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General Discussion / Re: Rebranding?
« on: February 08, 2015, 07:41:47 pm »
This was good. :)

That was one awesome announcement!

As for rebranding.. bitusdmining still says meh I think.. if you called it highestpayingminingpool that would work. :)

Personally I have no problem with the name.. I think it enhances the BitShares value proposition as a whole and thus mine bitshares makes sense in that regard.

BTS: turkeyleg

We need to show Riverhead some love with DelegateTips. He runs a few payroll delegates for BM and team, not to mention his own delegate and his outstanding contributions to this forum and community. A incredibly valuable asset to this project.

Riverhead has no way of seeing that when he logs into his wallet.. UNTIL NOW! :D

1010 DelegateTip in your wallet right now TurkeyLeg!!!


General Discussion / Re: bitUSD Mining is now live!
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:58:27 pm »
It will be interesting to see how much $ worth of electricity is needed to get 1 BitUSD.

Perpetual motion machine here we come :P

Blockchains and perpetual motion machines work well together :P

BTS: abelljefrry

Cass, for providing high quality graphics for Bitshares!

Wow abelljefrry... cass must be really feeling the love right now!

You got 1010 DelegateTip sitting in your wallet right now to show your appreciation when ever you like!

bts: hpenvy2

Cass is always willing to help and adds to the professional shine of BitShares.

Excellent choice hpenvy2!

Now you can show him how much you appreciate his efforts with a DelegateTip! :)

Technical Support / Re: Comming from NXT and confused.
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:23:26 pm »
When I vote for a delegate (give it thumbs up), how much of my stake does it get?

If I vote a second delegate, how is my stake divvied up between the two?

Are there delegates acting like pools - e.g. I give them my stake and they give me part of the earnings?

Just out of curiosity.. what brought you over here from NXT?

General Discussion / Re: bitUSD Mining is now live!
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:15:28 pm »
Such awesome work.. DelegateTip worthy!

BTW.. I been mining your pool for some time now.. and your uptime has been awesome.

I hope with these new developments and the +5% now with BitUSD you can now look at ways to improve the mining pools profitability across the different coins.

Also work on automating your payouts.. I am sure that must be so tedious to deal with! :)

I think this is great.

But what do you mean by saying that these will be free for now?  I am interested in how you plan on this working out.  There has to be some kind of incentive structure.  This could be a great idea or a bad one.  Until we know the plan it will be hard to assess.  Maybe we can chat about this?

Oh, and for the delegates I would say it is between Xeroc and Riverhead.  :)

DUDE! You didn't include your wallet! I can't send you the free DelegateTip!

Means exactly what it means.. this is a free giveaway! I gave this about 90 seconds of thought before I went ahead and created the asset. We need something to allow people to celebrate those that do good work. Been way to much talk about how to penalize those that don't. This way we reward those that do.. and leave those that don't out in the cold.

I been spending BTS out of my own pocket with every transaction so far. That's not sustainable! People eventually are going to decide what a DelegateTip is worth. I can see possibly bitsharesblocks creating a new dataset for the top delegates to show how much DelegateTips each of them got.

This is just a step up in how everyone can give THANKS to their delegates instead of just VOTES. Delegates are people not politicians.. now they have their own little slice of bitheaven to look at see how much their efforts are appreciated. It will sustain itself over time.

So the plan is no plan. You can assess whatever you like from that. :) 

Sure we can chat about this!! I will have a conversation about celebrating our finest delegate warriors any day of the week!

BTS: clains

fuzzy.beyondbitcoin for his tireless efforts, scrupulous conscience and great hangouts.

Yes absolutely! I am certain fuz would just LOVE to get a DelegateTip! He is always talking about rewarding people for their hardwork.. and DelegateTip does just that! Show your delegates you recognize their efforts and really like it when they do something you think is awesome!

You go the power in your wallet now Clains!! Dispense righteously!

bts: pal

toast most productive delegate!

Absolutely! Toast was one of the first delegates who reached out to me when I first became a member here last summer. He does great work around here and deserves a little delegate luv with a DelegateTip!

Great choice Pal!


riverhead, for giving technical help to just about everybody.

Good choice molisa86! Yeah riverhead has been awesome for that!

DelegateTip him now with your FREE DelegateTip!

All the mentioned delegates are awesome and there are many more so this is a difficult choice to choose one.

I don't know if BM counts as a delegate because if he does, my vote would go to him.

If BM doesn't count I think I would go for liondani because he has always assisted me and is always trying to inspire people with his memes and posts.

bts: mf-tzo

Can't just pick one huh!? Well you can use all your DelegateTip to spread the luv around!

You now have the POWER! It's in your wallet!

With great DelegateTip power comes great responibility. Tip wisely.


2383 has missed the fewest blocks so far, and it organizes a professional team for marketing BTS in China. +5%

ID: xiaoshan

Yes they have done a stellar job! We are lucky to have them! Now you can show them more appreciation with a DelegateTip!

You got some in your wallet right now!!! WOO HOO!


Xeroc is always tirelessly helping users, providing support in the forum!


Absolutely! He is like a delegate giant!

Bts: rba

provisional.bitscape publishing cryptofresh under an open source license is really great!

Also metaexchange is a tool thar could mean a lot to the bts ecosystem.

Awesome rb2! Show them some Delegate luv with DelegateTip then! Your FREE DelegateTip is in your wallet now!

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