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now is the right time to include cross chain trading between chains from the bitshares toolkit.

we could start with bitUSD or DNS/BTSX without fees.

bitUSD would be nice will give bitUSD more utility.

many proposals are discussed at the moment but i feel the community has not much to say!

the problem is always the same, some people are willing to help and contribute, but i think it is not right, that the passive majority will do nothing and profit from it.

i thought about it and i would like to propose something like - bitDACs

what could a bitDAC look like ?

example: some people want to create or approach Open Bazaar to give bitUSD more utility

problem: not much reaction from the devs so far or no information

possible solution: the community will fund this project, but the problem is no incentive for the people pushing. my idea is to create community driven entities (bitDAC) to fund a project like OpenBazaar. this bitDAC will collect funds from the interested people and ask for a developer to build it. the developer will be paid from this fund and not from I3 direct. with this approach the dev funds will hold much longer and the community can push for some own experience. this bitDAC could be a bitAsset with the contributer as shareholders (maybe on Bitshares ME because of the huge asset creation costs).


this bitDAC should not only collect funds and pay the developer without a reward from the community. what i want to get "granted" from the devs (aka bytemaster) is a special right for this bitDAC.

- the right to take for multisig extra fees - say double the normal fee (transaction 0.5 BTSX delegate and 0.5 BTSX for the bitDAC for multisig transaction)

i see a win-win-win solution

1. the active community can fund projects they want to be done. with the comming fees the fund will get value and the share could be traded on the exchange. with the fees new projects can be funded. and so on.
2. the devs can take this fund and build the wanted application and no dev funds burned.
3. the whole community will profit from a feature rich bitshares toolkit

i hope i could explaine with my simple english knowledge what i suggest.

what do you think?

General Discussion / Tradingbots - Infos available?
« on: October 05, 2014, 08:54:21 am »
For a couple of days we were talking about tradingbots. Is there any progress to use them without knowledge in everthing :D ?

ok, what knowledge do i need to acquire to use them.

General Discussion / change for voting
« on: October 02, 2014, 05:26:36 am »
i just realised. i am only voting with my BTSX balance.


1. bitUSD balanace (all bitAssets )
2. every order with bitUSD or collaterized BTSX

in my opinion we need to fix this, because if i am active  - trading and holding bitAssets - i get punished. my votingpower is 20% of the possible size.

what do you think ? or is here a reason?

General Discussion / Feeds without delegates....maybe a better solution?
« on: September 28, 2014, 05:50:13 pm »
i don't like the idea that all the feeds are provided via the delegates, if we need them in the long run, i would like to have a different source of feeds.


it looks like the delegates are not really incentived to do their "job" on the feed side. And i understand it and i don't see them to do it at all.


at the moment the trading bots are coming. what about to introducing "feed bots" to do the job of the delegates. maybe to vote them into power as well.

A feed bot has 2 jobs.

1. publish a feed from a selected source every hour once.
2. provide X amount "bids" orders with 1% difference to the ask/bid side of the average feed price

incentive for a feed bot owner

1. 10% of the trading fees are paid to them
2. if they are trading they have to pay 50% of the trading fee and not 100% (not much now)

with this change we could attract interested people to make a kind of market maker

what do you think?

General Discussion / Coinmarketapp is coming and BTSX is included
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:11:23 pm »

General Discussion / 0.4.16 loosing connections and GUI bugs
« on: September 24, 2014, 07:45:47 pm »
today i am loosing after maybe 5 minutes the connection with the network. After restart it lasts for 5 minutes again. Is this a known problem?

at the past when you clicked at the bid or the ask side the GUI would filled the fields with the amount and price and you needed only to hit the button. But now the it seems the "Total" is not calculated and if you hit the buy or sell button it will not confirm and a error occurs. - maybe also known!

General Discussion / Explanation for the new shorting system available?
« on: September 22, 2014, 09:59:18 pm »
i don't get it, how is it done`?

On some thread someone said maybe Dan is Satoshi....

so i had this crazy/cool idea.

in the moment or you can support the first
Bitcoin comic book. The trailer looks nice.

For 20 BTC you get rewards as follows

Cameo gold
You will get 5 COMICSPECIAL coins which are redeemable for 5 COPIES OF THE FOUNDERS EDITION of the comic. This edition has a hard cover and your name will be printed on a founders' roll call in the back cover. Secondly you'll get 10 copies of the standard edition which will be sent to schools. Thirdly you'll be mentioned in the list of influential bitcoin people in the back of the book - A special feature about how you helped make this project possible. You will appear in the comic (all editions) - the illustrator will use a photo supplied by you to draw your image into the comic. You will receive the ORIGINAL artwork frame - signed by the authors and illustrator. A special illustration will be hand created by the illustrator of you along with the Bitcoincomic team. This original artwork will be a ONE OFF - signed by the entire Bitcoin comic and Swarm team, Framed and sent to you. You will receive a copy of a hand produced special edition - large format book.. You'll also get 120000 COMICCOINS which will have voting rights in the future of the project and more.

so i thought we should show Bytemaster our gratefullness and save him a spot in this history making art book. on the other hand it will maybe a good spend amount of money to get the word out on bitshares in a really good way. Can we do it?

---->from here please copy the text in your post and add the amount you would donor and sum the total possible amount

please contribute:


General Discussion / bitshares youtube films
« on: September 10, 2014, 06:11:30 pm »
what are the rates for our short movies for DPOS and TITAN?

i just asked how much they cost.

maybe they are cheaper/better

Deutsch (German) / C++ Programmierer hier?
« on: September 06, 2014, 08:27:25 pm »
Gibt es eigentlich C++ programierer unter uns, die sich die Entwicklung eines DACs zutrauen würden?

Ich verstehe von programmieren gar nichts, aber Ideen hätte ich schon.

General Discussion / bitUSD for all bitshares DAC?
« on: September 06, 2014, 08:25:27 pm »
i thought maybe it is technology possible to "connect" the bitshares client together via API or so, so that as an example something like this will be possible

bitshares DNS

i want to buy a Domain Name but don't have or will buy the tokens of bitshares DNS. but i hold bitUSD of BTSX. it would great if we could pay with bitUSD
for the fees in bitshares DNS. something like connect the public key in bitshares DNS with my privatkey in BTSX. so we could give a headstart or more advantage
all bitshares DACs.

- maybe something integrated in the bitshares toolkit
- we would integrate our own payment processor and will give the whole eqosystem a long time big advantage.

would something like this possible?

Technical Support / redirect appdata
« on: September 05, 2014, 04:40:45 pm »
is it possible not to have the bitsharesX folder in the appdata folder? i want to point the client to a other directory?

Technical Support / recover transaction
« on: September 04, 2014, 10:26:47 pm »
it seems i had a problem with my harddrive and after indexing my wallet.dat was missing in the BTSX folder

so i took my backup from some days before

- problem now - many "UNKNOWN" market transaction and my balance and holding positions are totally off.
- i read bytemaster didn't advise to do this, because of missing transaction

so what can i do?

i tried

>> recover_transaction 804e48ff

10 assert_exception: Assert Exception
    bitshares  wallet.cpp:3086 bts::wallet::wallet::recover_transaction

    bitshares  wallet.cpp:3158 bts::wallet::wallet::recover_transaction

    bitshares  common_api_client.cpp:1763 bts::rpc_stubs::common_api_client::wallet_recover_transaction

    bitshares  cli.cpp:481 bts::cli::detail::cli_impl::execute_command

but it didn't worked.

looks to me the new implemeted rules killed every trading. compared with the volume before it is a joke in the bitUSD market.

i am a supporter to let it go and watch. why restrict something 3 days old? it is only natural that it have to be balanced out and it will happen with time and trading.

maybe you can explain it a little bit what changes now encoded, because i just can place bids and short. nothing will happen. i can match the bid or ask side nothing happens. looks broke in my eyes.

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