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General Discussion / Re: 100+ new users/day for the last two days
« on: February 22, 2015, 10:53:34 pm »
61 bitUSD were given away (to 61 people) at a meetup in Buenos Aires yesterday too, so some new ones could be form there.  At the next giveaway in 2 weeks time there will be tracking set up so we will know have the new account numbers from the event recorded.

Nice one :) .. yeah work on the stats then you know exactly how many of what and can optimize how it all works. Then bump it up to $10k. ;)


Technical Support / Re: I wanna try Bitshares, BUT..
« on: February 22, 2015, 10:41:15 pm »
All is well now, thank you everyone for your help!
My laptop is only 3 years old roughly, it's a Dell, top of the line when I bought it. The best way to get Bitshares Client installed, although it took about 45 minutes, was to go to the bitshares github and copy every line into your Terminal to build/make the bitshares client run properly:
The first time you start up the bitshares client, let it run and run and run till it syncs first!
Then after a few hours it should be done, from there, come to this forum for your free bitshares faucet deposit, then once that deposit shows up in your bitshares client, THEN you can register your name, shapeshift a few bucks into your new account, and voila, you're up and running with bitshares.
Everyone here is awesome, you just gotta be patient getting it all setup, it's worth it, no worries! :)
Cheerz from Munich! :)

Glad it all got sorted for you. Looking forward to your participation here! :)


Beyond Bitcoin [closed] / Re: The new Beyond Bitcoin Website
« on: February 21, 2015, 12:08:04 am »
Looking really good!  +5% +5%

VOTE and DNS should be understood as killed and the merger should be understood as buying out post-feb28 AGS/PTS holders. This leaves the 30m BTS stake for adam which has effectively been repurposed as a marketing fund.  (edit: but that's just my opinion, mind you)

That sounds about right. And as it should be. What is the point of screwing around with low value (and difficult, time-wise, to establish) services like VOTE and DNS when the cash cow (BitAssets) are apparently not even yet ready to gain adoption?

Ask me why proposals keep getting swept under the rug and then interpret my lack of response however you want.

I'm curious why you think proposals are a huge priority? By the way, are you talking about binding proposals that allocated diluted pay directly, or improving the client-side features of the delegate slate negative int hack for non-binding proposals which inform everyone (particularly the delegates) of what the shareholders want and thus allow the delegates to direct funds captured from the existing delegate pay system to make those proposals happen?

Either way, it doesn't seem like it should be a priority at the moment. People would use the proposals to all say the same thing: we need a stable lightweight wallet, we need liquid bridges, we need a lightweight wallet with exchange support. Until then, there is little hope for BTS price to recover, which means there is little hope in having enough resources to pay for the development of any other proposals the shareholders could possibly want.

^^ This  +5%

You've double-booked him with Indolering. Typo?

I prefer to think of it as Thunderdome for the Hangout.. Two men enter, one man leaves. :)

Beyond Bitcoin [closed] / Re: The new Beyond Bitcoin Website
« on: February 19, 2015, 02:08:39 pm »
looks great!

Technical Support / Re: Why I Won't Be Back
« on: February 19, 2015, 02:05:26 pm »
i think allowing establish new account will be good, even there is account already.
I have similar experience with you. I installed bts, and i forget that. Then several months later, when i reinstalled the client, it require a passwaord i don't remember. I just know i have no credits in the account, and it is so hard to delet my previous wallet.

not a bad suggestion. Seemed to make sense to me.

@onceuponatime -- this was your first reaction:



I think the videos you produce to promote bitshares while you work on the funding for the new Bitshare Video would certainly be awesome.

Quality videos like these will go a long way.. perhaps create some with the intent of going viral? Others that maybe can work with news releases?

Lots of possibilities. In the end, as long as the production is consistent.. it will definitely be a step up for bitshares eco system as a whole.

Another centralized exchange bites the bitcoin dust.

Well this is sorta unfortunate for we Canadians eh?

I don't quite understand the commentaries regarding the Canadian government stand on bitcoin though. They have already weighed in on that and even share in on the CRA website started November 2013 and been updated continually since:

Pretty clear to me... not a currency.. a barter or a commodity depending on its use.

Seems like Canada is prime for a decentralized solution now.


svk's bitsharesblocks is an invaluable tool

Agreed! Love bitshareblocks!

Now show SVK some Delegate Tip love! :)

You got some in your wallet right now!

Random Discussion / Re: bitpesa raises $1.1 million
« on: February 18, 2015, 01:30:38 am »

Africa definitely stands to benefit the most, in relative terms, among continents, from crypto, and especially bitshares.

On that front, I'm very excited about this mobile wallet. Wow.

In Africa everybody use a mobile phone but the problem is 99% don't have Internet on them, so light wallet will not help much. What we need is a SMS solution. So basically we need a big mobile provider in our side.

Very true, but I wonder if it isn't more like 97% - and that 3% of smartphone-enabled African business is not to be sneezed at. Seriously.

To cater for SMS customers, no telco partner is needed; it's just a matter of web-wallet provision with SMS integration.
smartphone is cheap now.  And how do you know we need a SMS solution?do you have some figure?
I do not think SMS is a good solution, because it may seems hard to understand the concept.

For the African marketplace this makes sense actually. SMS dominates the marketplace. You have to understand the masses there can't afford brand new phones. Most of the phones we have tossed over the past decade are now being used and repaired there. I spent several months in Nigeria myself and actually spent a lot of time with a phone repair guy and saw first hand how cellphones were treated there. Though that was over a decade ago.. the economic conditions haven't gotten better.

I know there are all kinds of solutions that are being developed around the use of SMS as a medium to reach the masses there. I have been approached a few times on a few projects in the Nigerian marketplace.. and among them was an SMS based solution.

I think something like this would be HUGE actually. This to me would be a worthy project with the right connections could take off.

Nigeria alone is a population of 174 million.. and because of the social economic situation there and the difficulties the current banking system imposes in moving money.. yeah.. I think we have a sweet spot opportunity.

If anybody out there is interested in pursuing this, I have some pretty good connections in Nigeria that could possibly help to gain a foothold in the market there. Oh yeah and I have a data center in Canada to power it too.

Saying that now.. while we are talking about Africa as a market.. lets not forget that SMS is still just as much a standard in messaging worldwide.. no need for an app.. cross platform compatible.. yeah I can see this working.

The report notes the existence of DACs in section 3.4.6.


The financial services industry is exhibiting some early
indicators of potentially dramatic industrial disruption.
With the advent of cryptocurrencies and associated
underlying protocols and APIs, there is an emerging
potential for highly decentralized networks of people
and even machines to collaborate and coordinate not
just for financial outcomes but in order to create entirely
new financial structures themselves. From enabling
individuals to coordinate and finance new ventures
via crowdfunding to permitting people to create new
banks, insurance mechanisms and financial methods
for the sharing economy, ICT provides the potential
to disrupt not just Financial Services, but the foundations
of capitalism itself.


More significant digital transformation is emerging,
however, through the increasing use and functionality
of cryptocurrencies, which redefine the basis of
trust and governance of currencies in our society. In
effect, they offer consumers the ability to take the
financial services industry into their own hands and
build innovative services that can compete with the
largest banks and financial services companies. Due
in part to the level of distrust towards the financial
system after multiple crashes, these digital innovations
may offer attractive alternatives for many customers.
Incumbents and regulators alike must therefore carefully
assess their role with regards to these emerging


Nice find and interesting report.  +5%

haha.. love it.  +5%

If we are going to raise millions for something.. it's not going to be to buy out someone else right now.. that money is better spent in the development of our own ecosystem. I use the word 'development' in the largest sense of the word too.. from marketing to coding.
So you recommand just shrugging off what could be our once in a life time opportunity to make it big, keep doing more of the same, and hope that the world will suddenly awake one morning and realize that we exist?

How about betting on your own horse that has a running chance instead of wanting to put your money behind the one with the broken leg?
That analogy is desingenuous. Our horse may be the most pure thouroughbred the world has ever seen but it's running a race no-one cares about with little prospect of ever being noticed. BTER's horse may be a common breed, but it's been winning its share of races so far; it may have twisted its leg right now but it's still a good horse with a massive following running the league-1 races at every season. And now we get a change of buying that horse and make it run our race as well, and get all the attention we deserve. But you don't want because you know it twisted its ankle at last race.

You are vocal about how BTER is broken but I think that it's not an objetive assessment of reality. BTER's exchange business is the same money making machine it was last week, with a large and loyal user base and well positionned on a large market. They have two problems: a weak security, a 7170 BTC debt. The former can be addressed by running audits, and moving the wallet management to multisig. The second can be addressed by a bail out. Fix the two problems and BTER is back on track like if none of that ever happened. Let's also not forget that for all its technical shortcomings, BTER has been doing much better than us in terms of marketing and they are the ones sending us business, not the other way round.

Love the enthusiasm about the opportunity..  +5% I just think it's misdirected.. our enthusiasm should be getting translated into well targeted messaging and invites to the rest of the world welcoming them to decentralization.
Messages no one will listen because they just don't care. Bitcoiners have the attention span of a 5-year old. If you don't have special effects, you suck and that's it. Look at Paycoin: a complete pile of bullshit from the start, and they managed to make it big for a while with something as lame and ridiculous as a completly unsubstanciated and unrealistic USD 20 floor claim. How they did that: they just dared, it's as simple as that. I'm not saying that we should take them as example, but it's important to realize that user base, marketing and PR is what makes or breaks a product. If you still think that market leaders are winning because they have the best product, you should ask yourself why Bitshares is still that notably unpopular after it has released the most kickass appliction of game theory since the inception of Bitcoin whereas everyone has heard of Dogecoin and its 5-min copy-pasta Bitcoin clone.

Didn't shrug it off at all.. I can't count how many times I have said this is a marketing opportunity around forums today... and if there is a rally to raise millions.. put it in our development... which includes marketing.

I accept you have a different perspective on where thing are at.. my analogy is apt though when you consider centralized exchanges to be a broken legged horse.. kinda seen this over and over and over again now. That's my perspective on it.

marketing and PR is what makes or breaks a product.

Yeah.. that fit into 'development' as I said.

official BitShares representative.

? Could you pls elaborate this more


Guys.. its a troll pretending to be Stan.. just ban him already. He's clearly asking for it.

Actually, he's not a troll and has at least as deep an understanding of bitshares as you do. He merely has an unusual sense of humor in the way he presents otherwise quite relevant ideas, and has changed his forum name many times (at least once because someone co-opted his BitsharesTV meme).

So co-opting authority figures here and then lying to people that its 'official' is an unusual sense of humor? You don't see that crossing a line?

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