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General Discussion / BitAssets statistics - a start
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:10:42 pm »
I took some of my spare time to learn vuejs and chose to build something
that the community may consider useful:

This shows "some" statistics of bitAssets including some charts.

At this point, I am looking for someone that knows Vuejs and can help me
make this page more "pretty". Anyone?

Pull Requests are welcome:

General Discussion / [eng] Marketing Efforts and Pre-Worker Discussion
« on: November 06, 2018, 02:05:00 pm »
Hey there,

I would like to gauge the community about what they believe should be part of BitShares Marketing ..

In my opinion it should consist of:
* a corporate identity/brand
* a landing page that focuses on the use and not the technology
* "public awareness" material

At @bitfest, we've had a presentation from Team Nijhuis from the Netherlands.


They have approached us to see if the community has a desire to go
forward with them for marketing. To get a better picture of what they are
trying to achieve and how they intend to do so, they prepared a pdf


Provided that I personally have only little understanding of "marketing"
and that the community appears to have a much clearer picture in their
mind, I hereby request feedback about the proposal above so we can
incorporate it BEFORE we go public with an actual worker proposal.

So if you ever wanted to express you opinion with respect to
marketing: This is your chance!

Dear BitShares community,

it is about time to clear up the uncertainty about my involvement with
the BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF). To many it appears as if I
spoke for the foundation. For reasons that are beyond my understanding,
people still believe that even after I told them differently.

Hence, I would like to clarify once and for all that

I (@xeroc) do *not* speak for the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, nor
do I speak for *any* company other than ChainSquad GmbH.

For the BBF, I serve the following functions:

* technical lead (through Blockchain Projects B.V.)
* point of contact (one out of many) to forward requests to the BBF

That said, I would also like to make clear that the @xeroc proxy account
on the BitShares Blockchain is undoubtedly independent from any
company or foundation involvement. I make this point very clear
to every party I deal with - even beyond BBF and Blockchain Projects
B.V. I intend to be as open and honest to every single community member
as possible as long as the content of this post is clearly understood.

Furthermore, as most in here know, I am also a director of the PeerPlays
Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA) which I try hard to keep
entirely separate unless BitShares is involved. In that case, my goal is
for the greater joint benefit of both Blockchains.

Additionally, through ChainSquad GmbH, I am also the owner and operator
of BitShares Europe and the services associated with it.  Certainly,
BitShares Europe's goal was (and will be) to grow the BitShares
Blockchain to its full potential. As you may know, from time to time the
@bitshareseurope account has significant voting power on the Blockchain
which is (so far) refused to use actively. Once I come up with a proper
solution for potential conflicting interests on this front, I will let
everyone know.

To those that can read between the lines, it becomes apparent that there
is huge potential for conflicts of interest. So far, all my business
partners have been informed about those potentials and would like to
know also inform the entire BitShares community about them. So far,
those potentials have not yet materialized into actual conflicts,
but they may in the future. At that point, I will stick to openness and
honesty and inform the community about them.

That said, I am looking forward to continue the work with my current
business partners including Blockchain Projects B.V. and the PBSA who
have been very understanding about this from the very beginning and
leave me the freedom it needs.

To add to the above, I fully support the BBF and the efforts they currently
undertake to establish proper legal foundation around the BitShares Blockchain
and the BTS core native token. Furthermore, I would like to clarify that despite
me not being part of the BBF legally, my input and feedback to them is highly
appreciated. To add to this, the BBF's intention is to stay as neutral as possible
which is why it is kept at a minimum size, minumum influence and does not
do partnerships or public endorse any project. We are talking about a fine line
between establishing trust and being used for the sake of good reputation (we
have all witnessed how that works)

//edit 2018-10-09
As most already know, I have resigned from the board of directors of the PBSA.
As a consequence, I am now only involved due to Blockchain Project being
contractor to the PBSA for technical consultency.

General Discussion / Attending Graphene Dev Con in Shanghai
« on: April 17, 2018, 11:23:42 am »
Dear board members,

I'd like to take the opportunity of a short coding break and let everyone know that I will be attending Graphene Dev Con in Shanghai in 3 weeks.
The roles that I will have there will be

* Developer
* Committee Member
* Proxy
* Community Member
* CTO of BlockchainProjects BV
* CEO of ChainSquad GmbH and BitShares Europe

As you may guess, this opens up plenty of conflicting interests so that I would like to emphasis that I try hard to live up to the expectations
community members have with me playing one and all of these roles - it turned much more difficult in recent months. Anyways, I would like
to also let everyone know that in conversionation with people, I will make clear with what voice I will speak and try to make conflicts of
interest clear to the dialog partner.

In Shanghai, I'll arrive on Tuesday 2nd May and will stay in the conference hotel until late Sunday.
That said, it would be my pleasure to try to arrange a meeting with anyone that would like to talk about BitShares or Graphene while I am
in Shanghai.

Looking forward to meeting you.

 -- Fabian

Stakeholder Proposals / [Worker] BitFest in Amsterdam
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:47:55 am »
Dear BTS holders, voters and proxies,

please find below a new proposal of the BBF for a conference in autumn later this year:

For your consideration:

General Discussion / Binance Dexathon - Discussion
« on: March 22, 2018, 12:33:38 pm »
Considering the recent press release of Binance:
it seems they are looking for a team to reinvent the wheel.

Assuming that the BBF applied for that hackathon, what reasons would there be for Binance to
not fork the BitShares Code and instead use the existing blockchain?

Feedback, please!

Dear community,

I'd like to update the community on a new plan that the BBF would like to pursue in the next months:

This forum thread is for public discussion.
Please don't hesitate to give feedback!

Worker proposal

Given the growth of the BitShares ecosystem, we, Blockchain Projects BV see the urgent need to revise the existing
white papers and documentation of the whole BitShares platform.

From our recent business developments, we can confirm that regulators are taking a closer look into the whole
crypto ecosystem and they are constantly confused due to unaligned use of terminology of old economy, such
as assets, shareholders, equity, dividends.

Unfortunately, our technical information is also “polluted” with analysis in non-technical areas, such as bitassets
and trading. As can be found in the second spokesperson report, this requires an major rework.

Furthermore, the existing documentation hasn’t been updated and reviewed consistently. The majority of newcomers
to the platform run into similar issues which could be resolved by improved documentation and better integration into
the whole ecosystem (e.g. the reference wallet).

To ensure a proper and accurate representation of the BitShares platform, major rework of existing material is required.
The documentation will not be reviewed by legal council as it has a purely technical aim.

Please note that this worker proposals focuses strongly on the technical aspects of BitShares. Legal aspects need to
be dealt with separately.

It is our strong believe that it is required to separated the technical documentation (such as RPC, blockchain APIs, etc.)
from the functional and legal description (such as the DEX, and bitassets). This will help to distinguish BitShares (as
a platform) from the BTS token (as a cryptocurrency) and the services (such as the exchange) offered through smart

Read more

Stakeholder Proposals / Legal Council about BTS and No-action
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:53:41 am »
New Worker Proposal

Proposer: BitShares Blockchain Foundation

With this worker, we (the bitshares blockchain foundation) would like to fund this project to seek legal clarity and presentation for BTS holders and regulators.

Throughout the last couple months, we have been repeatedly approach about core aspects of BitShares and its governance token BTS that have been presented publicly in an inaccurate and unfavorable manner. This often resulted in ambiguity and uncertainty that has held back some businesses from working with or on the BitShares Blockchain and could well have been a reason for lack of ecosystem growth throughout the last years.

Additionally to an opinion letter of a prestigious legal council, we also seek a non-action letter by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the prototype for many regulators in the world.

Read more

Stakeholder Proposals / BitShares Blockchain Foundation: **Budget workers**
« on: December 07, 2017, 07:49:05 am »
Budget workers serve as a budget that can be tapped whenever it is needed for purposes defined in the individual budget workers. This serves as working budget that is more flexible then static escrow workers in the way that it allows to pay many different people for their support out of a single purpose-specific fund. In a sense, you can see the famous BitShares-UI worker as a budget worker that is managed by @billbutler. With this worker, we've seen a flourishing development, countless improvements throughout the last couple of months and see need for further budgets.

This thread serves as a general discussion thread about the idea of budget workers and to list the budgets as they become ready for voting.

Budget Funds
Budget workers serve as workers that provide capital for specific purposes where escrow workers do not fit, such as translation work, bug fixing or bounties. The rules are as follows:

* BitShares Blockchain Foundation has an account ( that is co-owned by committee-account and escrow partners.
* The BBF will redeem these funds on a regular basis and buy up bitUSD from the market (with reasonable premiums).
* For this reason and due to volatility of BTS, the available budget in USD terms might vary over time.
* The budget is controlled by who serves as an independent entity to supervise payouts.
* The amounts available for individual budgets can be obtained through transparent account (

Beneficiaries of this models need to authenticate themselves against the BitShares Blockchain Foundation with their real-world identity.
Properly formatted invoices need to be sent that are published in the BBF's website.

Payments will be made only after receiving and approving individual invoices!

Of course, budget that is not used belongs to the BitShares DAC and will ultimately be returned to the BitShares reserves.

Translations into (Simplified) Chinese

Accounting Report:

Looking forward to the discussion.

Deploy and maintain independent BitShares infrastructure

Given the growth of the BitShares ecosystem, we, Blockchain Projects BV, feel that the network should become more redundant and reduce its reliance on business partners that are currently running nodes primarily. That said, we would like to deploy independent servers and maintain the basic needs for a healthy BitShares network, including, but not limited to, a faucet, public API nodes, and seed nodes.

Read the full details here:



Deployed endpoints
The following endpoints are now available

Loadbalancer statistics and backend availability can be found on

Pull Requests for bitshares-ui

Stakeholder Proposals / Compliance Work
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:30:10 am »

Another new proposal tries to fund ongoing efforts to ensure compliance of the
BitShares platform. Conversations with regulators and compliance officers revealed
some obstacles that stand in the way of becoming a compliant asset, and platform.
The company *Blockchain Projects BV* offered to tackle those and smoothen the
way for greater adoption.

Read more about the proposal here:

We kindly ask you to take a few minutes to read and understand those
proposal and consider voting for it,

Kind regards
 -- Fabian Schuh

Stakeholder Proposals / BBF Asking to be Elected as Approved Spokesperson
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:29:06 am »
Yet another industry-first

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation approches the BitShares token holders to
approve us (a Dutch non-profit foundation) to become public spokesperson of
its decentralized and distributed ecosystem.

In our opinion, this will grow confidence in the platform and allow new
businesses to approach a legal entity for consultation. This will also
enable the BitShares platform to approach businesses directly that are
under the scrutiny of regulatory and compliance bodies.

Read more about the proposal here:

We kindly ask you to take a few minutes to read and understand those
proposal and consider voting for it,

Kind regards
 -- Fabian Schuh


Hello community,

it is our pleasure to let everyone know that ChainSquad has now created
the worker 201707-bsip18 for Peter Conrad.

This worker is endorsed and supported by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation!

All the details can be found on this constantly updated page:

Please consider voting for it!

Steem discussion:

General Discussion / BitShares Blockchain Foundation
« on: July 11, 2017, 06:37:09 pm »

It's my pleasure to now let everyone know that we are working on a BitShares Blockchain Foundation.

The official web page can be found on

The foundation starts with 3 major "services":
  • Public Announcements on the Webpage (like incident reporting)
  • Public and Private mailing lists for witnesses, proxies, exchanges, committee, developers
  • bitUSD worker escrow management
It is also our pleasure that we are going to start with Peter Conrad's ([member=94]pc[/member]) worker that is going to implement BSIP18 for bitasset recovery.
Of course, we are hoping for the worker to be accepted and approved by the BitShares shareholders once it is created.

@all: Please register you email address with the mailing lists you are most interested in joining. Those mailing lists are public (except a
few foundation internal and security related lists) and archived on

Looking forward to grow BitShares to it's true potential!

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