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General Discussion / Re: Bitshares at the cross roads
« on: Today at 04:44:39 pm »
What's the next rainfalls on staked BTS?

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] Payger - Payment + Messenger
« on: Today at 03:54:38 pm »
Would you be able to add support for SMOKE & RUDEX.SMOKE please? Thanks :)

will stakemine support beos in the future?

Do you want to control this situation?

Charge fees from the margin call,then he will  become responsebal for his debt.

What % would you recommend?

General Discussion / Re: topics to be discussed in Shanghai
« on: Today at 03:35:41 pm »
How did these discussions go?

General Discussion / Re: Price Feed Review
« on: Today at 03:33:25 pm »
Could you please encourage price feed support for the following assets? Thanks

Hertz, Urthr, Verthandi, Skuld.

Good to see the conference went well, I'm glad that core devs were able to attend.

Great work biophil 👍

Supporting your worker proposal should be a high priority for all 👌

Rather than entirely removing the LTM requirement, what about a minimum BTS balance requirement for referral mechanism access?

Is using a translate tool insufficient for understanding ongoing worker proposals? If websites don't work with these tools, this can be amended.

General Discussion / Re: suggestion on new OMO fund
« on: Today at 02:58:33 pm »
Another key factor is that, at that moment, smartcoin rules is not robust enough to resist shorting attack.

Only bitassets which are pegged to external price references cannot resist 'shorting attacks'. Smartcoins like the Norns ( are completely resistant to BTS' external price fluctuations. An OMO for them would be far less risky than one for BTS:CNY/USD, imo.

General Discussion / Re: Why Need BSIP For Everything?
« on: Today at 02:42:36 pm »
The fact is, due to fear of being voted out, most of witnesses don't proactively take actions or voice their opinions.

So current situations is, vote first, then act according to result of voting. Not bad.
Does this mean witnesses wouldn't provide price feed support for new mpa without a BSIP? Perhaps that's the fastest way of getting price feed support.. 🤔

General Discussion / Re: On The Importance of Bit.GOLD
« on: Today at 02:39:38 pm »
There's infinite gold in space, which once tapped into will render gold worthless. That'd be a pretty good scenario for shorters 😂

General Discussion / Re: It's a basket currency
« on: Today at 02:38:35 pm »
Maybe, however non-committee owned mpa don't get much attention

General Discussion / Re: Allow non-LTM accounts to be referrers?
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:29:19 am »
$100 isn't a lot to ask for LTM. If they can't do that, I doubt they have a legit stream of users to refer.

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