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My personal opinion on copyright is that it is invalid and may only be enforced on those who attempt to claim their own copyrights.  Any party releasing binaries that do not follow the license that comes with the code have, in my opinion, given up all copyright in anything they do as demonstrated by their actions.   

DGA has received his payment and as such has not been harmed by these actions.

Because copyright is invalid, I cannot blame them for their actions unless they are shown to be hypocritical.   That said, I would consider everyone who uses these binaries and believes in copyright to also be hypocritical. 

I also believe that the free market solution to resolving these kinds of disputes is to simply refuse to do business with these individuals if they are found to be hypocritical in this manner. 

The other solution is to undercut them, copy their binaries and modify the payment address inside the binary to be the ANGEL address, provide a proxy that intercepts their packets and rewrites the payment address, or some other solution that destroys their market advantage.  Remember, they have no copyright and by doing so you are not stealing anything from them.

Bytemaster, I have to totally disagree. This discussion is not about copyright and credits. It's about copyleft.

And I have to agree in all points with the thread starter. These licenses are not enforcing copyright and restricting the usage and distribution, in opposite, they encourage to do so as long as you respect the terms and conditions which include to release all work based on the code under same open source standards as defined in the license.

General Discussion / Re: [Scam Attempt] [JohnDorien] offers a fake escrow
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:52:58 pm »
Now you should understand why we protect the trading forums.

General Discussion / Re: Buy/Sell PTS
« on: January 13, 2014, 08:47:54 pm »
And how is the sanity of my posts controlled ?
People will see your posts and your nick and will start recognizing you as a member of the community.

Cant I just post useless information all over the forum this way?
Yes, but you will not likely find people who want to trade with you.

Isnt this encouraging of "not so useful" posts just for the sake of trading?
Maybe, but again at least you will be recognized.

And what If I go to off-topic section to post 20 jokes in a separate well named thread ?
You keep asking the same questions. Some people are actually doing stuff like that to obtain a higher forum rank.

You have to understand that this is a precaution we introduced recently to fight of the huge amount high volume scamming attempts. People were using nicks that looked similar to moderator nicknames and tried to scam Protoshares worth tenthousends of dollars.

These guys are recognized earlier if they have to post 20 messages on the forums before they can access the trading zone.

I hope this clears up stuff. If you dont want to get involved with this forum community anyways, you can still trade at the known exchanges. The volumes are high and the fees are low.

BitShares PTS / Re: GPU Mining and the market price of PTS
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:49:07 pm »
Yeah, it's great to see the markets flooded again, this was really needed.

This will be the last time you will get hands on cheap shares because the difficulty impact of the GPUs might make PTS unminable on CPUs and therefore you need to invest more to get hands on PTS ... its a good upcycling circle... prices will rise sooner than expected.

But again, keep in mind GPUminers are only one effect in the PTS network currently. The distribution of Angelshares are having another notable effect.

General Discussion / Re: Weird decrease in mined protoshare, HELP!!
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:45:58 pm »
Could you add more details?

I dont see any issue here:

Sy reports 15.34 PTS:
Plorer says 15.19 PTS:
The explorer only reports paid TX, that's why its reporting less.

But I dont see missing 10 PTS anywhere.

MemoryCoin / Re: [CHA][CMO] Proposal for Charity & Marketing
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:40:09 pm »
We need a usd/gbp/eur exchange in order to do that.

This. And to be honest, most of the people/organizations I talked to about accepting bitcoin looked at me like a cow. I don't want to imagine how in the world I would explain them how to accept/work with memorycoin.

BitShares AGS / Re: [TRADE] Service: Tradable Angelshares (tAGS)
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:18:41 pm »
If you have been hacked, who will be responsible for the loss?

Earthquakes, fires, epidemics, amnesia…… There are many things to consider.I am sorry.
I am responsible for the loss and will compensate if nessesary. But it wont happen.

I think tAGS is a bit "opposite" to the philosophy of decentralized trading of bitshare (where AGS will go eventually).
It is centralized trading mechanism managed by one person.
Well, I agree, but tAGS is not more centralized than AGS are.

I wonder why these questions were not raised when AGS was introduced. I did not invent the wheel, I'm using it.

MemoryCoin / Re: [CHA] Re-start Campaigns
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:01:38 am »
There is only 1 campaigner - Slywax.  His threads are filling up with requests for more info, and I've PM'ed him just now.

There are 6 voters for the charity award - mostly split balances / etc that look suspicious.

If this was an MVTEcXo address, there'd be an uproar to get more info or get it back.  Instead, no one cares?  Isn't the charity award the one we should vet the most?

Don't say nobody cares. I was among the first who paniced.

SlyWax is a big shareholder of MMC and he is using his power to vote for his own ideas concerning the CHarity Award.

FT says he knows Sly from the Memorycoin 1 days and he is just a big shareholder.

MaxPWR, the least we need now is yet another CHA address to vote for. If you dont like Sly's approach, you might want to check the other proposals.

BitShares AGS / Re: [TRADE] Service: Tradable Angelshares (tAGS)
« on: January 13, 2014, 10:18:03 am »
No offense, but its really not the same thing as converting AGS into a currency like PTS. Good luck on your plan - it will be interesting to follow.

Not sure if I can follow you. Why not?
You can sell your tAGS for PTS right away.

MemoryCoin / Re: [CHA][CMO] Proposal for Charity & Marketing
« on: January 13, 2014, 09:21:27 am »
To sum up my work, I collected around 2600 MMC and I'm currently trying to convince two of my favourite organizations to accept cryptos.  ;D

I'll keep you posted.

MemoryCoin / Re: [CHA] Re-start Campaigns
« on: January 13, 2014, 09:15:31 am »
Our charity has 25 wins, with little information disclosed in English concerning their operations:

Most supporting addresses are only voting for that charity and no other officers.  The only supporting addresses of that charity voting for officers are voting for emre & s4l1h.

I'm casting 9 votes to kill the coins until we get more information:

I'll clear those votes as soon as we get more info from Horizontality and/or other charity candidates can re-campaign to take control.

Well there is only 1 voter for and that's SlyWax. You should rather PM him.

BitShares AGS / Re: [TRADE] Service: Tradable Angelshares (tAGS)
« on: January 13, 2014, 09:12:48 am »
Why we can trust you?How?
It's donschoe! Why would you even ask that?
It's donshoe goddamnit.
You can't trust me, you should not trust anyone at all.

All I can is assure you as a Sr. Member and Board Moderator that I'm really doing that for you as a service and wont do evil. In addition, the administrators know my real life identity.

BTW, is the future DACs honoring tAGS created by you? Do you already have some under Planning?
Read the OP carefully. tAGS = AGS, so every future DAC which allocates AGS will also include tAGS. I'm buying and holding AGS for you.

The only advantage PTS has over AGS is liquidity. If it turns out that in future AGS will be liquid too, then I should be selling all my PTS now.

Changing schemes midway is no good. You invest in AGS knowing fully well that you can't sell of the stake.
Well, since I introduced tAGS PTS lost that advantage. :)

I think this is fine and a perfect example of market forces at play.  tAGS is a valuable service that comes at the price of 'trust', you are trusting a 3rd party to manage a long-term investment.  If anything happens to him you will loose your keys.

Good work and I hope it meets a market demand.
Exactly. Thanks for your comment.

I'm running this service for the long shot but my target audience are short- and midterm investors who rather play with the shares value than hope for the long term success of I3. This is a win/win situtation as I3 still sells shares and the short-term investors get another toy to play with.

BitShares AGS / Re: Daily BTC Donations Chart
« on: January 12, 2014, 11:43:27 pm »
Sticky this thread!?
Why does the CSV file show a timestamp for 18:15? Shouldn't this be 0:00?
And If I'm not mistaken, the time of the first confirmation counts right? On 1-6, 10+ BTC was donated just before 0:00, but confirmed at 00:28. So are these numbers accurate?

This chart is just approximate, use one of the AGS explorer sites for more accurate info.

Well, unsticky this thread?

Meta / Re: Newbie restrictions
« on: January 12, 2014, 11:42:16 pm »
Don't want to start a new thread. I wonder why nobody noticed we have Hitler on the forum.;u=2792

Can we maybe change his nick?

BitShares AGS / Re: [TRADE] Service: Tradable Angelshares (tAGS)
« on: January 12, 2014, 11:27:55 pm »
Ok, let's sum up the feedback so far:
  • amazing
  • awesome
  • brilliant
Btw, I'm serious about this. Is it too much text or why isn't anyone commenting?

TLDR; I manage your AGS - you can do whatever you want with them; Sell, trade, donate for charity. Any questions?

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