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If I had to choose one delegate to tip it would be
If it wasn't for these guys we would probarbly be in a much wors position than we are now.
Also I like that they give us updates from the Chinese community, before this we had no way of knowing what happened there.

But also the tradebts and DACX delegates, would be tipped, because they look real promising.

BTS: graffenwalder

Well now you have enough DelegateTip to send to both of them if you like! :) Keep some for when you see a delegate do something you like too!

Free DelegateTip sent!


bts: ander

I want to give a big shout out to: dev.sidhujag  for his tireless work on bitshares cart plugins.
Also, he needs more votes to get elected!  Please go vote for him!

Also, this thread is awesome, and this tipping asset is awesome!  We have needed this.  We should turn this into tipping gold, just like reddit gold.  This is an amazing idea.

Awesome!! Happy you like it! I just got tired of everyone bitching about wanting this or that.. all the good stuff delegates were doing seemed to be getting drowned out by all the negative nancys around here. Life is what you focus on. You want to keep your head looking down to the ground and crying about how little and crappy your world is, or lift your head up high and see the horizon and where you can go. Choice is yours... and DelegateTip has the power to free us!

Since I am writing this post from the future I can mention jsidhu (he wasn't yet voted in at the apparent time of this post). 

His work is so valuable in facilitating merchant adoption!    dev.sidhujag

bts: mira

DelegateTip sent for the time traveling member! Maybe if you and flux-tips can find user capacitor.. then you can travel to the future to give that tip! :P

Much thanks to MethodX who got the Nullstreet Forum going and gave our whole project a shot in the arm when most needed.

Tip of the DelegateTip to him then! Free DelegateTip already sent to ya!


svk is awesome for building bitsharesblocks!!

Agreed.. FREE DelegateTip sent to you already to use as you please to show some luv! :)

cass is a finely tuned artistic machine, endlessly outputting creativity night and day.

bts: edilliam

(great idea DataSecurityNode)

Thanks! I agree cass does some fine work! We got some great talent here! DelegateTip them!  +5%

Send a tip to testz for most blocks produced... and for PTS work, Russian translations, etc.

Way to go dude!

Thanks! I can see how I wasn't too clear.. I just want YOUR Wallet.. not the person to send it to.. the Delegate you love should know who the love is coming from. Sure I would love to give all the love to everyone but that would make me a love whore.

Sent to your wallet.. tip however much you like. I made it 1010 based on 101 delegates and 10 DelegateTip to work with each on average.


General Discussion / Re: DAC management tools
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:04:54 am »
I'll take the opportunity of teenagecheese's post Overall Plan and Schedule to broaden and deepen the topic one notch further: BitShares has the ambition of providing a turn-key solution to build fully functioning decentralized autonomous corporations, but the BitShares DAC itself is pretty far from the level of quality and structure an actual corporation should have. Every corporation has got some elementary tools to manage calandar, progress, objectives, organizational tree, meetings and storage of key information such as meeting minutes etc.

Given it's ambitions, shouldn't BitShares start building such intra-net like features in the client? There was once a project named Keyhotee that could have been the right place to start that intra-net like management layer. What happened to that project? Someone suggested using RetroShare as a base to revive this project. Where are the excited conversations about that?

Are you, BitShares shareholders, happy to know that people are getting actively paid by share dilution, but there is currently no structure in place to provide transparency and accountability?

I fully concur to teenagecheese's feeling in the other thread. A few weeks ago I decided to disvest some of my investments and take a stake in BitShares. After following the DAC closely for a few weeks, my overal feeling is that although the technology has a huge potential, there is no mechanism in place to ensure that things are being managed properly. It really feels like I invested in a startup run by some bunch of bright young grads with a great idea but no management skills and no experience of how to manage a corporation. I'll give it some time, but if I still feel in a few quarters that I have no idea what my money is being used for and there is no visible resources put in improving transarency an management, I will probably just move my money somewhere else and wait for BitShares to put their act together and live up to its ambition of being an actual corporation.

I don't know if that belongs in the client. Those might be better suited as being something like hosted apps in the delegates perhaps? Just thinking from a technical perspective how you handle decentralization in that.

I don't know.

I don't know.

No I am not happy with that.

You brought up some good points. My answers to your questions don't really help much towards a solution though.

General Discussion / Re: New sub board "Mine BitShares"
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:57:18 am »
ok but do you think markting is right parent board for it!?

Thanks bitsapphire, i kind of agree, it might confuse new miners coming to our community, is there another area it would fit in well?

I suggest Crypto Economy.

^^^ This .. makes sense.  +5%

Stakeholder Proposals / [Feedback] 100% Delegate Proposal for EZBitShares!
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:52:34 am »
Good Day!!

This is an informal request for feedback on a potential delegate proposal we are working on introducing. We have not created the delegate yet, this is just really looking for your feedback to make sure this opportunity aligns well with what the community would like to see.. and of coarse vote for! :D

As many of you already know, we run an underground nuclear bunker data center.

We have been in the business of providing virtual and dedicated servers for several years now. Primarily with WHM/Cpanel management, since we are a NOC Partner with Cpanel.

During that time we developed a suite of tools called EZServerTools. These were designed to be STUPID EASY tools to enhance the performance of your Cpanel server, and gain access to easier reporting etc. It is quite literally an ON and OFF switch to install it. After that all the controls are available to you via the web interface. Some of our modules include:

EZNginx = Module that installs Nginx to Cpanel in a reverse proxy to Apache to boost performance and reduce load
EZPowerDNS = First and only module to enable use of PowerDNS, the most powerful and fastest DNS currently available you can now use in WHM/Cpanel
EZMysqlTuner = Automatically calculate the best database settings for your servers useage and continually optimize.
EZUptime = Uptime monitoring from your server that tracks your accounts and alerts you to any downtime complete with a history chart
and several others that are still in development but equally or more awesome. :)

This has been kept in closed beta while we developed it. Which is why you never heard of it till just now. :)

However, our customers have been using this suit successfully for some time. We have debugged it quite extensively and have a smooth updating process. We are ready for public beta essentially. The tool focuses on WHM/Cpanel now, but we put extensive work into making it with the ideal in mind of crossing over to other panels like Plesk and WebMin and other popular ones, not to mention vanilla servers as well. This would provide a basic web interface to install all these tools which would make it easier for administration. Not just easy though.. EZ! :D

With the public beta all these tools would be available FREE!

What we are considering is creating a 100% delegate that is dedicated to subsidizing the development of one more module, EZBitShares.

Our current plan with EZBitShares is to create a STUPID EASY installation of the web-wallet for the administrator of the server to use from his server. Within it, there will be configuration options to have the web-wallet be accessible to his end customers within Cpanel.

This will introduce their customers to BitShares, and potentially become a method for host providers to start accepting BTS or BitUSD from their customers for hosting.

Our marketing plans for the suite is to feature each module with its own website. When our EZServerTools suite is installed, people then have access to all the modules and can turn them on and off as they wish. So someone who maybe looking for an Nginx solution for his WHM/Cpanel server might install our app after finding it at the EZNginx website, and then discover the other modules, along with EZBitShares. This will likely lead to another new user in the least.

Likewise in a similar fashion there will be a site called which will also act as another funnel to bring new users to use the tool.

We are considering this in light of development updates and features we know are coming down the line to make processes smoother. If we don't see those processes happening in good time, then we may focus on building out our own wallet to simplify and reduce barriers to entry.

This work will inevitably lead to plugin development with popular billing solutions like WHMCS and Hostbillapp.

Further down the road, we want to introduce another module which would enable the server administrator to STUPID EASY install a delegate for BitShares and possibly other DACs to his server. This will require a lot more work and will be further down the road because it will mean creating a whole new repo dedicated to Red Hat Linux distro servers. Something that currently doesn't exist, but with our work, could. Again though.. FUUURTHER down the road. What I am talking about here so far is not going to happen overnight, so lets not get ahead of ourselves.

The 100% delegate would be run by the same team doing all this development to bring Bitshares into this segment of the hosting server population, which is by far the #1 hosting control panel used around the world today. It would be run from the bunker.

My question to you is simple... what do you think? Any suggestions? Got your vote? Terrible trash it? Love us just the way we are?

Just looking for feedback and your thoughts... this is NOT an offer :) .. We are just talking about a possible offer like this!

Looking forward to your replies!


General Discussion / Re: What's the status?
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:08:48 am »
Hey! I like the idea very much. Just want to know here it is at.

I would love to be up to date when it will be time to market.

I believe this is the 1st steps to officially supporting

Check it out.. I been mining since last month and its great!

Hey hey hey!

Look not all Delegates are great.. but SOME ARE!

Some are just soooo cool, it just doesn't seem right to just click 'vote' for them.

You wish you could sit there for a whole hour and just click VOTE for them because they simply rock!

There must be a better way!

There is! It's the latest and greatest User Issued Asset Called DelegateTip!

Now when you heart your favorite delegate, you can send them a TIP!

DelegateTips are as good as GOLD!

Yes folks GOLD! Because nothing is more golden than a sincere thank you!

Perhaps one day we can look at how often a delegate gets tipped and see how much the community really appreciates them.

DelegateTips could help recognize the most active delegates based on users show of thanks and appreciation so that they can be nominated for special committees.

Maybe even help others to decide on who to vote for.

Delegates should want to hold DelegateTips for these reasons alone, but also just because it's cool!

The possibilities are endless.




For a limited time only, you can get your DelegateTips for FREE!

All you have to do is post your wallet address in this thread, and then say just ONE GOOD THING about something a delegate has done for BitShares that made your heart flutter like a 12 year old girl in love with Justin Bieber. Ok.. maybe not that.. but you get the idea.

So to recap:

  • Post your Wallet Name
  • Say one good thing about a delegate


And you will get 1010 DelegateTip!! (101 delegates X 10 DelegateTip)



Ok so lets all show our appreciation for all the hard work our Delegates are doing and give em a tip!

Remember folks.. People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Show how much you care.. with DelegateTips!!  +5%

Having Fun with Bitshares,


PS: Give me some time to issue your DelegateTip. I will likely be doing it in batches every so often each day. If you feel inspired after you get them to share, tell us who you sent your DelegateTip to and why so we can all be inspired!

General Discussion / Re: UIA in other Exchanges?
« on: February 08, 2015, 04:11:35 am »
Just thinking about bitGold and bitUSD etc all being out on BTER which is another public exchange.

I am curious now.. would a UIA be included in those exchanges as well?

Not automatically, but if you convince the exchange that a UIA is sufficiently important and will generate sufficient trade volume - why not?

If not, is it possible for a UIA to get listed in other Exchanges?

Definitely possible.

Would we be limited to only exchanges that include BTS in their exchange?

Not necessarily. But it will be *much* easier for exchanges that have already included BTS, because they need the infrastructure of BTS.

Umm ok.. that's all kinds of awesome right there.

Is there a place where we can find a list of all current exchanges that already have BTS? I only know of BTER currently.

General Discussion / Re: Overall Plan and Schedule
« on: February 08, 2015, 02:53:23 am »
For 100% delegates (I am one of them) I propose to burn BTS to put their update blogpost on their delegate wall.
This way you can simply use the existing website to find out what our 100% delegates are working on.

I provide a weekly update myself so that shareholders know what I am doing and comment.

Also, we are working on a mumble session where delegates give updates/interviews and be open for questions from the sharesholders.

Hope this help.

Great!  +5%

General Discussion / Re: Management/Implementation Delegate Proposal
« on: February 08, 2015, 01:57:01 am »
We need a place to put updates.  I still like some variation of wall burning then it cna be put on bitsharesblocks .  There are a few problems though .. burning is anonymous, and even if it isn't, a person might not have their delegate's keys available to make the update.  Having it all integrated into the blockchain would be very nice and give a nice air of authority to what we are doing.  It also makes it obvious those who are doing nothing.

I think a wiki format would be ideal. Directory of all current 101 delegates and past delegates that fell away. Each have their own page telling their history and their story. Delegates would have to keep a standardized timetable of reporting on the pages updated. Also maintain any other relevant information to what they are doing including links out to possible projects they are working on in relation.

I would be willing to setup a wiki for this purpose for everyone, however, your idea about the burn using the blockchain like you said makes sense... but if it comes to that perhaps if that new feature gets implemented it can have a feed with it so that it can be exported to be part of their wiki information.

Sound good? Other suggestions?

Wiki works but I don't know why you'd want such an unstructured approach to the data.  It makes it hard to manage the updates.  I would like to see  updates sorted by date so we can see those who haven't been around etc. I also like the idea of short updates so we can feed some of it into twitter and maybe push out some interesting tweets.

I am all for structured data.. just can't think of anything out of the box that would accomplish that though.

Microblogging sounds like what you are suggesting.. could use self-hosted and push out updates to twitter as well if necessary

We are planning a delegate launch and part of our strategy for management will be having a subdomain website setup to mirror our delegates name and will publish the URL in our details. There we will post updates and link it to all our social platforms. (G+ Twitter Linkedin Facebook).

I think if all delegates were to follow this same standard, BitShares would have their marketing taken care of.

Note I said ALL delegates, not just the 100%ers. I think if this became a standard for getting voted in, it would make it easy for members to follow them, would enhance the reach of the BitShares brand, and hey.. wouldn't hurt for whatever else the delegate is doing in their project in support of BitShares.

If all the delegates somehow can setup servers but don't know how to setup a website (whut?), then it seems a Multi User Wordpress site with domain support would do the trick. You can sort by dates with that.. and the main site can have a feed of all delegate sites.

Does that make sense?

Micro-blogging sounds close.  I don't know about expecting 3% delegates to give updates etc.  I'm not a big fan of pushing much management upon people but we are coming across a problem where things that are critical ... yet nothing is really being done because there is no one to do them.  The update site is one of them.  There are a few delegates I am concerned about.

Maybe thats the better approach?  Work from people complaining.. but then that doesn't generate positive marketing materials. I really don't know what the best software solution is.  A lot of that is determined by the skill set of the person creating the website.

I'm not the one to make the decision and there is the other problem.. I'm not sure who is at this point.  One thing i know is that creating things that don't have community support and then expecting things out of people can often to lead unmet expectations.  I'd say go for it  ... Fuz is making some sort of site.  You might want to discuss it with him a bit as he was looking at a wordpress site.

DOH! Soon as you said that I remembered that from long ago. Though I have no idea on its status. Been a long time since I heard anything about it. He might be able to tell more here on it if he likes.

I understand what you mean about community support etc. Sounds like if something serious is to be done a new thread should be created to gather some consensus and move on.

I understand the 3%ers not wanting to.. but even they have some pretty important projects that are worth being in the mix. Many of them already do the updates here in forums anyways.

I think before I do anything I need to hear from the teenagecheese to make sure it will make him happy.

Cheeser? Thoughts?

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