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General Discussion / Prism
« on: May 31, 2017, 08:46:06 pm »
I just saw a video on ErikVorhees new program Prism.

Is it just me or would it be way better on the bitshares network?

Hi guys,

I just got back from speaking to the Vancouver bitcoin meetup.  A good group of guys I have rapport with.

I basically held the floor and tested different bullet points and pitches for different items BTS related to get their feedback.  Without question, the affiliate program is what they cared about.  Everything else was complicated and uninteresting.

I will be doing this fro now on and my advice to you is... lead, middle and end with the make money opportunity.

Other sidenotes.
- Bitshares is a horrible marketing name, as is almost every term in our entire eco-system.
- The catch phrases that worked were.  for $100 you purchase a business in a box that will destroy and replace Visa And mastercard. Get your customers to use this new network and not only do you not have to pay merchant fees anymore, but you will collect the merchant fees when your customers spend their money at every other store they visit. This business costs $100. You make $80 for each customer you acquire and there are no limits on how many customers you can acquire.

They just want a simple app that lets them manage that process.  Everything else was irrelevant.  And these are crypto people.  to the broader public... I would argue this is even more true.

I think bitshares will blow up, when someone puts a nice GUI and nice branding on top of it.  Bitshares will not even be mentioned.

Hi everyone,
edit:  confusing title.   By the time I finished writing the post I had changed my mind from a small monthly fee to a lifetime fee.  Sorry for the confusion.

I had intended to create a marketing funnel complete with email capture, info-education videos, and tracking.   It was going to be designed so all you had to do was drive traffic to a site with your referal link and you would get the commission.   

I was going to make it free to everyone as long as they made me your referrer when you upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0.   I was expecting to give away that and lots of other cool bonuses basically making it so irresistible that everyone would choose me as their referrer.  SInce it would cost you nothing over and above the upgrade fee to premium 2.0 member that many of you would most likely pay anyway, I figured I would make 50k-100k by creating this kick ass funnel for you guys to use.  I also thought I would throw in several hundred dollars of bonuses that more people would upgrade to the bitshares premium member as well.   I thought the plan was beautiful and a win/win/win

Well I just learned that all upgrade fees form 1.0 to 2.0 go to the network now and so I have lost my revenue model and thus my incentive to create such a funnel.   Bitshares has also lost a poster boy to show off to the crypto world of someone who can make serious money with the bitshares referral program quickly.

I also really like the idea of lots of traffic going into one channel because it makes split testing easy and the funnel learns quickly.  So what to do?

Well the only course of action I see is for people to pay for such a service.

So here is my offer to see if there is sufficient demand to warrant me building this funnel.

Would you pay a one time fee of $97 now for lifetime access to a marketing funnel as described above?  It would continually improve and I Would always be testing things.   You will get the full 80% comms from people you refer.   They will not have to pay the $97.  But they will get 70%, I will get 10%.   ie: they will get the same service as you by giving me a 10% cut on all future.  Actually maybe I will offer them the 97$ deal as well.

Because I know we have very nice and encouraging forum members, I know the tendency will be to say... hell yes I will pay. Just so you know this is not an anonymous forum.  If you say yes, I will expect you to pay so please only say yes if you are willing to me $97 for lifetime use of the funnel.  * Lifetime means as long as it is worth my time to run the funnel you get it for free.

I guess its a bit rude of me to ask you to pay for marketing funnel you have not yet seen, so all I can see is that I have two web business with over $1 million in sales for information products so I have some runs on the board.

Let me know if you are a yes?

General Discussion / help
« on: September 14, 2015, 12:22:45 am »
Hi guys,

So was hosted at godaddy and my wife accidentally turned off the hosting account about 6 weeks ago.

According to the godaddy help desk person I spoke to it would have been recoverable within about 3 weeks if I caught it that quickly, but I did not.

Does anyone have any information or skillset that could recover it?  If not all the videos are still on youtube, but we did lose the site and the link juice from it.

Sorry for my mess up.


Ask anything you like.
Get your stupid questions answered.
Stump me with hard ones.
Criticize comments I have made in the past.
Brainstorm your business idea.
Wednesday is all about you and how I can help you in anyway.
Bitshares, bitcoin, crypto, gold, silver, Austrian economics, Libertarian philosophy, Ancap, Its all on the table.

Here is the selfish background to why I am doing this.
On Wednesday the 12th of August I will be driving for 12 hours from Kansas City to Denver with only my dog 'Liberty' for conversation.
I want you to keep me company. Tune into my live broadcast and ask me anything you want, Good bad and ugly.   I also have some topics prepared that you will love and that no one is talking about.

Who am I?
I am the host of BitsharesTV. I wrote the one and only book on Bitshares available on Amazon and in 7 different languages called Bitshares 101. I wrote a top seller called Bitcoin revolution in 2013. I work with Bitshares and Cryptonomex on marketing and messaging.   All the things you like about Bitshares marketing... that was me. All things you don't like... that was Dan not listening to me   :P
Associate producer of the newly released award winning Bitcoin Documentary "The End of Money as we know it" and  self-proclaimed expert at all the topics mentioned above.

How do you join me?

Step 1. For those on twitter follow me there first @ContrarianDude
Step 2. There is a very cool app released recently by twitter called Periscope. Download it on your phone now. (iPhone and driod apps available)
Step 3. Follow me on Periscope. If you completed step 1 it should happen automatically, but if not click on the 3 people icon in the bottom right. Then click on the magnifying glass in the top left and search and add 'ContrarianDude'
Step 4. Your phone will notify you of when I am live on Wednesday and what I am talking about so you can join in when you want.

If you think there is even a remote chance that you might tune in, even for a few minutes then download the app and follow me now so you get notified of when I am on.  You can ask me questions in text and I can reply in video immediately.

Please share these links as well so others can hear about this event.

Hopefully I will get to chat to you on Wednesday.  See you then.


For the same reason as Ken would love channel subscribes.  Please subscribe if you have not yet.

General Discussion / How do UIA work in 2.0 - Bitshares .tv
« on: June 18, 2015, 03:36:24 pm »

Here is the first of some quick vids Where Dan and I talk about a particular feature.

I recorded 7 ( I think) today.  I will release one each day.   Here is the first on high performance.

General Discussion / New episode - Use cases for bitUSD
« on: April 28, 2015, 02:33:43 am »
Hey guys I Actually posted this a while back but forgot to tell anyone.

Here is the video.

Also the entire bitshares 101 series is now in HD

General Discussion / food for thought - raising fees
« on: March 31, 2015, 02:50:05 am »
I am not actually advocating what I am about to suggest here.  If you have ever been involved in brainstorming activities  you know sometimes its good to just say dumbshit and see what happens.  This is that dumbshit.

Also this is in no way desperate... I am a marketer and this is what I think about all day every day for lots of different business. How to be more effective at marketing. Bitshares will be a billion dollar valuation soon enough, but how do we make it sooner?

The vast majority of businesses dedicate over 30% of their revenues to customer acquisition and marketing... When pricing a product this is thought of in advance. When banks set interest rates and fees they leave fat in their to make it attractive enough to for mortgage brokers to make a career out of selling them.

When big pharma prices drugs they leave enough fat in their for sales people to get stupendously wealthy pushing their poison.  Same goes for recreational variety.

From girl scout cookies to vacuum cleaners the majority of products are priced with a marketing budget in mind. Done correctly an army of sales people are out their selling them.

A vacuum cleaner that costs $20 to produce would retail for $39.99.  We have priced our product at the cost of production.

Perhaps bitshares could increase its fees, use the referal method discussed elsewhere and operate that way?

edit: Not that I can enforce this, but in brainstorming its often best to give even the dumbest ideas 15 minutes of assuming it could work... And if it did how could it.  So perhaps if you agree lets leave the first  page or two for positive comments before the negatives come.  If this were a good idea... why would it be a good idea?

General Discussion / - A closer look at Moonstone
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:29:46 am »
This time around we Chat to bitSapphire AKA Taulant Ramabaja about the Moonstone project.

Our longest episode yet. For the bitshares die-hards.   :)

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