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You trying to restore from backup, can you tell date of your backup, if it's too old (Jan-Feb 2015) you should use BitShares 4.x in order to restore it.

Thanks for that! Quoting for my own future reference.

General Discussion / Re: Announcing Brownie Points (BROWNIE.PTS)
« on: August 15, 2015, 11:26:03 pm »
Please don't be offended if I overlooked you thus far, I can assure you it was not intentional.

Thanks Dan!


But Dude...


Simplify your donation address.

Is it:


tipmeh is for forum post and goes directly to me. buckfankers is for mumble hangouts and goes directly to me. tuckfheman is not mine. tuckfheman-com is for transcript tips or anything. it's split among everyone at it's like donating to fuzzy.beyondbitcoin which is split up among everyone that contributes to  bitlife is for tipping the bitLife comic strip. I like to know why I'm being tipped so I can do more of that. ;)

I appreciate you!  :D

General Discussion / Re: Announcing Brownie Points (BROWNIE.PTS)
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:37:10 pm »
Fwiw I did not mean to come across as feeling "entitled" (I don't) I simply wanted to point out what I saw as a flaw in the system as I expressed on slack (more eloquently I hope). Apparently my previous post was overlooked but I had to consider the rules as they were laid out and that left open another possibility as well as my post simply being overlooked. Seeing how everything is public it's a little embarrassing to me personally to ask for anything but I'm learning simply because ... I don't want to be left out, I want some hugs too! And I also don't mind getting something for my "productivity" (as Mr. Robles puts it) as long as everyone else is too.

I don't like being the only person in the room getting hugged. And I don't like seeing one person excluded from a hug especially if they rode in the same car as the rest of us to the hugfest. It's just weird. ;) Which makes me wonder if you've ever considered SmartDroppingTM Brownie.PTS to all BitShares holders at a well thought out rate? I'm going to assume you have but I missed why you didn't or haven't to date.

Ok on with it here's what I've done since the last time you graced me with your hugs :
This will be good for my INFJ. ;)


I've included the Bonus Hangouts as well since we do discuss BitShares quite a bit to those crowds to raise awareness of BitShares as well as hear about their projects and attempt to create a working relationship with the Dev's and / or their community.

My calculations come to (my previous estimate was highly inaccurate) :

54,266 words  @ ~30 words per minute = 30.147 hours (check that if u like I'm horrible with teh math) +  3.5 hrs (~30 min ea.) of proofreading / comparing to audio + 3.5 hrs (~30 min ea.) setting up the hangout pages = 37.147 hours since last hug.

I spent $20 on yearly access. It's well worth it btw. It saves a bunch of time.

I probably smoke about a gram of dro to get me through each hangouts transcript because some of you guys change your train of thought too much and I have to kind of create what I think you were trying to say  ... so about $100 worth.  :P 

If you feel my contributions are worthy ... I appreciate you and what you're doing!  :D   If you don't feel my contributions are worthy ... I appreciate you and what you're doing!  :D

P.S. Oh yeah we also post the hangouts to reddit and have done the audio editing on one show and one of us (me or Tuck Fheman) post the raw version here when we remember to.

And I made this :,17584.msg223892.html#msg223892

And we made 29 BitShares related post in the last month to our blog in the dedicated BitShares section :

And we promote the shit out of BitShares every where we go.

General Discussion / Re: Announcing Brownie Points (BROWNIE.PTS)
« on: August 14, 2015, 01:37:52 pm »
In some categories that have a "standardized" treatment Bytemaster has delegated distribution to volunteers.
For the rest, he has asked people to help by posting what they've done in a designated thread.
From time to time he processes that thread and leaves behind a bookmark saying "I think I'm caught up."

Ok thanks. Since I posted to the thread previously and did not receive Brownie.PTS afterwards should I assume I'm not contributing anything worthwhile? At what point should I stop groveling publicly or is that based upon each individual's level of shame (mine's pretty low so I stopped posting after one rejection)?  :-\

And the remaining 40% will go to me.  ;)

No one bit or questioned it.  =b

General Discussion / Re: Announcing Brownie Points (BROWNIE.PTS)
« on: August 14, 2015, 05:00:18 am »
Where is Brownie.PTS now? I think a lot of people here could use HUGS right now. :)

Disclaimer : Yes this is bytemasters asset that he paid to issue and he can do with it what he like's however he like's and anyone else can sharedrop to it however they want and no one can change that.

How are we supposed to get them these days outside of attending the Hangouts?  I've dropped approximately 100,000 words of BitShares history in transcripts since the last time I saw a Brownie.PTS (and I know I'm not alone). Shall I and many others assume we're on bytemaster's shitlist since we don't get Brownie.PTS for contributing? I guess I don't get how this all works. Everyone was asked to post in a thread about what they've done and some Brownie.PTS were sent about 2 months ago or so. Are we supposed to keep posting each time we do something we think is worthy of a Brownie.PTS nod from @bytemaster or will he simply know we contributed or how do we know when to stop begging for Brownie.PTS for contributing because we didn't know we were on a shitlist?   ;D

Also in a rough estimate I pulled from my arse and some data obtained on another page it appears that 2.5% of the BitShares forum community are considered "contributors".  This means 97.5% of the forum members are not "contributors" and will not be sharedropped to. Does that number seem high or low to you? Do you (bytemaster) foresee any issues with the community if 97.5% feel excluded and a portion of the 2.5% feel under-hugged for whatever reason?   :o

"I'm just asking questions. Please don't shitlist me!"

General Discussion / Re: Good News from Qora!
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:37:00 am »
why vote reduced?

I'm not sure how it works exactly but my best guess is someone sold some of their stake.

option   voites   % of total
yes   1,888,092,182.25263601    [88.01%]
no   257,201,101.65826050    [11.99%]
all voites:   2,145,293,283.91089651

With 21% of the precincts reporting. ;)

IDentabit / Re: Coming Soon
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:17:51 am »
Glad I put my brown pants on this morning :-).


*thinking i'll probably steal your BLAP idea and put it on Qora chain* =b  it would cost next to nothing and in the future would probably be easily tradable between the two chains (hoping).

IDentabit / Re: Coming Soon
« on: August 12, 2015, 06:29:54 am »

Random Discussion / Re: Randomly Send BitShares!!!
« on: August 04, 2015, 04:01:37 pm »

Random Discussion / Re: Randomly Send BitShares!!!
« on: August 04, 2015, 01:24:23 pm »
Cool idea

Could you add: ihashfury

thanks! added

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