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Bingo / gambling is out.  I am not looking to push any more controversial forks.

Hurray!  +5% Well done BM!

Take the 80+ hours and put it into a more user friendly interface with far more help documentation, and error message handling and possibly reporting to enable developers to see where the product needs help.

If we want User Generated BitAssets to take off for example.. the Windows wallet needs to actually work to create one, not just look like you can and then end up figuring out the command line to get done what you want.

I added some unregistered account in my wallet that were invalid and I cannot get them out no matter what I try. The delete button beside them are deceptive in its functionality.

There are just a lot of things that can be done in this space that WILL get people excited about bitshares and make them talk about the experience being so intuitive instead of being unfinished/unpolished.

Start making the client for non-developers and non-crypto users.. and start making it for the people.

You don't need a game to get people excited about bitshares... an improved intuitive user experience goes a long way to accomplishing that as the community raves about it.

Oh yeah... and..

General Discussion / Re: Organization and Leadership
« on: February 03, 2015, 01:24:36 pm »
leadership takes time to think , survey , learn , research .
But the most important thing is power . Without power over all the parties   , leadership is a moot point .
How can a leader lead if everything he orders can easily be ignored by the people he was suppose to lead .
How can a leader lead the developers if the developers are the leaders of this project themselves .

We jump in the decentralized state too early before we can figure this out .

I don't really think there is a way to figure this out without "jumping in" (and I'm proud to be a member of a community willing to take the risk!).  However, I can say that to a large extent running Guilds/Clans in virtual worlds is very similar to running "decentralized" communities.  All that is needed is for a core of passionate people willing to sacrifice to form together, make common goals, approach the community about their opinions, make the final decision based on the best information given at the time...and work together to see it through. 

It REALLY is not that hard (though it can be tiring and is definitely a great deal of work!).  Everything else is just persistence...and recognizing value when you see it enter the scene.  We also need to recognize that people will come and go...some will be very valuable and will find their path leading them away and into another journey, while others will harden into the "core" like the roots of an immovable oak.  Some will come in with sweet talk and honey...just to get some free $$.  When these few take advantage of us it will hurt (alot), but it will also over time make our victory that much sweeter and the value of these relationships we have formed in this journey far more obvious.   

I have said it many times before, and will say it again:  reward those who are the Roots, even if they are hidden beneath the ground. Because no matter how shitty the weather gets, and no matter how many branches you lose in the storm...the Roots will keep the tree standing long enough to heal and begin growing again.

We need Batman!!!

A symbol that will bring the people hope and inspire justice, decentralization, and liberty for all.

One thing about Batman though.. he never got rewarded.. then again he was a multi-billionaire.

The importance of Batman though is that he was just a symbol to the people to lead by example and stand up and have hope and fight for justice. He didn't run to become their leader... just to inspire. Some more than others have a capacity to inspire... and be inspired.

I urge everyone to abandon your fears, and become a shining example of what bitshares can do for the world.

Become, the BitMan!

Who was it that said controversy is a good thing?  Was it the guy who no longer works here because most of the community was not satisfied with his work? I believe so...

-Controversy is a good thing if we are unified in our message

-Controversy is POISON if it divides the community

At the time of this message, 68% of voters think Bingo is a bad idea.  Please don't make the wrong decision.  If it will only take 80 hours to implement, instead, try using those hours on tooltips, help messages, a help section in the menu bar.  Even something simple like a link to the bitshares wiki would be useful.  Better yet, link context based help messages to appropriate section in the wiki.  What the hell do all those voting options means?  Well gee, how about a link to voting explained section in the wiki? This ISNT rocket science....

Imagine if BitShares was TurboTax.  Do you think Intuit would take a dump without any help messages and expect to keep their customers?  Surely you can do your taxes from the command line, why wouldn't anyone want to do that? You can Google your way to the answer, if you don't get distracted by a competitor along the way.

I'm a few versions back, so some of these points may be out of date.  But last I checked, the market was do you say 'not sexy.'  Like a fat old toothless hag.  I want a smooth seamless trading experience like Bter. That alone will bring more gamblers to our system than some shitty bingo game.  I like bingo.  But I don't want it on BitShares when basic functions are lacking.  Where are multi-tabbed markets??  I can't trade GOLD, EUR and USD at the same time.  Where is the common panel where I can see all my feeds? Traders need to trade in multiple markets at once - and they need to see when prices move in one common dashboard type panel that's available from everywhere in the app.  Traders need to get in on the action as soon as the price moves.  They can't (and they wont) be bothered clicking back and forth all day.  If it takes 5 clicks to go from one market to another, no one will do it except the religious.  Online poker players don't play on one table at a time, and neither do traders. Multi-tabbed markets will bring move volume than some controversial gimmick. Minimizing the amount of button clicks needed to perform functions is UI design 101.

We are getting sharedropped by PLAY.  Why disrespect their community with this idea? Let them handle gaming.

Its quite amazing all these brilliant ideas that went into BitShares, while the basics keep getting fucked up.  It doesn't matter how far ahead of the curve it is, as long as BitShares can't get the basics right, it will remain a toy for overgrown children, and not a serious investment for mainstream adoption.  If its not easy, no one will use it except the people already using it.

All very well said.  +5%

Your suggestions to improve the client are great too. I say yay to all that.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Business development delegate
« on: February 03, 2015, 12:16:06 am »

The machine owners pay a third party company a monthly fee.

Glad I asked.. I didn't even know there were solutions like this out there. It's just what I was looking for regarding AML/KYC.

Thanks!! +5%

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Business development delegate
« on: February 02, 2015, 08:52:25 pm »
great work keep it up... you have my vote

I forwarded the Lamassu stuff over to you.

This is exciting stuff because their machines are AML/KYC complaint.  Once the code is written, each machine would act as a fiat on and off ramp.

How exactly are they AML/KYC compliant?

Seeing as that BM realises BTS is about to fail and is putting it in as a desperate step, everybody should vote yes.

spoiler alert : BTS is gonna go viral in several months due to some major promotion effort in China , unless we do something to drag their feet . A crowd funding company already got millions of USD of VC to operate their operation on BTS . That's once in a life time opportunity for BTS .

As a matter of fact , all they want is no more surprises , a stable wallet and protocol ,  everything will work out eventually .

Like the sounds of that!  +5%

Nathan owns the account "com", so he is able to have any dot com sub-account he pleases as a result.  8)

Is this true?

I can't register an asset with the name 'bit' in front of it.. I would think something like this would be a reserved naming convention as well.

Can Nathan confirm?

You could always use your own .com subaccount name like:

or replace the " . " with a  " - "  subdomain.somewebsite-com

Nathan owns and so therefor owns the the account name "com"

I'm sure "net" "org" "info" "io" etc are taken as well.

Does this potentially cause any kind of network/account security issues as far as these owners of these names being able to take over or claim child accounts that potentially millions would attempt to create and fund only to later find this out? I am not fully versed on the parent/child wallet relationship.

Nathan owns the account "com", so he is able to have any dot com sub-account he pleases as a result.  8)

Is this true?

I can't register an asset with the name 'bit' in front of it.. I would think something like this would be a reserved naming convention as well.

Can Nathan confirm?

Soooo made some mistakes setting up a delegate for the company out of lack of documentation. I didn't think anything of our naming choice at the time because I saw in the top 101.

I attempted to register a parent wallet account like (real name not shown, this is just an example) with the intent of creating a full RDNS and webpage featuring everything about our delegate position and maybe even link to it for others to see in other forums and learn about bitshares.. .but anyways I attempted to register the name in linux to the network after successfully transferring 10BTS to it from another account and got this: (unlocked) >>> wallet_account_register
Code: [Select]
20039 unauthorized_child_account: unauthorized child account
Parent account must authorize registration of this child account!
    th_a  wallet.cpp:3036 register_account

    th_a  wallet.cpp:3068 register_account

    th_a  wallet_api.cpp:1178 wallet_account_register

    th_a  common_api_client.cpp:4592 wallet_account_register

    th_a  cli.cpp:629 execute_command

I realize I didn't include the delegate command in this.. I essentially wanted to just get the wallet setup along with the server configuration prior to getting into the delegate pool.

After this happened I start digging into forums and find this reference to a naming convention that this guy found out the hard way too

I went to the wiki on Best Practices on Account Names only to find it entirely blank.. why I have no idea: is an inside developer that I couldn't find any presence on the forum so I couldn't PM him for the secret sauce to this. So I had to ask the question here:

How on earth did he manage to create this naming convention when the rules state that this would be essentially impossible allowing only one 'subaccount' . in the mix.

I didn't want to do a parent and sub initially.. but even if I was going to, I still have no way to do .. yet somehow has managed too.

Can someone on the inside tell me exactly how this can be accomplished? I REALLY would prefer to have a complete hostname address that I can have advertised as my delegate address so that anybody can find my corresponding data/story/contact anywhere.

I am sure I will get some reply with a link to something obvious that I missed.. but at this point that's a chance I am willing to risk to figure out what to do next to accomplish this.

Thanks so much!


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Delegate Proposal: del0.cass
« on: February 02, 2015, 02:51:53 pm »

Upcoming tasks
- Brand Guidelines
- Mobile Wallet GUI Design
- Light Weight Wallet GUI Design
- Bit* accepted badge generator
- Infographics
- Whitepaper Broschure Design

Recent tasks
- New Site design finished
- Mediakit Logos, Powered by, Bitassets v1 finished
- various gfx - icons - buttons

Thanks for your trust!

 +5% you just got my vote.

Keep it up!


2442 as it is, is not an attractive pool to the miners.  It is limited to only two algos - scrypt and X11, and some limited coins.  It does not have a baseline profitability comparison eg to LTC, and estimated earnings per day.  If you want to attract miners, you need to match what the multipools offer.

Profitability comparison is nice I agree. I been mining for a week or so now and I been happy with the payouts. I wasn't doing any better with clevermining if that is any consolation. Just saved me from converting my BTC to BTS.. and at least this way I am not subject to the BTC price craziness lately.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Become the bank / ATM?
« on: February 02, 2015, 04:23:22 am »
Is it possible to physically print BitAssets in your own home?

While I am no coding expert there has to be a way users can physically print assets.  If we could simply print $100 BitUSD for example off our household printer we could become an ATM.  This would allow users the ability to not need to run a client on their mobile phones if we want to use BitShares system in person.  The asset would need to be tied up into some sort of hot wallet escrow ready for transfer.

Merchant use:
The merchant could scan a QR code to receive xxx.xx amount of asset while at the same time the QR code could have the users change address to return the change.  Only downside to this is that the bill could only provide a single use.  I would also suggest a manual way for a user to enter a key into the client in case the qr code becomes damaged etc...

Users themselves:
Gifts, marketing, the possibilities are endless.  Print out BitUSD vouchers for marketing events and pass them out.  Users could exchange person to person for private sales etc...  I could put them in a card for someones birthday.  When I explain Bitshares and Bitcoin to an older generation they will no way be able to adopt this as just now in 2015 are they acquiring their first smart phones.  This could lead to the adoption of an older generation.

I have seen this done in Bitcoin land with pub/priv keys needing to be scratched off thus perhaps we could take this to the next level?

It sounds like it would just b a lot more practical to have a QR code wallet for your mobile phone that would just carry your balance for shopping.

I understand the 'like paper' aspect to making it real... it seems like it would be more ideal as some kind of a promotional item or a coupon because it is one use... Actually.. a coupon makes more sense. Imagine coupons in the flyers that coupon clippers could use.

I don't agree with your original idea on printing bitUSDs... but I believe it could work in promotion like this. Wonder how people would react to it.


The code changes to faciliate payouts in BitUSD  is progressing very well, and I'd expect to be able to cutover this coming weekend.

Guys, I would't recommend going out an buying any new hardware to mine bitUSD as it'll take you a long time to recover your costs, when electricity is taken into account.

Off course, if you have already having mining hardware (and/or a free source of electricity) then our pool will be the most profitable multi-pool and will pay out in bitUSD, taking away any crypto volatility risk and providing a yield.

If you want to just try the pool out and see how it works, rent some hashing power at and create an order like the following:

Awesome work! Good to be honest about mining hardware. Now IF IF IIIIIF someone REEEALLY wants to get into it.. don't buy new.. go to ebay and buy used. Tons of people are selling off their hardware now because of the profitability. Another option is mining contracts from a cloud mining offering.. but those are folding left and right now, so don't buy long term into anything. Or you can just rent from others like nethyb said from nicehash.

Looking forward to mining for bitUSD!!  +5%

MineBitShares BitUSD must be listed on

 +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5%

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