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General Discussion / Re: Operation DarkMarket
« on: February 23, 2015, 12:12:44 pm »
I'm with those who say that having public suppor for this, might not be the best idea.
Think about reputation.
It's one thing to have BitBTC or BitUSD as the de facto cryptocurrency in those markets, and another one entirely to actively advocate it here.

Technical Support / Re: New to bitshares, some questions
« on: February 23, 2015, 12:05:17 pm »
Thanks, everyone. I still have some doubts, and will do some more research.
Regarding the first question though, could anyone clarify? Would a split of a considerable part of the network spell doom, chaos, and lost BTS/BitAssets?

Also, I confess to having read about delegates but not fully (or even adequatedly) understanding the subject matter yet. If you understand it very well and don't mind ELI5'ing it, please!

Technical Support / New to bitshares, some questions
« on: February 21, 2015, 07:55:25 pm »
So, after setting up a linux vm for running the client (which, by the way, works just fine on ubuntu 11.04 for me) and playing around with the system a bit, I decided to register here and ask several questions that have been on my mind.

Being a newbie, I have read a lot of the documentation, youtube, and have been lurking the forum for a week now.

Without any further ado, here's the question list:

1. What would happen to the network if due to a large-scale disaster/government censorship/etc, large parts of the network became isolated from each other?

2. Is it possible to create new pegs to cryptocurrency as an user? Say I decided having BitDRK (for darkcoin) was an excellent idea. How to go about it?

3. Why is it (seemlingly) not possible to delete accounts from the client? I can think of several use cases where having a registered account is not desirable. And it is unintuitive that sending funds to an account means they can't be traced very well, as I believe I've seen claimed -- say I use and input my account name, what guarantees they do not save the account name and see where the transaction ends up? Either I'm misunderstanding something or this could over time be used to compromise privacy.

4. Regarding backups, is it necessary to re-backup once a new account is added?

5. NXT/nubits seem to be getting a lot of traction in terms of media, the superNET, etc. Does this concern you, and if not, why not? Why BitShares instead?

6. Are there plans to implement proxy support in the client? I have tried tsocks/usewithtor, neither worked. Didn't get to play with redirecting packets at the firewall level yet.

7. On what grounds is the interest rate of a bitAsset calculated? And when is it credited in the account? After how long?

8. Supposedly 1 USD will always be worth 1 bitUSD. Would you then trust this system to deposit your life savings? As an added bonus, it would appear you'd get more interest from this than from a regular savings account... too good to be true?

9.The system appears to depend on matching people who are betting the price will go up vs people who are betting that the price will go down. What if this dynamic is not in place? What if everyone goes bull, what are the consequences?

10.In your opinion, what are the killer features of this system?

That's all I can think of for now.. beware, if the replies are good quality, endless more questions will soon follow...:)

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