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[member=1607]Ashaman[/member] That is a pretty impressive write-up just from memory and I share your theory about when the theft happened. Another theory is that the bitcoins were gone even when he bought mtGox from mr. RippleLabs/Stellar Jed McCaleb. I was hurt pretty bad by MtGox as well, mostly because other projects apparently used them for storage despite vehemently claiming the opposite in the time prior. Also just about all btc-media and prominents were recommending using mtGox at the time. Come to think of it, quite a few of those same characters like Roger Ver and Falkvinge and such are now actively participating in the hostile corporate takeover and amateur hour centralization attempt going on against bitcoin, that also has the possibility to set the entire crypto scene back by decades. Wasn't aware of Luke-jr using and recommending mtgox though, which is a bit shocking for somebody supposedly more technically savy.

Anyways I fear that you are right, poloniex looks to be going in to the same list as all the others like mtGox/Cryptsy/etc. Sad that people don't seem to realize what bitshares was meant to replace those centralized points of failure.

Random Discussion / Re: EOS Price
« on: July 03, 2017, 06:10:24 am »
Oh come on, are you seriously saying that a 3 billion dollar evaluation of something that currently is but a twinkle in Larimers eye is not even a little silly?

Random Discussion / Re: EOS Price
« on: July 02, 2017, 03:32:49 pm »
No normal business out there is valued to more than a billion dollars even before having a working product. Don't get me wrong, Dan has proven he can deliver, but right now there's some seriously dumb money in the crypto world.

So much can happen between now and the release of an MVP... No way this project is worth that much at this point in time, considering the risks associated with developing innovative and disruptive technology.

I may be wrong, but adopting a wait and see approach might be the best way to get in cheap, cause hype will die down...

Let's say that I believe Bitshares still have more to give in terms of growth long term. I'll get some EOS, but at the right price.

Although I might be a little biased since I have bts myself, but I still find it hard to disagree with you. A billion dollar evaluation of something that is not much more than an idea at this stage is on a Monthy Python level of silly.

General Discussion / Re: So when do we launch localbitshares?
« on: June 26, 2017, 10:05:22 pm »
That would be absolutely freaking awesome. But this should be built on top of really smart smart contract to do better than localbicoin and other p2p markets.

While I understand that we didn't pursue this when the price was low, but I really think this is socalled low hanging fruit. Offering people the tools to do trades for cash themselves would create a distributed system of fiat on and off ramps. Bitshares could excel in this area and there are quite a few countries in the world were people need this now.

I have no experience nor friends or contacts in the world of computer-science, so I'm not confident in my abilities to oversee this. But I'd be willing to help crowdfund this or whatever to get this of the ground. If we can do better than localbitcoins I'm all for it.

General Discussion / So when do we launch localbitshares?
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:21:56 pm »
While I hope hero does well and I hope the blockpay thing gets worked out, what I really would want to see is our own version of localbitcoins. Lets launch the tools that people can have a peer2peer marketplace.

So what would we need besides devs for it.

- An escrow service
- A nice website for it.
- Works on mobile phones.

What else?

I put some links at the start of the tutorial. Also check out the libreboot website for more info on the subject. Also you could just do an online search with some keywords like "bios" and "exploit" and you run into things like this. I don't believe that other manufacturers are not doing similar shady stuff.

Intel-me is part of a remote management system that all Intel systems have since 2006. It is like a little second computer living hidden inside your pc, that has free access to (among other things) everything that goes through your system RAM and your network. It's just like a little gremlin, nothing to fear as long as you don't feed it after midnight. AMD has a similar system in place, with as far as I know no way to clean or isolate, so that won't help you either.

Another problem is with bios being a blackbox with who-knows what kind of hidden features and relies security through obscurity. The latter has proven to be unreliable time and again. So while I don't dare to say that opensource bios is not exploitable, there at least things are out in the open and I can download a fix as soon as it is available, instead of being at the mercy of the manufacturers. Btw besides bios there are many more ways a manufacturer could build in exploits, but open-hardware is just not getting the same traction as opensource software is.

Usb is another completely open avenue. Usb-sticks also are like little programmable computers and can be used to do all kinds of nasty stuff. With tools for it available online. The usb thing is especially nasty because there is no way to protect yourself from it through software. Well maybe the Qubes-OS-way could work kinda, as they isolate all usb-hardware in it's own virtual machine box, where you have to manually direct all the devices. But again, who checks if the firmware on their usbsticks has been compromised? Still there is no point in isolating it, if you are just going to pass it through anyway. At least qubes-os offers you some ways to deal with the problem, as long as you adapt your behavior and are aware of the risks.

As an example of having to adapt your behavior in qubes-os: Instead of passing through usb-devices, you should open the untrusted usb-stick in an untrusted or temporary qube(as they seem to like to call it), and only copy the files from the stick to another qube. E-mails or files from an untrusted source could be handled similarly. Only open and edit them in a temporary or untrusted qube and once done, destroy the untrusted qube (that's done automatically for the temporary ones) and there is less change of opening or running a malicious program affecting your trusted qubes.

Exploit of Intel-AMT confirmed.

Hello guys,

Recently I was asked to make some laptops more secure by installing coreboot on them and removing most of Intel-ME crap. It took me a while to figure out and cost me a whole lot more than the 30 to 60 minutes I had planned, but to prevent you from running into the same issues I've published a tutorial about it  steemit:[member=11045]JoeyD[/member]/run-don-t-walk-from-the-blob

Once I finally figured out the missing bits,  it was just a matter of following the steps as I've written down in that tutorial. The things that take the most time during the whole process are installing the software and the compile phase of the coreboot toolchain. But having a little more peace of mind is worth it in my opinion.

General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: June 11, 2017, 01:14:29 pm »
[member=5]bytemaster[/member] I guess people just don't learn from past mistakes

The AGS style is good for an ICO.
365 days is waaayyy too looongggg in the crypto world
They should have done 60% in ETH if they so wish to but at least 40% should be in bitusd and bitcny so they have at least some security that the funds raised will at least have a stable value and not subject to price swings..That would also attract a lot of bts whales who may not want to sell their BTS to buy ETH to buy EOS but would not mind spend their bitusd, bitcny from their collateralized positions or from their savings accounts to buy EOS. That would also give a whole new meaning to market pegged assets that [member=5]bytemaster[/member] you have created and would drive bts price to unimaginable levels..

But the reality is that people just don't learn from past mistakes and this is just sad..

Yeah, the argument that eth is the only liquid smart contract chain at the moment is weak in my opinion. You only need a timestamp and amount to determine the distribution, where is the need for a smartcontract in that? All blockchains support that much at the very least.

And yeah, they should support other graphene chains. Gambling on eth being A-OK in a year is most definately not a prudent move.

General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: June 11, 2017, 07:48:14 am »
I was away from the internet for a while and I missed the announcement about EOS doing an Ethereum ICO. I also have not received an e-mail about it, eventhough I did register myself on the mailinglist.

First impression I have of that are not good. If they are only doing an ICO on ethereum and not any other blockchain than it is a strange move and I think it is a slap in the face of bitshares. At the very least as a show of thanks for the people who helped make bitshares grow to what it is today, and that is one of the key value propositions of EOS, as in multithreaded bitshares-tech, and in remembrance of the social contract, 10% of the ICO could be done in a bitshares ICO. Now it feels like instead of sticking by bitshares despite all the bashing, and I've seen ethereum core-members and devs doing it, I've should have done the opposite. I understand wanting to attract people over from ethereum, but why not reward people who actually supported Dan Larimer creating the tech for EOS?

I wouldn't mind them diversifying to prevent the same loss in funds as happened with the btc-fundraiser with ags. But this does not sound like diversifying at all.

Also if they have to hold the tokens till the end of the ICO (which I've seen mentioned is planned to last 360 days or something like that), holding ethereum is not any less risky than bitcoin. Despite their massively active hype army, ethereum has just about all the same problems bitcoin has, although somehow that dirty laundry is not being flaunted about in the same public manner as with bitcoin. Worse yet I've seen people apparently in blind denial bashing bitcoin publicly, about all the things ethereum hasn't solved either. Just of the top of my head eth has massive scaling issues, right now, their blockchain is now larger than bitcoin and growing more rapidly (and no reward for people running full-nodes either), they have no decentralized governance to speak of, no voting mechanism at all apparently and need at the very least one or more hardfork(s) in the coming year. Also do not forget that any slow downs or problems with ethereum will have waay more catastrophic effects on the smartcontracts than with bitcoin.

[member=120]xeroc[/member]: I don't agree with your argument. There are ways to hold ICOs and value on bitshares without the need to  crash the marketprice especially over a  time period of a year. At the very least they should not hold the ICO solely on ethereum, because as mentioned that does show a lack of confidence. Hell, they could do an announcement saying that they'll immediately sell 10% of the gathered eth for bitshares and send those bitshares to a burn address or bts-dev-fund or whatever.

Also I was hoping this would not turn into a money grab up front. I understand the need for money to fund development, but EOS should be able to pay for itself instead of upfront. This whole hyped up ICO craze going on does have a scammy feel to it and I'd rather not help support it.

So much for my first impressions, I probably need to think more on this. Public discussion does help me shaping my opinion, how else would I ever change my mind on something.

Of course it should be added, why wouldn't we want to do that?

It's not like we have sidechains, or trustless crosschain trading ready to go.

I admit that I wasn't able to spend the time looking into this. The only thing I picked up was talking about marketers wanting to gamify marketing and interested in using bitshares for it. And I was like, well if people can find uses for bitshares sure, why not. And so far I figured it was just some kind of marketers convention or something, where people listen to talks.

But only today when I got that link to the company talking about making an multiplayer online world and having an entire economy inside promising millions is when I went, yeah that is probably bullshit. The gaming industry is not that big, and you could count the companies that could pull something like that off on the fingers of a single badly mangled hand.

Making a living off of being a game-dev let alone massive profits is just about guaranteed impossible. The tiny number of success stories proving my point.  So when someone comes around saying he will make millions with games, you should be more than a little skeptical. Especially if said person/company has never made a game in their life.

Similarly the first thing all aspiring gamedevs say they want to make when they join the forums or modding communities is how they will make this awesome RPG or MMORPG and most of the veterans are like, suuuuuure, try making something like pong or tetris first and then look at the next step.

Oh, Stan, when you will learn that get-rich-quick online marketers are the lowest scum of internet business? You can't ever win if you work with them.

BTS and Steemit to the moon? Yeah, right. This guy didn't last even 24h. He edited the original post, all there is left is this: "Bye steemit. You're not ready for this."

 :o,  wuuut!

I hadn't even seen that yet. WTH! Are you serious? I hadn't had the time yet to look into this and I did ask some questions in the chat-venues like mumble and the like, to see what I was missing and how it was supposed to work. I didn't understand where all the money would be coming from, but this is ridiculous in and of itself. What kind of marketer has thin skin like that, aren't they supposed to be able to deal with public reactions like a pro?

almost predicted this outcome.

this is what happens when you throw a common high ticket marketer to the crypto crowd - they ate him alive.

use him where he is valuable, outside of crypto, and find some crypto marketers would be my approach

The first requirement of marketers in crypto should be to be able to weather allegations of being a scammer. Can you name a single project that has not has it's flood of scam allegations? It also doesn't help that most of those allegations turn out to be true. Then again, I also doubt that targeting the current crypto-crowd would be very beneficial, they probably are long since aware of bitshares, but chose differently.

Then again, I'm most likely completely wrong about the crypto-crowd. Just now I've been reading in shocked horror that the benevolent dicator of Ethereum Vitalik has had a private one-on-one with mister KGB/FSB-himself and that is somehow seen as good news? What the hell is going on? Has everybody gone completely off the deep end? Yep, majority stakeholders in a POS-system now with personal ties to the FSB and banks, what could possibly go wrong?

Sorry for the segway, I just wanted to illustrate my complete lack of ability to judge the crowds and by relation my complete lack of ability to judge marketing.

I believe in his team having worked with them for the past month.

Take the blue pill and believe whatever you want.

I wasn't trying to discredit anyone, I do realize that not everyone and everything works entirely in the public eye. However you also can't fault us for being a little cautious, bitshares has had it's share of broken promises and scammers. So much so in fact that I think I'm not alone in being completely unfamiliar with the recent uptick and having trouble adjusting.

Anyway, if the company is seeking public attention, then it might pay to do a little work on it's public image, like the website and such, or publishing some podcasts/vlogs. At the moment the only thing we can do is take your word on it Stan, but to use your reference, that's like seeing someone else taking the pill, not quite the same experience as being able to take the pill yourself.

That's awesome! So let's investigate a bit:

To learn about my new gaming company go here:

And according to the webpage their office is located here:

North American Office:
8605 Santa Monica Blvd. #13160
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Google it! And and let me know what you see...

Yeah, not the best first impression. Also the website doesn't instill a lot of confidence so far. No names or people with track records in the gaming industry either, doesn't leave much to go on there.

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