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If you increase the min fee to $0.01 then the network would earn $5 per min and a delegate would earn 0.005 per min. 0.30 per hour for a total $600 per year. 

We can therefore calculate the delegate pay based upon the average dollar value of the trx fee.

The challenge is pegging the fee to a dollar amount in some reasonable way. 

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what is the operating time for a day? 24 hours?

Base on this

0.005/min   0.30/hour  ??/day  600/year <--- how did this calculated ?

General Discussion / Re: DPOS chain based ratings and reputation
« on: May 12, 2014, 12:42:13 am »
For many DACs, it would be beneficial to have a built in ratings system to establish reliable reputation.  I propose that share transfer transactions allow the inclusion of additional transaction fee to purchase storage space in the blockchain exclusively reserved for a review of the receiver's performance by the sender.

Basically in addition to the standard transaction signatures by the sending addresses, an additional signature could be added from a DPOS registered name, attaching the transaction to that pseudonym ID and claiming the right to leave a review transaction signed by the chain registered ID after the business was concluded.

The reviews would have a different standard format specific to the needs of each chain's business model, and would persist in the chain tied to the reviewed ID.

Along with providing an indelible rating system, which increases the value of the platform, this would provide incentive for additional transaction fees, increasing dividends to shareholders.  Service providers would be motivated to provide discounts to those willing to review in order to build their reputations, and reviewers would not want to sacrifice their own reputations by providing fake reviews, or by failing to review after opting for review space in a payment.

I'd like to hear thoughts on both the economic model and the plausibility of implementing this with DPOS.  The biggest issue I see is finding a price for permanent blockchain storage space.

This is a solid idea.   The price per-byte is already determined by selecting a fixed limit on total chain size and adjusting fees to control demand.   

The biggest challenge is lack of privacy.  This is certainly viable for many uses though.

Privacy is in the design of blockchain and if ever it is being implemented, no additional fee will be charged.

Back when snapshot has taken place, the ratio between AGS and PTS was 3.33:1.33 .The natural instinct of an investor that time was to donate because it will yield much more as compare to somebody who held their PTS.  The dilution of shares you are talking about is that 10000 AGS shares allocation were up for grabs in a day. For me this is fair in terms of having everybody getting a chance to invest at bitshares. Just imagine if the AGS allocation is not diluted and the ratio would be 1 bts per AGS. An investor can easily grabbed the 10000 AGS allocation by himself without giving others a chance to have a stake at bitshares for a day. If somebody wanted bigger share then he or she must donate bigger amount . This is the reason why we call it shares. Sharing a  worthy investment.

General Discussion / Re: Are all Bitshares Team on Vacation?
« on: May 08, 2014, 11:02:15 pm »
Dont worry BM has been putting a lot of work. Debugging is a good procedure because that means the core is complete and testing and adjustments are process by which integrity of the product is at stake . All possibility is being considered.

Two giants take the stage together. Great event. I'm thrilled that you're collaborating even in some small way. 

For an encore, how about bringing in the ghost of BCNext?
OMG, a true-blue BM fanboy :)

General Discussion / Ides of May is coming
« on: May 02, 2014, 12:41:37 am »
Uhem the first time I came across with word "ides" was at this forum. It was very significant period that the word is pertaining to.  Ides of March . It was very historical for the Romans. Fast forward it would have been also a breakthrough period. Now the Ides of April also has passed and we are now on the verge of having the Ides of May. Working meticulously with the BTS XT code is very hard process. All the coding and testing that developers endure seem to be endless. Scheduling a release will not anymore be as significant but the return of investment will still be relevant. As the word "Ides" is now pertained to two infamous events in time. Ones was with the Romans and the other was Invictus.  8)

General Discussion / Re: Email service DAC for the use by other DACs ?
« on: April 30, 2014, 04:15:23 am »
wait for Keyhotee 3.0  ;) . The fact is Keyhotee has the working framework of a messaging system. So what I3 would do is to enhance as time goes by.

General Discussion / Value-Added Content DAC
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:58:57 am »
Since every DAC being develop by I3 is still in progress, why not add a value-added content (as in classified advertisement) to let say the lottery blockchain or music blockchain. As it will create a streaming revenues once it is being implemented.  8)

DAC PLAY / Re: Lotto Ticket
« on: April 30, 2014, 12:50:35 am »
Speaking of lottery ticket, are you planning to have it physically(over the counter) or virtually (web-based generated ticket). Because in both ways, you can still have a value added content that comes with every ticket.

DAC PLAY / Re: Bitshares PinBall
« on: April 30, 2014, 12:47:26 am »
 ;) maybe we can implement a bouncing ball algorithm in a blockchain and try to not visualize it as complex as a pinball game.

General Discussion / Re: Very Confused
« on: April 25, 2014, 04:36:09 am »
Yeah =[

XT is being made liquid ASAP.

"tic toc tic toc"  the clock is ticking.....

General Discussion / Re: Newsletter
« on: April 24, 2014, 03:02:19 am »
Actually based on this forum alone , I3 can already generate tons of articles . and by adding the relevant topics investors and readers shared throughout, I think we can have a helluva publication.  8)

General Discussion / Re: Ebit give back
« on: April 24, 2014, 02:50:57 am »
wow what a generous guy. May your action get back at you  a thousand fold (being a bitshare investor maybe the way with stakes at a thousand potential DACs)  8)

General Discussion / Re: Newsletter
« on: April 24, 2014, 02:45:47 am »

probably like an  e-magazine. Can we contribute articles which relevant to bitshares and development of DACs? Hope this can push thru

General Discussion / Re: Newsletter
« on: April 24, 2014, 01:51:50 am »
so no definite timeframe*?

* weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually

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