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General Discussion / Re: MaidSafe IPO on Mastercoin
« on: April 19, 2014, 12:35:01 am »
Seems mastercoin is going up now because of this IPO from maidsafe taking place in 3 Days !!!
For 1 BTC they give 17.000 Safecoins and for 1 Mastecoin they give 3.400 Safecoins that means as long 1 Mastercoin is below 0.2 BTC it prefferable to buy with Mastercoin so everybody interrested to buy safecoins will buy first mastercoins (as long the price is under 0.2 BTC). And thats really  happening right now and mastercoin has increased its price from 0.08 btc to 0.13 btc until now... Hope bitshares makes something identical someday  ;)

General Discussion / Re: DAC Country coins
« on: April 18, 2014, 04:58:41 pm »
"3.   X amount of Greekshares will be given away to Greek companies and Greek citizens."

Thats the big problem! How the coins will distibuted! Using AMKA ?  :P

General Discussion / Re: DPOS almost the same as a mining pool?
« on: April 18, 2014, 03:54:59 pm »
Depends.  What percent of the shares do they own.

Dacs don't know about people or nodes.  Just shares.

How are these 1000 selected?   

I am assuming that  this 1000 people own's the most percent (or at least a respectfull %) of shares because they have  a big motivation to be the one's they keep their computer on... Nobody select them.They participate on their own because they want to secure their own investment.(So statisticaly the most have all together a very big % because the most had the motive) 

I think, at least for me, its easier to keep my computer on 24 hours* a day instead of the "trouble" to choose to which one to give my vote...

*I think many users do it right know after all for so much reasons (mining etc.  :P)

General Discussion / Re: DPOS almost the same as a mining pool?
« on: April 18, 2014, 03:37:24 pm »
"3) Most people don't want to leave their computers on to secure the network, so there is demand for this job to be delegated.  Even Nxt is doing this now."

Don't get it. If we have totall of 100.000 people  and "only" 1000 of them want to keep their computers on... are they not enough to secure the network, even if they aren't the "most" of the total (100.000)?

General Discussion / Re: Cryptsy in disarray
« on: April 18, 2014, 02:48:46 pm »
I was able to withdraw 45 btc that wasn't mine to my wallet.
I held it there until I felt bad and sent it back and I have screenshots of everything that happened.

I was given a reward for returning 24,000.00 usd worth of btc...

25 cryptsy points which equals about 9.00 USD.

I feel insulted after reading about coinbase rewarding someone who returned 24btc to them that wasn't the users and being rewarded 10 btc.

I bet they have lost a ton of funds assuming that a percentage of users actualy "stole" that funds withdrawing them to personal wallets...
So it is likely to have a like-Gox situation in the near future... so keep coins there only for a few hours to exchange and don't store them there!

PS1 I have withdraw all BTC and PTS sucessfully by the way.
PS2 Imagine when they mess up so easy the whole system,how easy it may be for good hackers or insiders to steal them ! Watch Out !

General Discussion / Re: Cryptsy in disarray
« on: April 18, 2014, 10:36:52 am »
After they sold the 20.000 MN1 (mining contract 1) with one share (1gh/s) at 0.0185 BTC before a few days...
It came to my mind that they will dissapear as well (like MtGox)... Hope I am wrong.

PS I have tried several times to withdraw BTC and PTS today and always "A security error has occurred" message appears (will update if something change)

Worth Reading...

No because the value of pts is the social contract which is transferable on the daily snapshots.   We will soon migrate pts to dpos and this problem will go away. 

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How will this work? With 350k shares to be distributed before the 2 million mark and inflationary only period? I see it working post share exhaustion but not till then. Is the delegate to act as a faucet? What am I missing?

You are missing that PTS has no obligation to mine out all 2 million shares and that the final snapshot on PTS can occur at any time.

February, 28th spnapshot wasn't the last one ? A new snapshot will happen ? wich purpose ?

Every new DAC in the pipeline will have its own snapshot when it is ready to launch.  No such dates have been announced by any developers I know of, but you can see many DACs are in various stages of development.

Do you have the knowledge that some announcements take place soon from some developers? Is it possible that some of them would not choose the path of  snapshoting PTS and choose other ways to promote their DACs ??? Are they committed to a snapshot ?

I think it will hit on 60 days for difficulty to change. then after three days, another 60 days. then three days, another 60 days. this doesn't work out for dedicated miners who still devoting their time mining on pts during the 60 days. eventually, no one will mine pts i think.

any solutions?

Our preferred solution is to upgrade it to DPOS when that is ready - rather than perturb everybody twice with an intermediate fix.

I think that it will not only solve the obvious problems mentioned, but it would also create a buying pressure, or at least it would stop the sell pressure we have now (blackcoin example)...

It sounds like your BitShares-PTS client may have stalled connections.  Try restarting it to fix this, and you can also confirm if this is the problem by checking the number of blocks processed by your client and comparing to a block explorer.  You can also look at the transaction details for the unconfirmed transaction in your client and see how many nodes it's been broadcast to.

about an hour after my post both begun the confirmations procedure...
I had my wallet closed before my second donation and it was synchronized before i send the PTS (green check mark)
Compared with and all blocks are processed at least at time of check after the problem...
Thanks for your reply and help ;)

I Wanted To donate PTS for AGS today 4/17/2014(to address PaNGELmZgzRQCKeEKM6ifgTqNkC4ceiAWw)
And I saw (on Bitshares PTS Wallet)  that my last donation before 2 Days at 4/15/2014 is still not executed!
I don't have any BTC to invest... any advice? (rhetorical question)

PS The problem is that I wanted to donate every day a proportion from my balance so I could have in the end more AGS in total...
Now because in one day all donations will be executed, that means that I will have less AGS. And secondly it means that BTC donators will have an advantage over investors like me.
So it seems to me like Bitshares "punish" their early investors and give more advantages to new investors  (as more I think about that, maybe it is not so bad) ;)....


" Bitcoin Association will become a decentralized autonomous organization as soon as possible.   Since we truly believe in the power of Bitcoin and in decentralized applications and organizations, it is clear that we should also be one."

" For all areas technically possible, the platform we prefer to build this will be Etherium."

General Discussion / Re: Meeting with Virginia Tech
« on: April 16, 2014, 01:33:24 pm »
Meetings are necessary.

But I have to ask:

     As the main developer, do you really think that's a good idea for you to do business that's not related to coding , given  the delay on bts-wallet?

     I trusted you when you say few developer can do the tech stuff you guys do in this industry,that's why you've been short on full-time developers.

     But meetings,that's what publicist for,or a less important coder for .

     If you can't find even 1 person to go to meetings for you in I3,then you should review your business model. How's other people gonna react when
 they knew this company's main coder is the same one as the poster boy .

     You can't control everything by yourself,or you'll have nothing but bunch of unfinished projects lying around without ending .

     Maybe you have the confidence that you're a exception . But all the young people I know,they all think they're a exception too.

     Either you become the full-time poster boy or publicist for I3,or you become the full time tech genius and nerd that you are.Don't try to do both.
You don't have to . You just think that you have to .   When BTS is done , you don't need any convincing anymore,people will come to you , explain themselves to you ,not the other way around.

     And,please stop post funny photos to make your point . I wonder how you could have the time and mood to find these funny photo to go with your point.

     PS.  I'm a developer too. I know the huge distraction that non-coding-related stuff can affect the developing progress. Even a simple dinner with bad waitress can mess up with the rest of the night.


There is no doubt that BM is a talented guy, but one earth day is only 24 hours long with no exception. If he focuses 100% on developing and some simple communication with the community, leaving other stuffs to the rest of 3I or hiring a CEO to run this ‘company’, the progress would have been much better.

You need to understand how his mind works.
Occasional bursts of creativity, business negotiations, and humor recharge his batteries.
It's all about energy management, not hours in the day.

as long as not drugs is needed to the equation... it's fine with us   :D  :P

General Discussion / Re: Meeting with Virginia Tech
« on: April 15, 2014, 10:05:33 pm »
 +5% +5% +5%

The difficulty has changed x4 ..

Goodbye PTS

what thinks bytemaster about the situation and what will they do?

PS clear that out pls because  phrases like "Goodbye PTS" every now and then can only panic investors out of PTS.

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