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Random Discussion / Re: Am I rich yet?
« on: August 03, 2016, 10:45:55 pm »
Am I rich yet?

General Discussion / Re: Move Bitsharestalk to Steemit?
« on: May 09, 2016, 10:14:32 pm »
Bts is awesome as is.  What we need is for more old timers to log into the wallet and tear up the troll box. 

I don't want to tie bts to an unproven crypto, but I also don't want to tie it to an ancient forum. 

General Discussion / Re: Move Bitsharestalk to Steemit?
« on: May 09, 2016, 12:28:37 am »
Wht not move Steemit    to Bitsharestalk ?

You could mirror the steem blockchain at  That would be a fine idea.

General Discussion / Re: Move Bitsharestalk to Steemit?
« on: May 09, 2016, 12:11:57 am »
Great idea.  I think we should move as much discussion as possible over to steemit.  I don't think it risks hurting bts at all if steem doesn't catch on.  We would just have to find another home for our forum. 

If you would like to try out steem you can now register for free if you link your facebook account.  go to and click create account in the upper right hand corner.  If you prefer to not link your facebook account, or would just like to pay for an account I have instruction up at

I need to update the instructions as some minor things have changed, but they will still work.  Send me a PM if you have any issues.

The blockchain doesn't show any transactions for that account which means that its private keys has not been updated.
You still have the old keys? Maybe in a backup of your password manager?

Ya I have the BTS private key that the account was setup with.

I just don't have a way to do anything with it since I'm on Windows. I've tried logging in with it on Steemit, but it says the password is incorrect, since I updated it there.

I will gladly pay you something, upvotes or STEEM, if you can reset this password with the original BTS private key. Just let me know where to send the key.

Thanks for the help.
hey Tuck.  If you had the password entered into a text document it might have been cached on your hdd.  I know that many of the text editor programs I use will save an auto backup under a different name until the real document is saved or closed.  I would check the specifics of whatever program you used.  Check whatever directory it would have saved a backup to.  If there is no backup present run recovery software on that hdd and see if it can find one.

General Discussion / Re: Steemit Account Creation Issue
« on: May 08, 2016, 05:17:06 am »
steem-register is my bot.  The only link to ccedk is that it uses openledger to convert your open.steem into real steem to register your account.  I responded on the bitshares network yesterday and refunded your open.steem when I saw the account didn't register.  I have also now responded on  In the future if you have any problems with register on the steem network or steem-register on the bts network you can PM me for quicker help.

My witness node is updated and ready to go.  I will have my seed node updated as well before the fork. 

bot syntax has been changed.

To make it easier for non cli users to register accounts on the steem network I set up a bot that will register accounts for you.  If you send at least 100STEEM to the steem account register with the memo "STEEMPUBLICKEY;requestedaccountname" it will attempt to register requestedaccountname with a public key of STEEMPUBLICKEY.  If you do not have a steem public key you can reuse a bts public private key pair by replacing the BTS at the beginning with STM.  Just make sure you have the private key. 

It is a really simple bot that I whipped up really quick, and it may run into issues.  I would suggest looking at look at the transactions and see if the bot looks like its up.  The memo will need to be a working steem public key followed by a : and then a viable steem name.  All lowercase starts with a letter not a number etc.

Sadly this bot is almost entirely worthless due to the only exchange that currently lists steem having way too short of a memo field.  its not even long enough for a public key let alone a public key and an account name.  I don't know if you will be able to use memos from openledger when the gui is updated.   

Hiya puppies, that's incredibly kind of you.  I'm afraid I only have a Windows laptop.  I've bought a small amount of Steem and I'm happy with that for now. Thank you so much for your offer to help!

If you change your mind it should be pretty easy to get you up and running in a secure way.  If you pick an existing bts public key from your bts wallet, all you need to do is to give that public key to someone running the steem cli that can register that account for you.  I think it requires 100 steem to be vested in the account, and they should be able to register the account by replacing the BTS at the beginning with STM.

From there you can export the private key from the bts gui and import it into the steem webwallet.  You will be able to transfer, transfer to vesting, and withdraw from vesting all from the steem webwallet.  If your goal is to purchase steem, transfer to your wallet and vest, then that should be well served by this method. 

If one were to buy it currently possible to vest the steem if you are NOT technically proficient?  Is there a windows wallet yet?

If you cannot vest, then is it true that you would be at a significant disadvantage so there would be very little point in holding for the long term?

Yea there's no windows wallet yet so you'd be unable to vest your Steem. That leaves you vulnerable to inflation in the long term so just holding is probably not a great idea.

I believe there's a docker image you could use though to setup a personal node, shouldn't be too hard.

Thank you SVK.  I googled 'docker image' and i'm ashamed to say i suspect setting up a personal node would indeed be too hard. 

It's a shame because I'm very keen on MAS.  I thought BitShares was going to adapt to make it easier for communities to utilise BitShares.....but it now seems, as i feared, that the community that forms the basis of the network is fragmenting and those who are either technically insecure or have run out of capital are in danger of being left behind.  The only means of preventing that are sharedrops, but I accept that capital is scarce and awarding people appropriately is a challenge.

I hope Stan finds his whale and we can all just get on with the business of making BitShares what it could be......either that or more blood, sweat & tears  ;D

Do you have access to a linux or osx machine?  If you can generate a public private key pair, and give me the public key I can get an account registered for you.

edit.  Even without access to a linux or osx machine its possible.  would just have to reuse a bts private key

What is it you would like him to do that he isn't?

General Discussion / Re: STEALTH Status Update
« on: April 15, 2016, 03:38:08 am »
So from what I am getting, stealth doesn't work...

Stealth does work.  Its just not user friendly, and is thus dangerous. 

Technical Support / Re: openledger doesn't work in firefox
« on: April 13, 2016, 08:53:17 pm »
Firefox is still working for me on openledger, BitCash and  I haven't tried the others.

Awesome work merivercap.

General Discussion / Re: 224,201 BROWNIE.PTS up for donations
« on: April 12, 2016, 04:40:54 pm »
I think vbos are a really good idea Xeroc.  Please share the code when you are done with it.

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