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** i sold most of my altcoins and are ready to buy up all your bts ... no matter the price :-)

if you had only PTS would you give them to buy BTS ?

PS you said most of them... which one do you still have?  :D

I am very curious.. How much do you guys estimate that PTS will drop in $ terms (assuming BTC will remain at current levels $350 - $450) based on the numbers that you are watching? It appears to be on free fall...

It is very tempting to invest now and get as much shares that I can but so far my trading hasn't gone very well and I am starting to get really worried... I kept bying whenever I could. I was bying when first released at $2 - $20 and almost never sold even after the snapshot..And if I buy again now and falls to $1 I will have absolutely no way to recover from that...

I undesrtand that might be a silly question but just throw me some estimated numbers please...I can't afford to lose more..  :(


When you look at PTS vs BTC you can see the price is fairly stable during the past quarter, except for all the positive excitement leading up to the snapshot February 28th.  After the snapshot, much of the value was transferred as a dividend to BTS-XT and therefore has not been lost since you still own both.

The "free-fall" has been in BTC, the underlying reference for the market.

The "problem" is exactly that. Both (BTC & PTS) compared with FIAT (US Dollars,euro etc.) lost about the same % of value the last month... So that means that the market has not discovered the advantages for PTS yet, or the market don't trust enough Invictus yet*... The price compared to BTC (PTS/BTC) schould rise (even a litlle bit every day) and because not doing that makes me a litlle bit worried. On the other side the fact that the price follows BTC (and don't decline further) altought Bitshares X is still in development and is not released (as "promised" the last month) makes me believe that the price will rise as soon it is out** and of course we have announcements regarding another snapshot for a new DAC...

*after release of Bitshares X I think Invictus wins "lost" trust again.
** or will it decline further because many of us will sell PTS to buy more BTS ?  ???

General Discussion / Re: Airdrop Ideas
« on: April 12, 2014, 01:26:51 pm »
For every bitshare airdrop a percentage of 50% (as an example or 1:1) will go to charity that the community will chooce after a Bitshares-DAC voting system take place for this particular reason! So the community will practical self experience how a DAC works and how fair and transparrent is the whole procces.
So only after somebody votes a charity via the DAC then he can release his coins... (or after voting they can release more so they have a reason to vote and see how the concept work...)

or make a charity-lotto-bingo style DAC available only for airdrop purchasers... that will draw every Monday a winner so every purchaser that keep bitshares and don't sell them have an interest every week to come back...

General Discussion / Re: Releasing, Testing or Airdropping ?
« on: April 12, 2014, 03:27:24 am »
Indeed I understand the ides of March has passed, NO release of bitshares xt. Security was the main focus of developers. As an investor and at times an app developer, debugging such software is a pain in the neck and needs a lot of time. But diverting from the main objective via another proposal such as Airdropping is a bit concerning. It worries me instead of focusing bitshare products, I3 has shifted the focus on Airdropping, which to me will d evaluate bitshare. Ides of April is next week . Still no sign of release, fortunately there was /is progress report. Time is of the essence and value of the product is at stake. Focus on products .


We are just responding to the ideas posted in this forum with our 5% forum interaction time.

Nothing has taken our "work hours" off the Main Thing.


Do you think it's a good idea to develop a secure Linux distro specifically for Bitshares, Keyhotee, and other apps which can be built around it?

I think something based on Chromium OS, but which has uses decentralized cloud storage such as MaidSafe is the way to go. It could be a live CD.

Could it work? Or is it a bad idea?

+papperwallet tool, +ready to mine PTS, + general crypto tools, +armory wallet for pts, +++++++++
think it is a very good idea !!!


One idea for example for bitsharesX might be to try and 2-way-peg bitbtc as a sidechain to bitcoin and allow easy access from bitcoin to bitsharesX.

sounds brilliant!

General Discussion / Re: You should read this
« on: April 11, 2014, 07:21:22 am »
Good Idea but right now we can donate only "air"...

If the side chain business with 2 way movement really works out, I guess it can be implemented here too which would mean there won't be a different share unit for every different DAC. Who knows, if Bitshares can use the early mover advantage and get big, that unit may rival Bitcoin.

Btw, maaku seems to be one of the devs and is answering questions in the counterparty thready I posted earlier. Maybe I3 can poach him ;)

Practical you mean it could be implemented on BTS blockchain with the andvantage of DPOS and not POW like BTC so it would be a really strong competitor...
The side effect  in this case(and not only) is that Bitshares-PTS will be uselles? Price of PTS will decline  so we the investors  will loose money? Am I missing something?

In effect btc mining pools would own the whole industry and decide which side chains live or die.   Such centralization will not be accepted by most.

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Thats a nightmare! And to be really honest I wouldn't be suprised if for some reason the "most" would accept such centralization at the "end"... because of GREED of course... give them money and you see how ethical barriers will collapse... YES I am not optimistic and all conspiracy theories come to my mind again...  :(

Transaction speed is the deal breaker. 

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and if they make the exact same think with litecoin or another altcoin that is faster and ofcourse wide accepted ?



It will be interesting to see how the landscape looks the morning of 16 April 2014. Then, we might know if the rumors are true.

April 16th?

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"News that the Chinese government would penalize any bank transacting with bitcoin exchanges after 15th April"

thanks for bringing this up.
until there is a product, i don't think people will be very sympathetic

 +5% I suspect a year from now when several I3 products have launched, we'll look back and see 460k insignificant. Else, there maybe a metric fuq ton of discontent.

Lets continue to support I3 in every possible way, trust but verify....  :)

hope you are right.
The most of us have proof our trust by making investments...and by keeping them...
Hope we will see the products (DACs)  sooner than our competition...

Was for me a big question too... (how you "predicted" Bitshares-PTS highs?)

Not sure I get your meaning?

Here is a price chart history

The date of the 20,000 PTS payout corresponds to the recent highs.

Another thing that would help clarify things is if we knew if these transactions are for past invoiced accounts or for future expenses.

the question was for Dan, have I not cleared that out?  ;D

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