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Update time again!

Very close to adding a bitUSD market now - all the technology is in place, just need to get it set up. The architecture of metaexchange has evolved as well; it was always designed to run a daemon (which processes the actual orders) as well as the site itself with the daemon on a totally different piece of hardware from the site, but now there can be multiple daemons, in different locations around the world!

What this means is that we can start to build business relationships with 'liquidity providers', who will host one (or more) metaexchange markets. The API will route orders to whichever liquidity provider is running the market in which the trade is placed. This means zero counterparty risk for the liquidity providers and the same low to none risk for our customers!

Cheers, Paul.

Sounds awesome!! Curious.. who would be some examples of liquidity providers?


Technical Support / Re: Why I Won't Be Back
« on: February 23, 2015, 03:25:15 am »
Hi community, thanks for all the feedback. For now I won’t try another wallet.  I feel at this stage of the game the wallet issues I have encountered  shouldn't be happening, as this should have been sorted by now, it’s not as if I’m the first to have encountered this problem going  by other posts. Not a good sign if the Devs are still working on wallet issues after, how many updates now?  Don’t show me the door so soon, because I have at least taken the time to give you all some feedback, but through the door I will be going for now. All of us involved in crypto want the same thing and that is mass adoption. Sure some because they want to make a profit on their early foresight and investments and others because of freedom from the banks and governments, or to be honest in my case a bit of both.
Where will we be in 10 years’ time and how many will be in use and which will be the leading crypto?  Who knows, maybe it hasn’t even been released yet. We can only go on what we know today, and even though there are hundreds of coins out there, there can only be about 15 to 20 of them at the moment that you could bet on. I personally think that Bitshares could be one of them, but hey I have been wrong many times in the past so don’t take my word for it. I feel Bitshares will have a spike when Peertracks are released and that is why I tried to download a wallet. Sure I am not “emotionally” attached to this coin as I am with others, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Nxt, Maza, LTBCoin (Token) or FeatherCoin who are based just up the road from me in Oxford in UK, this one was purely for profit man. At the moment I only have about 40 000 BTS on a couple of exchanges one of them Bter Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and at 3505 sat down to 3256 lately, BTS is undervalued in my eyes at the moment. Shit I will buy more and take a chance and leave them on the exchanges, hell I’ve lost more in the past with Cryptorush (original) and Mintpal Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it’s all very well when everyone saying, “Don’t leave your coins on the exchanges”, but as a “novice” daily trader that’s easier said than done.
Thanks for all the helpful replies, +1 goes to onceuponatime’s reply and to sschechter for telling it as it is. As a community you should keep donkeypong away from the Newbie section and only release him when trolls appear. Jokes aside I wish you guys all the best for the future and am sure our paths will cross in time, as unfortunately in crypto world even thou time travels at a faster speed we are still only young and small in mumbers.

The irony of all this is that hours later in the Beyond Bitcoin Hangout with Bytemaster, the announcement about the Lite-Wallet becoming available was made. Maybe you want to check into that at some time next week and see if it's something that works for you.

Otherwise I think you are on the right track buying more BTS. :)  +5%

Technical Support / Re: Little problem with (Money locked)
« on: February 23, 2015, 03:17:17 am »
It seems like the very place I have to be !!!

Here it's very late saturday night and it's really time for me to hit the blankets. I will defenitively take a very interesting look at it tomorow as soon as I have my brain back fully fonctional again.

Thanks again OnceUponATime !!! You helped me a lot since the very begenning !

Welcome.. great to have you here!  +5%

Random Discussion / Re: Entrepreneurial mindset...insipration
« on: February 23, 2015, 03:03:46 am »
Has been a great inspiration to me.

Side note:Min 2:06  "At Tesla we never spent any money on advertising. We put all energy into making the best product possible". (personal comment: Makes sense if marketing is not confused with PR and Business development)

Good share thanks!  +5%

maybe setting up a delegate to give support via skype. this delegate would be always or most part of the time, available to help people with technical stuff. could even make skype sessions. people could apply on a thread and the delegate would schedule each session. kinda like a call center but since the delegate probably won't have multiple people working for him (at least for now), instead of people calling up via skype, he could schedule each session. basically his job would be constantly helping people out on the Technical forum section and doing those sessions on skype.

This is the wrong approach. The reason we feel the need for something like this so badly is because the client needs to be more usable. I'd much rather put time and money into usability than customer support.

We need to strike at the roots, not hack at the leaves.

Sure the client can use some work.. but I don't know of a single application in the world that doesn't require support/help of some kind. Look at Microsoft.. how long has that been polished and developed.. still got people answering phones.

When I saw this posting before the delegate thing was brought up I was actually thinking the same thing.

I have some contract workers that would be well suited with this. They are more TeamViewer users than Skype though. Humm.. will see if I can create some synergy here.. if there is anybody else willing to work on this effort feel free to contact me. I think it is worthy.

Too bad there's no specific mention of BitShares. At least the Larimers get some credit where due.

It's a good article.. they went to lengths not to mention the companies in the space but they took quotes from all the players. Leaving it to the reader to look into who is who and what they back.

Overall a really good showcase on DAC/DAOs.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: DACx 100% delegates proposal: dacx.baozou
« on: February 23, 2015, 01:55:02 am »
Great stuff.. I hope in the future to run many Bunker Labs incubator projects through you to take to mass market.

You got my Voted too btw.. currently in #62 place.. congrats!  +5%

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Delegate Proposal: del0.cass
« on: February 23, 2015, 01:25:38 am »

bitUSD paperwallets were used on argentinea bitcoin meetup .. :)

i'll post more detailed report next days... about things i'm working on etc.
Stay tuned…

So awesome!!  +5% +5% +5% +5%

So that's a lot of text to read, but most people who have read it seem to respond positively to your passion, motivation, efforts and video/content skills. I think this is a success by all measures.  +5%

What is worrying is what is always worrying when a passionate, motivated entrepreneur gets pitching: There is too much going on, you're trying to do and say too many things simultaneously. Obviously you have a lot of ideas brewing, but not all of them are relevant right now.

As I see it you have three main things you need to focus on right now. 0) Getting a BitShares Delegate up, get it voted in, and keep communicating with and learning from the community. 1) Marketing your YouTube channel to get a viewership in the tens of thousands. 2) Refining your ideas on a MVP to the point where a fundraiser will be effective and get you enough money to build it.

When it comes to the first point you can do this independently and collaborate with the marketers over at Nullstreet. Instead of defining your demographics in advance I think you should do exploratory marketing with your Youtube videos. Do what you do best, and see what subscribers you attract: That's your demographic, it's the concrete people who are interested in your ideas and style.

As for the second point, you should focus on explaining as clearly and concisely why your MVP will make money for the investors who buy into it. In addition viral incentive structures of your MVP need to be in place before we even talk about the grand experience; think through a) why users would use it, b) why investors would invest, and 3) why content creators would produce content on there.

Finally, don't underestimate the time and resources that are required to do things that in abstract sound pretty straight forward. We all know this common advice, but underestimating the time it takes to resolve and deal with minute issues is usually what gets people trapped.

To sum up:
- Zone in on what you need to do instead of what you can do.
- YouTube is best way to explore demographics, build reputation and refine branding, voice and vision.
- Focus on simplifying your MVP pitch and learn in detail how to raise funds safely with BitShares.
- Don't underestimate the time and resources you need to do even "simple" things.

Looking forward to see you develop and grow boldly! In 2015 the speed of evolution is only bounded by the speed at which we transcend our own limits again and again  +5%

 +5% for taking an interest in a proposal and going to great lengths to give really thought out help with it. Awesome show of community support CLains.

That is a possibility, one amongst many. So it is good to hold on to our beliefs lightly and our principles tightly. Then we won't go wrong.

Thats a quotable right there. :)  +5%

Nice work..  +5%  quick question if you don't mind me asking.

How do you get credit for refers? is it like and we will be counted as the refer?

In your report you mentioned showing people how to get signed up. Is the tutorial on not good enough in this regard?

Have you created your own tutorial?

There's a lot of wisdom in the OP, I sure hope BM & the devs think long and hard about that.

It's also important for the BitShares shareholders to reflect on this when it comes to delegate voting. There have been a significant number of new delegates "running for office" recently, several of whom are quite new to the community. None that I've heard are lacking in the vision & passion department, but we need to ask ourselves, where is our focus? Is it on growth or making our product the best it can be?

We all have individual talents & skills to offer, and that's frankly great and truly awesome to see. Which marketing delegates should the shareholders vote into place? Should there be a higher priority given to gateway / light wallet dev teams? Those are all up to the shareholders and the blockchain to decide.

Regarding the OP, the BitShares user experience will be shaped primarily by the core devs & BM's leadership; they're the ones making decisions that the rest of us have to work with.

I think they are working along not to dissimilar lines. It's just the pace at which it is happening that is driving everyone nuts I think. Since last summer there has been clear improvements and strides forward.

You don't build a 100 story skyscraper without first digging deep and building strong foundations. Once those foundations are done though, man that building goes up FAST.

I would say that a lot of that foundation work is now wrapping up... I don't really rely on the core developers for building the rest of the skyscrapper though. The core product, the foundations, wer really designed for programmers.. the pretty stuff designed and marketed to certain industries that marketers can run with and sell should be made by 3rd parties.. not unlike what you see in the bitcoin space.

Good link OP!  +5%

Bump.  What's the status on this?  I've been out of the loop  8)

At the console type in the command:

wallet_collect_vested_balances <account_name>

and you will get your vested balances up to the time you enter the command. Then, thereafter, anytime you enter that command you will get the amount of shares that have vested since last time you entered the command.

This saved me some searching.. thanks!  +5%

General Discussion / Re: Operation DarkNet
« on: February 22, 2015, 11:24:26 pm »

Here's the problem:

I don't see how your given ricin example applies to the topic at hand.  We cannot control what people do with the tools they are given, or have access to. Apples/Oranges.

I infer the stated intention of #OperationDarkNet and enabling an escrow service seems noble and made with honest foresight, to offer a win/win solution to an existing issue.  You submitting a Breaking Bad coffee sweetener story - is like asking what's the price of beans in China, i.e. it's non-sequitur and unrelated.

But you sure don't see the core devs or community saying "Let's publicly support illegal commerce!".

As I said earlier in the thread.


Different opinions, even in the Bitcoin space."

I much rather see an attempt by someone to work with the medpot community than try to slow down adoption in other areas.

The Medical Marijuana industry was something we considered doing work with. I have had conversations with investors who are working hand over fist to develop tools and solutions in this industry. I can see blockchain and specifically bitshares tech having some very useful features that can be applied both to the control and distribution in a way that would be music to gov ears. Certainly not what most people like to hear here.. but fact is that legitimate business isn't going to put their legitimate  money into something that doesn't have direction from the feds. Which is why Canada is such a hotspot for it now, since we do. I think there are still opportunities in our Bunker Labs to develop in this sector, the original idea was to create the tools needed out of our own operations necessities. We have a few local Medical Marijuana operations though which we could get this information from. I don't consider this Dark Market though. Maybe in some parts and in some perception.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Business development delegate
« on: February 22, 2015, 11:00:49 pm »
gentso-biz-dev.poweredby-thom ?


When you say it like that delegate.verbaltech just rolls off the tongue.
haha true. what bitshares needs is a name plus a little subtitle discription for delegates!!

I think this is a great idea.

Their has been a point of suggesting the delegates work in a pairs  or as members of a team. It would be nice if, at the very least we could link our accounts to a delegate in order to show team members. Even better would be if their was a little about me button where a delegate could do a quick 2 line write up on what they hope to do for the community.

That makes sense.. and pretty sure there is a plugin to accomplish that.

Just voted. Current position is 126!

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