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How much do you want to raise for your projects?

Yep, this wasn't mentioned I believe. 10k, 20k? | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads

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Hey fuzzy, here are the results of your tips...
Curious about ShareBits? Visit us at and start tipping BTS on today!
Created by hybridd

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#sharebits "Chris4210X" 3 HIGHFIVE
#sharebits "Chris4210X" 1 FISTBUMP
#sharebits "Chris4210X" 500 BTS

#sharebits "kenCode" 3 HIGHFIVE
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#sharebits "kenCode" 500 BTS

This man and his team have been silently working behind the scenes for quite some time now.  Awesome job Munich. :)
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Download the BitShares Wallet for Android:,20762.msg280714.html#msg280714
NOTE1: This wallet might have some BUGS, so don't use it for more than you can afford to lose! Register a new account in it.
NOTE2: App stores must review and approve the BitShares Wallet App before they will publish it (account already in progress).
|||| Pleeeeease Donate ||||
Besides the OPENPOS token listed in Chris's post above, PLEASE consider donating to the BitShares Wallet project so our Developers can afford to keep this wallet secure, bug free, ad free and constantly improving (see the Roadmap below). -- Thank you! :)
BTS account: bitshares-munich
Q: ..may I suggest you release it on Many people (me included!) don't run google services on the system.
A: Since the mobile wallet is totally open source, I don't see why not. I'll try to get it published there as well.
Q: How does the hardware side look like? Is it "just" the BitShares wallet for android running on a tablet/phone on the merchant side?
A: No, merchants are running Odoo POS and we are custom integrating with the Odoo POS software in their back-end to support Smartcoins as well as their existing supported payment types such as cash, visa, mastercard, paypal, etc. Our wallet software will not be installed on their systems. Smartcoins POS will also be a free app that Odoo users can install right from the Odoo app store.
Q: If it is dedicated hardware, how much will it cost?
A: We are not doing hardware. It is much easier to get mass adoption of Smartcoins if we integrate our software with existing systems and leverage their thousands of existing businesses. Cox Communications for example is 1 of those businesses. They can now have their own BitShares account and offer Smartcoins to their millions of users. A very large supermarket chain that already uses Odoo POS will now be rolling out Smartcoin acceptance at all of their locations.
  • BUGS/UI/UX/translations fixes (v1.1)
  • Ability to cash-out some/all of Rewards UIA (loyalty rewards cards) balance when paying cashier at POS (v1.1)
  • Recurring and Scheduled Payments feature for auto-paying bills, subscriptions, etc (v1.2)
  • "Finder" - Maps api; Find local Smartcoin friends, merchants and BitShares Meetup groups. (v2)
  • Stealth Transactions (blinded addresses AND amounts for the ultimate in privacy!) (v2)
  • Testing rollout of App Store POS App (connected >50K supermarkets, restaurants and retail shops!) (v2.1)
  • Integrate the Bridge so users can shift assets into assets and vice versa  (v2.2)
  • "Exchange" - Buy and Sell Smartcoins/UIAs/Bitcoins/Altcoins on the (DEx) directly, Poloniex/Highcharts style (v3)
  • Android Wear and Apple Watch support (v4)

edit1: added FAQ section above
edit2: pulled out the bond market, added more api's to Finder, added Rewards UIA abilities to roadmap
edit3: download link posted above..
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from BitShares Munich!
Today we are happy to announce the OPENPOS token, now available for trading on the DEx!
This token helps us to fund the completion of 2 major software projects that we have been working on behind the scenes...
Smartcoins Point Of Sale (POS)

  • Integration with over 50K Odoo POS businesses (supermarket chains, restaurants, retail shops)
  • Instantly enables merchants to accept Smartcoins, User Issued Assets (UIAs), Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Peercoin and others.
  • QR Codes that can accept virtually any cryptocurrency
  • Funds are sent directly to the merchant's BitShares account (required)
  • JSON receipts (eReceipts) sent to users phone via QR
  • Zero reliance on WiFi, NFC or Bluetooth
  • Unlimited items per order
  • Accounting integration
  • Inventory integration
  • Sales integration
  • Reporting integration
  • If OPENPOS token is successful, Smartcoins POS can be launched in less than 2 months!

BitShares Wallet v1.0 for Android and iPhone

  • Works with all Smartcoin enabled Point Of Sale (POS) systems at merchants worldwide
  • Absolute Security; BitShares blockchain based, BrainKey, multi-signature account permissions, auto-encrypted Backups, auto-close, auto-timeout and PIN verifications
  • No Bluetooth, NFC, merchant wireless service or special hardware is required
  • Use QR Codes to Send locally (uses your phone’s camera to scan their QR Code)
  • Use QR Codes to Receive locally (displays your QR Code so your friend can scan it)
  • Send and Receive Smartcoins (bitUSD, bitEUR, bitCNY, bitBTC, bitSILVER, etc)
  • Send and Receive User Issued Assets (UIAs) - (OPENPOS, OBITS, OPENBTC, COFFEE, etc)
  • Full support for QR-based eReceipts
  • Supports a large Memo field with sending payments (for personal notes or notes to the recipient)
  • Share the BitShares Wallet app with friends and get reward$
  • Totally Open-Source Software (OSS) and verifiable on Github (/kenCode-de)
  • Contacts can be organized by BitShares account address or nickname label. Notes and Avatars are supported too!
  • Quickly and Easily share your payment address via email, chat, wireless, social media and telephone
  • Monitor all Balances and Transactions in real-time Reactjs/Sockets; UI/UX never needs a refresh!
  • Filter and export Transactions to multiple file formats for accounting, etc.
  • Cold Storage and Paper Wallets fully supported
  • Now in 22 languages!

Why did we choose BitShares for fund raising?
One of the most important advantages of crowdfunding is the fact that it keeps us in touch with you, the BitShares community. You are the main reason why we develop high quality products & services like the BitShares Wallet app - we want you to use BitShares! Without you, we cannot afford the development costs of our products, bringing BitShares to the mainstream. We need you to make the Smartcoins POS systems a reality and bring it to the maximum number of merchants and online stores. We hope you will join us on this journey, by supporting and using our BitShares Munich products, so you can have the same wonderful experience we are having by creating it.
Token Issued: Due to the current legal situation with BitShares UIAs, BitShares Munich has accepted an agreement with Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS (CCEDK). CCEDK has created and issued 500K OPENPOS Tokens and sent them to the BitShares Munich account. All OPENPOS tokens will initially be sold through BitShares Munich. All collected OPENPOS trading fees are paid out to CCEDK as compensation.
Risk: As with any fund raiser, there is associated risk. BitShares Munich will use the funds to invest in the above projects for the BitShares ecosystem. User adoption of said products could fail or a business may prefer to use only fiat payments over cryptocurrencies. We strongly remind you, only invest what you can afford to lose. You use all BitShares related products and services at your own risk.
Competition: There is no real competition with the BitShares ecosystem yet. Bitcoin has the first POS systems field tested, but suffers from the high Exchange fees and unstable Bitcoin prices. We did not see a mass adoption of Bitcoin POS systems yet. Also many merchants have stopped offering Bitcoin due to the high payment processing fees eating up their margins. BitShares Munich is convinced that merchants will benefit from stable Smartcoins like bitUSD, bitEUR and bitCNY and prefer the Smartcoins POS systems in the very near future.
Disclaimer: We make no guarantee about the future value or returns related to the OPENPOS token and all purchases are at the buyers risk. This is not an investment proposition, or a binding contract. We are not liable for any losses incurred, direct or indirect by participating in this fundraiser.
Rewarding OPENPOS Investors with a monthly buyback program
We believe the OPENPOS tokens provide a unique investment opportunity for you because this token grants you direct access to all future income of the Smartcoins POS system on Odoo. Over 50-thousand businesses currently use the open source Odoo POS hardware/software. 50% of all accumulated profits generated through the POS system will be sent to you. That means, all OPENPOS Investors will directly earn a reward on every Smartcoins POS merchant transaction at every cash register at every Odoo business in the network. Investors have the opportunity to sell their OPENPOS any time at market value or sell the Tokens through the monthly buyback program. BitShares Munich will create a new market order and buy back all available OPENPOS at the beginning of each month. OPENPOS can be traded against bitEUR, bitCNY, bitUSD and BTS. This will lead to a constant buy pressure for the OPENPOS tokens and raise its value for all investors.
Please note, all donations collected by the BitShares Wallet will be reinvested in the future development of the BitShares Wallet and are not part of the OPENPOS buyback program. All fees generated through OPENPOS trading belong to the UIA token issuer CCEDK (
How to buy
You can purchase the OPENPOS tokens which represents our stake, initially on the BitShares DEx priced in BTS, bitEUR, bitUSD and bitCNY. The price of OPENPOS in each market is calculated to have the same value as if you purchased from the BTS market. We will start to sell 500K OPENPOS over 3 weeks. OPENPOS tokens are listed on the BitShares DEx market: OPENPOS/BTS, OPENPOS/EUR, OPENPOS/USD, OPENPOS/CNY
Want to know more?
Please read through our offer again and send us your question. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions about the BitShares Munich products and the future earning potential of the OPENPOS tokens. Please have a look at the FAQ below...

How do I buy OPENPOS tokens?
You can buy OPENPOS at the discounted price either as an Early Bird Investor (see below), or wait until after January 10th to trade OPENPOS on the DEx at market prices.

How can I ensure I am being given my fair profit cut?
The Smartcoins POS system will be built on top of BitShares and all collected OPENPOS fees are published on the Blockchain. Chris will publish a monthly revenue report for all Investors. 50% of all POS profits will be used for the monthly buyback on the DEx.
Are there any hidden fees involved in receiving of the profits?
No, all fees are publicly available. Investors will only pay the BitShares network transaction fees.
Where can I trade OPENPOS?
You can trade OPENPOS exclusively on the DEx.
What is the "buyback" feature?
The buyback feature is the rewarding program. We will take 50% of the monthly generated profits and buy back OPENPOS Tokens from the market. Investors can sell their tokens at the current market price or at the next buyback.
How much do you want to raise for your projects?
We plan to raise 19k EUR for the whole development of the BitShares Wallet and the Smartcoin POS. The BitShares Wallet is already build and will be available for download January 4th 2016. We screened the best Odoo developer teams and spoke to the Odoo Management about our project within the last couple of weeks. We are confident we got the best team to finish this job. As soon as we get the funding for the first down payment, we will start developing the Smartcoin POS.
Early Bird Investors! (Have purchased before January 10th!)
 Pledge $100 or more Bronze
 Pledge $250 or more Silver
 Pledge $1000 or more Gold
 Pledge $2000 or more Platinum

Special thanks goes to our first round of Early Bird Investors for their outstanding support!!
btswolf   Silver

Last updated: 10.01.2016
Check out OPENPOS now on the "Rich List"!! 

The Team
Christoph Hering: CEO/CMO/CFO and Crypto Coach at BitShares Munich.
Ken Code: Developer, DAC Builder and Crypto Coach at BitShares Munich.
BitShares Munich (meet us in person!) (explainer videos too!)
Contact @Chris4210 directly or email Chris[at] to get your discounted OPENPOS today!
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