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General Discussion / DEX tradingpairs supported from Metaexchange
« on: January 24, 2016, 07:20:06 am »
You will find a good amount of liquidity in pairs we are acitvly supporting:

These are:

METAEX.BTC pair: (BTS) (bitBTC)

You can convert METAEX.BTC into "real" BTC via
or in the wallet in "Deposit/Withdrawl" in the "metaexchange" section.

Everytime someone buys via our UIA assets, we are creating them and if you sell them via we are instantly burning them. So if you check the current supply on cryptofresh this is to total BTC we have converted into METAEX.BTC.

Technical Support / Discussion of a CFD market on Bitshares
« on: January 21, 2016, 09:18:57 pm »
i am thinking that we should create something like a CFD

how can we do it?

we need a assetclass who can be force settled from both sides.
a margin call should also be done on the feed price

with this both changes i think we can create a asset class which we can copy CFD and Forex markets much easier.

what do you think?

Technical Support / BTS 1.0 migration 2.0 - BROWNIE.PTS are missing
« on: January 17, 2016, 06:39:10 pm »
i just wanted to import a wallet of mine, but i am missing the BROWNIE.PTS this wallet is holding.

is there a way i can check if i am missing some keys?

i just following xerocs documentations and so far it worked everytime.

General Discussion / The value of METAFEES
« on: January 17, 2016, 04:16:38 pm »
Hi guys,

after our fundraiser ended i want to share my thought where the value of METAFEES are coming from.

At the moment we have 6220 METAFEES in circulation
all the METAFEES we didn't sold we burnt them.

We sold 50 METAFEES for 1 BTC

Our fundraiser started with an exchangerate in BTS with 1.500 BTS each METAFEES or 75.000 BTS each BTC.
Right now 1 BTC is worth 128.000 BTS.

We recieved more BTS then we needed so we converded some into BTC, ETH and NXT.

Right now our liquidity pool holds 50% BTC, 25% ETH, 20 % BTS and 5% NXT

So the liquidationvalue will rise and fall with the value of these coins and METAFEES will act in this way like an cryptoindex, backed by the value of the liquidity pool.

As a "bonus" each month we are doing buybacks for METAFEES with 50% of our collected fees, so over time the METAFEES in circulation will decrease and our liquiditypool will stay the same.

Technical Support / webwallet is out of sync for days
« on: January 12, 2016, 06:07:31 pm »
how can i fix it? i don't get how this is even possible.

i want to talk here about a FBA for decentralized betting!

the reason it should be run on the blockchain, is because in most countries it is illegal to run it, so how can we do it on bitshares?

so, my idea here is (and question is could we build it this on bitshares)

lets assume i want to bet on the outcome of  the next presidential election. I am creating  a new account/contract and i can define under which condition anyone can join this account/contract.

i am betting 10.000 BTS that the canidate of the democrates win and now the people can now join this betting account with betting also 10.000 BTS. they need to define what they are betting for,
in the end a lot of people can join this account/contract without anyones permission.

the problem is always in the end, how the contract knows who won the election. so the contract pays a portion of the amounts out to people who are reporting the result to the account. We could
setup accounts who are interested in earning some exctra cash.

step 1: contract/account is created from the initator with some specs he set
- possible answers to choose
step 2: interested people join this contract/account and bet too
step 3: the event occurs and interested people can now send to the account the winner
step 4: after x time the contract/account now sends the winning amounts out to the contract holders
step 5 : the account sends to the reporting people their share
step 6: account/contract is closed and will not be used anymore

this is just a rough idea, but the main point here is - how we can structure a decentralized betting event without the need that someone is legally responsible for it.

feedback :D

Hi bitshares community,

our fundraiser is still running, more then 30 days left, so it is a good time to do our first buyback.

The goal for this buyback is to give everyone a feeling how we will do it and to get feedback what we should change.

So the rules for the first buyback are:

1. We will buyback as many METAFEES as 100% of our fees can do. We choose to use 100% of the collected fees, because the integration from BTS 2.0 needed longer then expected and the collected fees in the last month are lower then normal! The exact amount we will not announce to make it more interesting.

2. The buyback will be occur on Monday between 8pm - 10pm CET

3. For this buyback we are only doing in on the pair METAFEES:METAEX.BTC (as a sidenote for the devs, for me it was impossible to choose this pair on the webwallet. I had to put the pair manually into the link.

4. We created the account "metafees-buyback" everything we will do for the buyback, we are planing to do it with this account :

5. If some fees are left and no METAFEES are offerd the remaining buyback fees will get used with the next buyback.

6. For the beginning the bought METAFEES will rest till the end of the fundraiser on the account "metafees-buyback" and will be burned after the fundraiser is over.

We use this pair to give our UIAs more usability and to promote them to the bitshares community. The METAEX.BTC can instantly transfered into BTS or via into real BTC

If you have questions, let us know we have some days left till monday!

General Discussion / Should use referral link
« on: November 16, 2015, 08:18:34 am »
Hi guys,

in a different thread a ask who owns and the domain is owned via Invictus.

The question was, why we don't use the referral program on the mainsource to get more funds for the community?

- Some had concerns, that the main source of trust, should not a referral link.

As a community we are wasting every day referral income, because we don't generate income. In my opinion this makes no sense. We decided to go this path, so we should
use the possibility also on the mainsource for the community.

I think a account should be generated as a lifetime member and the committee members should sharing autority of him. With this setup, we will generate a great source of income
the community can spend on things fast and quick, without to get a worker proposal granted.

But i wanted to know how you all feel about it. So should we make all links on referral links also?

Technical Support / owner
« on: November 15, 2015, 08:32:54 am »
i would like to know who is the owner and in control of

and who will get all the referral fees from their side?

i see only the openledger wallet promoted and not the other walletpartners, so is it Cryptonomex?

pls test under Deposit/Withdraw the newly added metaexchange functions.

monsterer and me would like to have feedback if someone think it needs to change or finds a bug.

as a bridge servie you can send : BTS/BTC

and as gateway asset : METAEX.BTC/BTC ; METAEX.NXT/NXT and METAEX.ETH/ETH

as far as i know only people who using the webwallet under can test it. Maybe you need to refresh.

thanks for your support!

Technical Support / Webwallet of openledger stopped at #633,390
« on: November 04, 2015, 08:04:28 pm »
what can i do?

is a fork happening? every block is signed by "proof of steak"

General Discussion / what happend to
« on: November 01, 2015, 07:53:21 am »
the website is redirected to no new videos in a time when BTS 2.0 is out? project dead?

Technical Support / BTS 2.0 USD Feedprice
« on: October 29, 2015, 06:29:29 am »
we is the feedprice 245 US when in BTC the price is 302 US on coinmarketcap?? Are all the witnesses providing wrong feedprices or did i miss here something?

can someone tell me how you record it, or better if someone of the Beyond Bitcoin Crew will be available at this time :D cheers

- we are answering every question to our fundraiser and businessmodel

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