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For those interested in purchasing NFTs on the Bitshares DEX check out the following page:

The NFTEA Gallery has launched a Google Assistant action, check it out!

Got a google assistant device (preferably with a screen) near you?

Try out one of the following commands:
"Talk to NFTea Gallery"
"Talk to NFTEA Gallery to browse artwork collection"
"Talk to NFTEA Gallery to view the nft titled artcasa coherence"

Any functional testing, bug reports, reviews/ratings and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for funding Beet wallet development 👍

Been working on the Bitshares Beet wallet for the last few months, aiming to complete the current work effort this month.

After working on the Beet wallet, I'll be making some apps to issue and trade NFTs which interact with the Beet wallet.

Once done the above, I'll come back around to the NFTEA gallery code - it needs to be more configurable for others to setup their own galleries.

Shout out to the Bitshares committee for supporting the Beet development!

If you want to directly help fund NFT related developments on the Bitshares DEX don't hesitate to secure your own NFTEA today!

General Discussion / Re: NFTEA.Gallery - Bitshares blockchain powered NFTs!
« on: February 01, 2022, 05:31:51 pm »
New blog post on NFT encapsulation on the Bitshares DEX

Thanks, much appreciated! :)

Just created a new blog post on the topic of NFT gamification on the Bitshares DEX:

Multiple updates have been made to the open source NFTEA Gallery!

  • Now using Next.JS instead of Create React App
  • Now supports BEET 'buy it now' functionality
  • Uses Mantine UI library instead of material-ui
  • Supports multiple types of NFT including video and 3D file types
  • 13 languages & counting!
  • Settings enabling users to switch IPFS/BTS connections and the environment (staging/production)
  • Optional analytics in case Google Analytics are blocked in your country.

There are 46 NFTs now listed on the NFTEA gallery & multiple Bitshares NFTs are selling quickly, get yours whilst you still can!

Also check out the several new blog posts:


Is there any missing functionality you would want to see implemented in the NFTEA Gallery?

Are you interested in purchasing any NFTs on the Bitshares DEX?

General Discussion / NFTEA.Gallery - Bitshares blockchain powered NFTs!
« on: October 17, 2021, 12:36:30 am »
Check out the NFTEA Gallery (, it's a Bitshares blockchain powered NFT gallery.

The NFTs follow the Bitshares NFT spec:

Images are both cached and accessible from IPFS.

At the time of this post there are 34 NFTs listed on the NFTEA gallery, check them out and get collecting!

Follow the NFTEA Gallery's Twitter account for updates:


Big shout out to the other Bitshares NFT galleries:

Forking New Chain

So not forking the existing blockchain, but rather forking the github repository and creating your own blockchain from 0?

NBS (new bitshares)

Very lazy branding, low quality troll bait 😂

Other fitting definitions of this NBS: Nebulous, Noxious Bull Shit, Nonsensical burglar simps, neurotic biomass secretors, nihilistic beggar squad

😂 The memes are writing themselves already..

maintain DEFI credit, while protecting the interests of investors and avoiding impacts on the stability of the existing BTS network

How is excluding billions of BTS which don't vote for BCA maintaining interests of investors without impacting stability of BTS?

By getting people to vote for BCA for eligibility this directly impacts stability of BTS by changing the voting slate.

Dishonesty right out the gate.

for exchange that only support airdrops (candy), airdrops will be based on a 10:1 ratio

Surely by supporting the airdrop they had to vote for BCA and so should get 1:1? Or are you sharedropping on all BTS regardless of BCA vote?

Official website:
Doesn't load. DOA.

Before the execution of the fork, for exchange that only support airdrops
Most exchanges expect at least 1 month notice, don't expect much support.

Feed the real bitcny price. There is no alternative solution.

As we all know, in the bts4.0 version upgrade, individual developers tamper with the voting system without the knowledge of the community, causing extremely bad impact.
You mean witnesses you voted in failed to properly audit the code before implementing it? How irresponsible.

That said, whilst it's not the most preferential voting augmentation, it's significantly better than the corrupt cn-vote cartel voting situation pre 4.0 It may be 'extremely bad impact' for you, but not for everyone.

We believe that this behavior has trampled on the trust foundation of BTS blockchain, torn community unity and shaken investors' confidence in currency holding.
Trust in the BTS blockchain was already trampled when devs were defunded, BSIPs rejected, bitassets DEFRAUDED and CEX stake abused by cn-vote cartel.

Community unity again was eroded by anti-west rhetoric.

Investors confidence has been anhialated by cn-vote cartel for well over a year now; you have failed to provide any estimate for when economic benefit from cn-vote begins: AKA there is no enomonic benefit from cn-vote.

If not corrected immediately, BTS will no longer have credibility in the blockchain world.

This is already the case for the above reasons (bitasset fraud, cex vote collusion, disregarding devs). BTS is now more than 110th in coinmarketcap and continuing to fall, all because of cn-vote.

We call on all witnesses to install the patch. After the witness installs the patch, the patch will automatically take effect at 21:55, August 20, 2020(Beijing time).

This is too short a time frame and will reflect badly to CEX. Fork your own crypto away from BTS, your reign over BTS is over.

The cn-vote will continue to be committed to maintaining the credit, fairness and justice of BTS blockchain system. We support all legal and beneficial system upgrades.
Ridiculous, you stand for none of these things.

General Discussion / Re: Abit is a scammer
« on: August 01, 2020, 07:52:01 pm »
We've already seen BTS fail to increase in market value whilst BTC/ETH/BCH etc all have increased 25%+ the last few days. The complete desolation of BTS reputation has been realized & CN has no money to invest in BTS evidenced by their repeated bailout demands.

Did have any new update for new version?
The UI worker proposal was not activated, so no funding has been committed to further UI development to the benefit of hackers. Why would you think it's in development without funding?

Seems cn-vote control the fund,but they can get money with other way… the income of wittness and MM.
Make money another way then donate their time for UI development? That's simply not realistic. Pay for UI development if you want it.

Did have any new update for new version?
The UI worker proposal was not activated, so no funding has been committed to further UI development to the benefit of hackers. Why would you think it's in development without funding?

do not support this, it will hurt a big group one more time.
to optimize the system, firstly need to find a chance to lower the USD threshold to be equal to that of CNY.

I now changed my idea, I'd like to support this kind of proposal.

I have expected that BTS price can be up 0.22CNY without much difficulty. so bitCNY can return to peg naturally, but what happened is not what I expected.

Now although bitCNY has big supply, but it's more like a game.

reducing threshold from 0.22 to 0.154 will hurt debt position owners, but maybe  this is not avoidable, and is better than continuing the offpeg.

we have hurt bitCNY holders for the future of BTS, can't we hurt debt position owners for the same?

actually I don't think it's easy to get enough voting power that support this, maybe it's better to do the same for bitUSD?
Finally after we drop out of top 100 you realize that scamming BTS, bitUSD & bitCNY holders and degrading the BSIP/BAIP/Voting processes has been extremely damaging to Bitshares, great!

The answer isn't to double down on scamming via BSIP76. End the fraudulent bitasset pegs.

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