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General Discussion / Selling bitshares.* top-level domains
« on: January 09, 2020, 09:19:07 am »
Hi everyone,

I just realized that I own a few bitshares.* domains that I don't find the time to fill with life:


If you are interested in obtaining one or more of these, please send your offers to     info [email protected]_

General Discussion / - now fast again
« on: October 07, 2019, 03:20:39 pm »
Hi everyone,
please excuse the latency issues recently.
We are getting more traffic than usual which has led to PHP resource restriction taking effect.
Those restriction have been improved and the forums should be back to speed.

BEOS / [WTS] 100,000 BOES @ 0.25$
« on: July 10, 2019, 02:41:41 pm »
Now that BEOS tokens are (supposedly) liquid, I am looking to sell 100k BEOS for
  • 0.25$/BEOS
each. Selling in chunks of 10k BEOS.
Price will decrease over time.

Accepted currencies:
* bitUSD
* bitCNY

Open to proposals for escrow.

Stakeholder Proposals / [Worker] Integration of BTS with Wirex
« on: April 23, 2019, 02:05:54 pm »

Worker Intent

Months of preparations, intensive phone calls and business development lead to a verbal agreement from credit card processor Wirex to list BTS. We believe that Wirex comes with a reasonable cost-benefit ratio and has an excellent reputation in the space. Wirex comes with 2.2 million registered users and the WirexApp provides access to Euro, British Pound and US Dollar and supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, WAVES, NANO, DAI and XLM.

Notably, its debit card services run over VISA.

Wirex is a well established and fully regulated company, properly outfitted with KYC and compliance. All information on its services, terms and conditions can be found on Its service also entails an affiliate program and a reward for use. We invite everyone to read up on the details.

We see this as a highly desirable functionality. As BTS is listed on known technical structures we have been offered this opportunity at much less than the usual price.

Depending on their worker load and schedule, Wirex technical team can integrate BitShares within 4 weeks.

It is our pleasure to announce a major upgrade to BitShares Europe - the service platform
for the BitShares Blockchain and reference faucet operator.

* Single Signon with Beet
* Developer Integration

Read more:

BEOS / New subforum for BEOS
« on: April 04, 2019, 09:44:28 am »
Given that this project is (to some extend) based on Graphene,
we here have a separate subforum for BEOS related topics.

Initial Moderators are @stan and @michaelx.

Technical Support / [pyBitShares] Release 0.3.0
« on: March 04, 2019, 03:41:58 pm »
Hello everyone,

just so you guys don't miss it, python-bitshares version 0.3.0 has just been tagged.
This release took quite some efforts as it lays out the foundation to share more code with other blockchain.
Additionally, new operations (including HTLC) have been added and (shitton of) bugs found by the community
have been resolved.

At this stage, I would like to discuss with the community, how to continue with this project as I cannot promise to find
the time to work on this as actively as I would like to. Should we go for a bounty based development setup (funded by
a worker), or rather look for funding from existing projects that use pybitshares (like dexbot) and have their team
also work on pybitshares more actively?

Ultimately, I would very much love to see this grow (even more) into a community project with more contributions
being merged in. As you can see from (,
there are already some 20 contributors in the repo. Let's make this 40, please!

Dear community,

I just created a proposal for committee that expires in 2 weeks.
The proposal proposes to set the fees according to @clockworkgr results of business analysis.

The proposal has been discussed here:

The details of the fee schedule are here:

There were over 8 weeks since we first started discussions publicly here:

Details and reasoning for the proposed (USD) valued fees are here:

As USD valuem the current feed price is taken.

I expect every committee member to either approve or provide an explanation (to the community) for not approving.

Stakeholder Proposals / [Worker] Reference faucet via
« on: January 11, 2019, 02:09:22 pm »
Dear BTS voters,

as you may be aware, (BitShares Europe) provides the reference wallet for the
software as hosted on The costs so far have been covered by the infrastructure
program operated by Blockchain Projects. The faucet has been funded by the reserve pool
and rewards from the referral program are directed to the BTS reserve pool. Thus, we managed
to operated at quite some profit for the BTS holders of over 100,000 BTS.

To make value proposition clearer to the BTS voters, we decided to remove Blockchain Projects
from the equation and apply for a worker proposal directly to fund the faucet maintenance,
operations and further development.

Details can be found here:

Please consider your votes.
Constructive feedback is welcome

Ginve that there currently is refund400k (and only one refund100k) and the fact that
some community members have the desire to reduce the "inflation", I think
the entire community is best served by providing more flexibility when it comes
to voting and funding workers.

With that said, I have just today created a proposal (on-chain) for the committee to create
the following new workers:

- refund100k-1
- refund100k-2
- refund100k-3
- refund50k-1
- refund50k-2
- refund50k-3

These would be created by the committee account and refund the pay to the reserves in case they are approved.

That means, the new (finer) worker proposals serve the same purpose as refund400k but allow for more flexible decision
making for proxies and BTS voters in general.

Look forward to see discussion.

On a side node: The same proposal also creates a worker "threshold-bsip" which refunds 1 BTS per day.
The purpose is to have an independent worker proposal to consider BSIPs approved. There will be a separate
announcement to this one.

General Discussion / BitAssets statistics - a start
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:10:42 pm »
I took some of my spare time to learn vuejs and chose to build something
that the community may consider useful:

This shows "some" statistics of bitAssets including some charts.

At this point, I am looking for someone that knows Vuejs and can help me
make this page more "pretty". Anyone?

Pull Requests are welcome:

General Discussion / [eng] Marketing Efforts and Pre-Worker Discussion
« on: November 06, 2018, 02:05:00 pm »
Hey there,

I would like to gauge the community about what they believe should be part of BitShares Marketing ..

In my opinion it should consist of:
* a corporate identity/brand
* a landing page that focuses on the use and not the technology
* "public awareness" material

At @bitfest, we've had a presentation from Team Nijhuis from the Netherlands.


They have approached us to see if the community has a desire to go
forward with them for marketing. To get a better picture of what they are
trying to achieve and how they intend to do so, they prepared a pdf


Provided that I personally have only little understanding of "marketing"
and that the community appears to have a much clearer picture in their
mind, I hereby request feedback about the proposal above so we can
incorporate it BEFORE we go public with an actual worker proposal.

So if you ever wanted to express you opinion with respect to
marketing: This is your chance!

Dear BitShares community,

it is about time to clear up the uncertainty about my involvement with
the BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF). To many it appears as if I
spoke for the foundation. For reasons that are beyond my understanding,
people still believe that even after I told them differently.

Hence, I would like to clarify once and for all that

I (@xeroc) do *not* speak for the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, nor
do I speak for *any* company other than ChainSquad GmbH.

For the BBF, I serve the following functions:

* technical lead (through Blockchain Projects B.V.)
* point of contact (one out of many) to forward requests to the BBF

That said, I would also like to make clear that the @xeroc proxy account
on the BitShares Blockchain is undoubtedly independent from any
company or foundation involvement. I make this point very clear
to every party I deal with - even beyond BBF and Blockchain Projects
B.V. I intend to be as open and honest to every single community member
as possible as long as the content of this post is clearly understood.

Furthermore, as most in here know, I am also a director of the PeerPlays
Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA) which I try hard to keep
entirely separate unless BitShares is involved. In that case, my goal is
for the greater joint benefit of both Blockchains.

Additionally, through ChainSquad GmbH, I am also the owner and operator
of BitShares Europe and the services associated with it.  Certainly,
BitShares Europe's goal was (and will be) to grow the BitShares
Blockchain to its full potential. As you may know, from time to time the
@bitshareseurope account has significant voting power on the Blockchain
which is (so far) refused to use actively. Once I come up with a proper
solution for potential conflicting interests on this front, I will let
everyone know.

To those that can read between the lines, it becomes apparent that there
is huge potential for conflicts of interest. So far, all my business
partners have been informed about those potentials and would like to
know also inform the entire BitShares community about them. So far,
those potentials have not yet materialized into actual conflicts,
but they may in the future. At that point, I will stick to openness and
honesty and inform the community about them.

That said, I am looking forward to continue the work with my current
business partners including Blockchain Projects B.V. and the PBSA who
have been very understanding about this from the very beginning and
leave me the freedom it needs.

To add to the above, I fully support the BBF and the efforts they currently
undertake to establish proper legal foundation around the BitShares Blockchain
and the BTS core native token. Furthermore, I would like to clarify that despite
me not being part of the BBF legally, my input and feedback to them is highly
appreciated. To add to this, the BBF's intention is to stay as neutral as possible
which is why it is kept at a minimum size, minumum influence and does not
do partnerships or public endorse any project. We are talking about a fine line
between establishing trust and being used for the sake of good reputation (we
have all witnessed how that works)

//edit 2018-10-09
As most already know, I have resigned from the board of directors of the PBSA.
As a consequence, I am now only involved due to Blockchain Project being
contractor to the PBSA for technical consultency.

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