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Nice. i totally agree with you .  abit 's  new vote system is another big piece of shit
The new voting system is poorly done.

Jumping from one shit into another.

Remembers me of dumb voters who always jump from one party to another in hope it gets better.

The stacking mechanism in current form is wrong

The biggest paradox is BTS is core token of our ecosystem.

This voting system is in decline with that function.

A member who has 1000 BTS and participates in the ecosystem to make Bitshares great has less voting power than somebody who has 1000 BTS and does nothing in ecosystem other than stacking and receiving up to 8 times the voting power of the guy who actually brings the ecosystem forward and income.

These stupid stacking ideas are all based on theory and academic bs.

You know why chinese won economic battle against US ?
Because US is and was leaaded by academic idiots who only know theory unable to forcast the result of their actions.
China had/has old currency traders living in reality knowing what will be the result when doing a or b and able to forcast years in forward based on their planned actions.

You guys clearly represent the US academics who have completly no clue what you get in the end result.

But you are free to explain to me where the additional value comes from
the one guy with 1000 BTS stacking when he is not going to participate in ecosystem.Where will the income come from ?

And the guy who is trading 1000 BTS and knows the ecosystem well and pays fee's to the network will be dictated/controlled by the other guy who knows it only theoraticly.

But the inactive guy is worth more as he is "willing to sacrifice their personal interests for the benefit of the community"
What exectly did he sacrifice ?Did he worked more for bitshares than the active trader ?

What an idiotic logic based on an one time price pump and not growth

You guys have now the opportunity to chose between horseshit1 and horseshit2 as voting system.

Somebody going to explain to me what BTS exectly represents  ?A blockchain with high acitivity including a populated dex or just a blockchain with no activity and no populated dex but pure speculation token for a pump ?

witness: in.abit  updated to cnvote  patch


General Discussion / Re: CN-Vote voting dead witness active
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:26:05 am »
the same as you are.... but you are dump without money ... LOL
Obviously. They're dumb scammers, breaking the network comes naturally to them.


Mainnet 4.0 will execute "reserve pool negative balances" fix


Can you elaborate  how to execute "reserve pool negative balances" fix?  by reducing the amount of current pool balance ?
thanks in advance



General Discussion / Re: Hello 👋
« on: March 15, 2020, 03:46:29 pm »
at least bts can dance with risk after the implementation of BSIP58, BSIP76, BAIP2.
nothing is perfect the outcome of above implementation is BTS is able to survive  and keep on
The painful history of BTS has taught us a lot, we realized that it is impossible to make smart coin peg exactly at any time,  and we need to change to stop the way of pegging from hurting the whole ecosystem, measures are taken accordingly.

After the implementation of BSIP58, BSIP76, BAIP2, bitCNY and bitUSD are no longer expected as exactly pegged asset at any time. they are derivatives of BTS that can peg under some conditions, and peg off under some other conditions, they can still be used as tools of leveraging, risk controlling, arbitraging and so on. the great benefits is, the death spiral disappeared. BTS holders need not to worry that market crash will lead BTS price to 0.

I observed Maker’s behavior in the recent market crash, it behaved like BTS in old times, and due to the booming gas fee and the settlement rule of DAI, many margin called CDPs are settled in very low price, some bidders get the collaterals in very cheap price and what they paid cannot cover the debt, Maker team has to pay the gap by selling MKR. Maker team and debt position owners are both losers in this market crash.

I am glad that BTS has left this page behind, although bitCNY and bitUSD are now in big devaluation due to BSIP76, we successfully avoid the crash of BTS price, I believe not only debt position owners, but also all BTS holders would like to see this.

We expect to restore the peg of the smart coin by making BTS price be stably above the threshold, the way to get this is to increase the system income by charging from margin call, force settlement and UIA market fee, and pay public expenditures and buy back BTS using the accumulated fees,  if all the things going well, we can get features for this in release 4.0.

I hope the ones who always call BSIP58, BSIP76 and BAIP2 “market manipulation” can update their idea, we are just utilizing creative solution.




You didn't have any ability to solve the risk, so destroy the smartcoin become your choice.

creative solution
?God,please help!These words winded me,i love these words so much!



你说的傻逼就是猴子。不过我也不喜欢上抹茶,担心和zb一样,到时候专门做空bts。 对于猴子,大家多宣传一下,他喜欢强清褥羊毛,让公会同学们趁bts最近价格拉高尽量减杠杆。尽量趁拉高减到猴子后面 .下面是猴子的一个抵押账号

中文(Chinese) / Re: blocktrades 转账到 binance-bts-1数据统计
« on: February 18, 2020, 01:37:13 pm »
| Transfer | 18:02:12 UTC 2020\-02\-06 | 99ffe30810f12222fbfb6bdd43129d29e3579984 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 149900 |
| Transfer | 19:32:12 UTC 2020\-02\-06 | 3099db1d09d3c50c30de7d573074d0da99818c68 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 150000 |
| Transfer | 20:13:21 UTC 2020\-02\-06 | 214ce6564054e59b4084caf4a1ddc8008aa342b7 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 150000 |
| Transfer | 20:42:24 UTC 2020\-02\-06 | 21767e8d25f14582ab7f2e7c3715f984e955fa22 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 150000 |
| Transfer | 21:17:15 UTC 2020\-02\-06 | df33b85d8df954c68cc003750f7aeeeade85f223 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 150000 |
| Transfer | 21:54:39 UTC 2020\-02\-06 | 388c2d665e351ce8ac35c41330c34e82e0fdf776 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 150000 |
| Transfer | 12:58:00 UTC 2020\-02\-07 | f1858e13d398deee03dc438f5a53e2f1046e31bb |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 150000 |
| Transfer | 13:33:24 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | 94b65d74624b42fba70ad3c6ef277e014c400752 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 300000 |
| Transfer | 14:47:21 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | 2398ccd7a78251ddb3e289c501257ab1174f6a61 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 300000 |
| Transfer | 15:37:15 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | 706eb26ead310f58ac7c3fd727ad36844e6d05ca |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 300000 |
| Transfer | 17:08:48 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | b93412550d7e9bade5e68bbd939a6f3a72efdac9 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 300000 |
| Transfer | 17:43:21 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | 5dc20b2af05748fb01e2e7709aed6c44a7115232 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 300000 |
| Transfer | 18:19:00 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | 202c59fa5043664d60816c371b7823cdfc029ab4 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 360000 |
| Transfer | 18:22:18 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | 987ad58caead755a002439e09127fa21dec74991 |  fox sent to user85          | 37280  |
| Transfer | 18:24:12 UTC 2020\-02\-12 | 96de7dc5827a8e667c3a92be36256c8a1e3bd760 |  fox sent to binance\-bts\-1 | 4000   |
| 2951180  |

中文(Chinese) / Re: 强烈建议喂价回归
« on: February 18, 2020, 01:34:36 pm »



你说的傻逼就是猴子。不过我也不喜欢上抹茶,担心和zb一样,到时候专门做空bts。 对于猴子,大家多宣传一下,他喜欢强清褥羊毛,让公会同学们趁bts最近价格拉高尽量减杠杆。尽量趁拉高减到猴子后面 .下面是猴子的一个抵押账号

中文(Chinese) / Re: 还有多少人认为锁0.22喂价是对的?
« on: December 08, 2019, 01:35:50 pm »
下一次锁喂价,可以专门发行一个稳定币,如:gcny ,指定锁喂价标准,根据预期,观察大家抵押的热情。

通过我的 V1813A 上的 Tapatalk发言

General Discussion / Re: consideration on buybacks and other hot issues
« on: October 30, 2019, 01:01:26 am »
Bsip83 is trying to rape bts holders. 

any update on Decentralized 2019 ?  who are going to attend this meeting from bitshares community? where can we find the full Participants list that we supported ?

General Discussion / Re: cn-vote union European exchange meeting
« on: October 08, 2019, 07:08:53 pm »
sorry for missing your post. i was in hamburg and tried to post my meetup info on tg but was got deleted/baned by admin.
i am in roma now and will go to zurich on oct. 10

通过我的 V1813A 上的 Tapatalk发言

中文(Chinese) / Re: 一个基于GDEX.BTC抵押的智能货币?
« on: September 04, 2019, 04:49:20 pm »


3)GDEX.BTC  , 如何防止交易所无中生有GDEX.BTC ?公布btc钱包地址?

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