

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That's unfortunate .. not that I mine .. but to see that you picked a contractor that does deliver :(

Offline BunkerChainLabs-DataSecurityNode

Emergency Measures

Today we have shut down the mining pool until such time as @kuro112 with @Freebieservers delivers the new pool they were suppose to have completed back in September of this year. We do not have access to the migration data that was collected at this time, so I am calling on everyone to please PM me to match up the BTS1 address below with your current BTS2 address. These will be cross referenced with our historical payout data for verification.

With help from @nethyb we have gone through all the current balances and have the following records for payout that have been maintained Since Oct 12. They are as follows:

Scrypt Paytouts:

BTS1Address                                                                                                  Shares                  Percent            BTC
BTSX6LntkCfDLvwPrr13az5kYmivVYnJrSA7pmNF9kxNFFjeMqDgE7   18137595904   40.457%   1.2302752828
BTS6hUKzaE5LsebYWo9nxXU3f9oz4q82uahhDmkzGox1a5xMMbTQD   15887193199   35.437%   1.0776302002
BTS6KFYwMFodzumAd58zBkqUfzBVqE9Wbq9daofRSTtCV1he5BpWg   3457748291   7.713%   0.2345394769
BTS718HWwtV7MSdSid9iJDeGfNYDw9DoVXG4UJFmn8b7ixYPJu8vs   2085200083   4.651%   0.1414393691
BTS6hMGqB7L8VPrfV9QrUCEjthtE4PT58HNMLXSJvjdwGVpxBDPE3   1089955274   2.431%   0.0739317956
BTS8NAAuWpVTBtR41UNSPqXtnmUAUqP7HaLFsyDCqpz9T5QCFb5ci   731896712.4   1.633%   0.0496446409
BTSX77DEm1ek1RUzgwXrzfVa7SoKVmJNMKPGXry2ZbB9mGsVLEfkdj   730249085.5   1.629%   0.0495328821
BTS5JT3ErQizmLdrsPgux7hjmnBD5jMS17PQkVgre8LdiQ4LRvisR   630658672.1   1.407%   0.0427776526
BTS7gQqipVy69Civ55u2T3es8y7LjaiikegV36UjNMWYYbVfnB1Wi   589912063.2   1.316%   0.0400138053
BTS5bSRsHDLVUVKhLAD625SdUT8TGhdKFHUQP2q7KJZMFusZVTQ9s   313096553   0.698%   0.0212373763
BTS59yyNvg16PomdeZmvghXvm1vBLrFJyz8kVXazUrgUVScbcHEA8   308959821.9   0.689%   0.0209567814
BTS7jdG65fzKANubcPbPGLF7u66ZUdfbVs1gZiqFZsAWGHKBx2jjW   178657326.5   0.399%   0.0121183477
BTS7pKUDo5Ea7PHogv7RD6vLKKKqGhrok19GE2w3MKFreZ4DavEpz   135370752   0.302%   0.0091822142
BTS6vkX1rTvzMEZscUpgJioiWDkWyzWpVuL6WnmmPPd8ia6K8vi9s   117833728   0.263%   0.0079926758
BTS7m2BgRBEreEr6AiDqh1nX7pK2Qnu45wafDbuoWXD48u84MkEhT   90720718.45   0.202%   0.0061535971
BTS7wgVpQ1JFC5quNGnjPgQTfvNopLDEfniQesK3jaxAqHtUQkxPb   90656011.53   0.202%   0.0061492080
BTS6zGSmKugeW23iDefXTmr2NS3bYXQetpqowYnbU2WY4bejsWD8H   70072584.26   0.156%   0.0047530317
BTS7m6M3piLNVH97NwvMzUV8upsBBr5kheFBR2oF1zCXghvvwjFMG   58810103   0.131%   0.0039890963
BTS7MmaFRCTUbGJEXTbAZuuxeR9wtXuKVak4mvjSLpmXtr8adMv5H   17101948.14   0.038%   0.0011600272
BTS6h3zey2jFop7UXoU8Psgd23mKR5wt3BqxR73d9Kxfjnm78kotb   16225706.49   0.036%   0.0011005916

X11 Payouts:

BTS1Address                                                                                                  Shares                  Percent            BTC
BTSX7xK4aawrQ2mgteoHmDNTRLT5MN7E7zn84cjzMZKbGeviCZEyV7   25110.22733   29.125%   0.1515059475
BTSX8McjC24ViaAJP558pVdUAfifZpV3bBYmouNrcPk34o3pfx8YAQ   17770.74462   20.612%   0.1072221874
BTS6ivx4gAuW7mfjr799vX1AuMTuxssSbsEL2Je9iV19MCNV7Nn74   8060.92636   9.350%   0.0486366877
BTSX8cMZ3Was5orWHpkkjDnEjvVmcj16Ekpj4Decb164hY3hrw44Qm   7212.264975   8.365%   0.0435161747
BTS6fCKf3nL7MqMV94ipCTpzH6wRVnm4HYPhZFNbQocJ9jVpEDqKG   5906.939868   6.851%   0.0356403194
BTSX5j6qS7fVAjyyD7snxtvZEpt5nrxRTcY1ayzvZv9ugPJoLfuxE1   5488.07499   6.365%   0.0331130416
BTS63zvVbpiFwsTbewCa1ueysb5wS7S6TFxbuQfedW95gqn7FtnpS   5314.555367   6.164%   0.0320660875
BTSX8SweUepGQvDPAYoAKM4Pthys8pN71aZyGasWWgdMXVxzJw9XFv   3212.047886   3.726%   0.0193803247
BTS6LDzy3asT7YsVUrP6FBYpsfXZsRUpq5uKiSumTLsSTnnFo1yEu   2660.046727   3.085%   0.0160497511
BTS7ZgRGFeNMEszj7UBK3jj3ESwv9S7ctDAtGq8oYFKahBKYppiYY   1249.442154   1.449%   0.0075386780
BTS7GW6MKyLCrtd6thqTyexsxbvK6xXtPgcTaJUvVB8oQgcS1XqUJ   1032.490454   1.198%   0.0062296706
BTS6P1GcvamCFm5nEBCyQrqDvZ2hdFGLhUYPhCRejLe3Zdgnx1A7h   865.5043155   1.004%   0.0052221372
BTS6njHmvdqK5hV8kjnMKhTHfxUhpE3rvRB1MRfr8dijkYBmfG4sD   430.4476552   0.499%   0.0025971641
BTS6RhfW4b4Jvc4LAnjjDCiqxfYTmwfwqPzbxTgHR9ubAcY91qLU7   367.8784181   0.427%   0.0022196441
BTS8CgpR5Pg1RDtyKrPzbeUYLfYDnyvhi1YVnUkyYGwQdNS3AFaFq   280.9869697   0.326%   0.0016953728
BTS8fTwBh5Sd5UesH1wTGivHE5se656BKSP9jzahDWFTWZcTo7PEd   182.1595873   0.211%   0.0010990845
BTS6KhF2VeGPPGD6knH1nszS4XZkMcC5YoE5uUQDwExDJwF9AdpVu   170.0125012   0.197%   0.0010257934

As of this posting.. mining has halted until the new pool can be brought online. We will resume mining at that time.

I am saddened that it has come to this point, but there is no indication that the trend of delayed delivery is going to break anytime soon despite the numerous promises I have received to the contrary.

For this payout, you may specify how you wish to be paid. I will be happy to make the payouts in BTC, BTS, or any other BitAssets you wish to have sent for your payout. Please send me a PM with this information here.

I hope that we can sooner than later get the mining pool back up and running. At that time all payouts will be starting from zero once the pool comes back online, since this payout is the final balance outstanding as of today.

I again appreciate everyone's support and patience through this. I will continue to press for delivery and launch of the new pool which the community has paid to be completed.
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