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Asset owners rely on the `asset_update_operation` to keep the core exchange rate (CER) parameter and other parameters up-to-date.
The current fee is 96.52188 BTS which targets 2 USD, IMO it's too high and discourages asset owners from properly managing their assets.
I propose that we reduce it to 0.1 USD which would be 4.82609 BTS.

Sounds reasonable to me.

General Discussion / Re: [Committee] Fee schedule overhaul
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:59:29 pm »
Recently there are some victims tricked into buying "fake" assets E.G. WAZIRX and ZILLIQA on chain. There was a discussion among the committee members, we think it may be a good idea to raise asset creation fee

With very little demand right now, I don't think we should be raising any fees.
Let's not punish everyone and inhibit growth because 2 "fake" assets were created and promoted, sucking in dumb money. Obviously, to me anyway, people who do not research what they invest their time or money into... that is dumb money. If they have money to burn, good for them.
I don't, nor do the businesses that we work with.
There are a number of businesses in my area who are now finally losing their fear of creating a security or "utility token", and those businesses are not exactly well off, if you know what I mean. The economy has been destroyed. I would rather help those businesses to move to the blockchain instead of making it more difficult for them.
How can we lower our expenses? Le's start there.

layout: worker
category: Marketing
price: up to 300,000 CNY (~3,000,000 BTS)
duration: 6 months

As you might be aware, there are many talks of a couple of Bitshares hardforks right now.
So, beginning a marketing campaign right now might not be the best of timing.
There are much cheaper alternatives too, especially if you want to improve the SEO/SEP of Bitshares.
For under $600/month (~32,000 BTS), Agorise offers businesses SMSS (Social Media Syndication Service).

possible to build decentralized gateway in BTS like in BYTOM MOV?
more detail can be found in

The grammar in the whitepaper is horrible, which might open some legal issues, and misconceptions imo.
However, the bad grammar aside, it does state:
" present, decentralized transactions also have low efficiency in onchain transactions, onchain settlement, offchain matching and centralized thirdparty etc."
On the Bitshares blockchain, I disagree with all 4 of those points.
1. Bitshares is incredibly efficient already, ON-chain.
2. Settlements fully confirm in a minute (with 3 second blocks too!), ON-chain.
3. OFF-chain matching can be done with any block explorer, as well as use of an Elastic Search (ES) node proving us with all the data we could ever need from any Op on the chain. Named accounts makes that even easier.
4. Centralized third-parties are not NEEDED imo, but they did help get Bitshares off the ground with some exposure and liquidity. There are ways around their use though, such as use of KYC-free bridges like and Atomic Swaps are also going to play a huge part of the elimination of 3rd parties (HTLC, ILP, IBC, etc). IPFS, ActivityPub, I2P and other protocols will help eliminate our HTTP, DNS and other attack vectors too.
Now, here was the real kicker for me, which really sounds like Centralisation, NOT DE-centralisation:
"Bytom team release the next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol"
That statement sounds like it was written by a CEO or Marketing guy. If they knew what SegWit was (and why, for example, Roger Ver removed SegWit from BCH), they would see that statement as centralisation. Someone is taking your funds OFF-chain. Or, "Layer 2" as they call it. Lightning Network imo is similar. Once funds leave the main chain, it can be manipulated in any number of ways, and worse yet, this is where KYC will eventually be enforced.
There are other ways to make a DE-centralised gateway, ON-chain, and I do not think the Bytom guys (whomever they are) are on the right track.

Hola from #Criptopulco Mexico! :D 
Effective immediately, we would like to contribute our time on the Bitshares Committee. AGORISE, LTD. ..
.......snip snip......
.. please vote "agorise" for Bitshares Committee. Thank you!
Peace, Love, and Agorism.  8)
As requested via PM's, I am posting here what I hope is a good translation into Simplified Chinese. I apologize if it is not correct, and I will be happy to edit this post with any corrections that should be made so that it is as accurate as possible to the OP... 
来自 #Criptopulco 墨西哥的Hola!  :D
立即生效,我们想在Bitshares委员会上贡献自己的时间。 AGORISE,LTD。您可能知道,我是在塞浦路斯以外工作的国际商业公司,但无论他们是否经商,我至少从2014年12月开始就在这里从事建筑工作,并真诚地希望以我的经验协助区块链。以下是我的荣誉名单:
  • 角色:业务咨询,项目经理,人力资源,会计,QA / QC,软件审核,Beta测试,服务器,UI/UX,Web和嵌入式系统。
  • 拥有超过5年的BitShares经验,其中包括几个月的Bitshares代表投票,投票赞成最初的101
  • 在Limewallet(elmato)之后,Ken建造并完成了第一个Bitshares移动钱包(Bitshares Wallet)。
  • 建立了第二个Bitshares手机钱包(Smartcoins Wallet)
  • 建立了第三个Bitshares手机钱包(BiTSy)
  • 构建了“盲交易” UI / UX,并升级了其安全性。
  • 帮助编写BSIP's for Stealth。
  • 内置C-IPFS和C-LibP2P,这是C语言针对移动设备和RasPi的IPFS的轻量级实现。
  • 内置PalmPay,这是利用Bitshares的销售点软件。
  • 具有运行多个公共API节点,Web服务和用于Bitshares的龙头的经验。
  • 现役超过5年的“美国海军Shellback”。少林功夫绿色腰带。 “沙漠盾牌行动”,“沙漠风暴行动”,史努比团队,ASF部队,执法和战术枪械教练。多个丝带和奖牌,附有DD214荣誉勋章。
  • 1993年以来,已建立了4家公司,并管理着远程分布式开发人员团队。
  • 管理多个社交媒体帐户以推广上面列出的Bitshares和产品。 Bitchute,Bitsharestalk,Bittube,Commun,Dtube,Flote,Gab,LBRY,Minds,Publish0x,Somee,Steem,Twitter,Uptrennd,Whaleshares和Youtube。
  • 所有主要Bitshares电报和密钥库组以及与算法,无政府状态和永久文化相关的组的受信任管理员。 Ken还是Steem(上的Bitshares社区的MOD。
  • 获得了全球多个Bitshares投资者,利益相关者和知名社区成员的信任。
  • 每周在Anarchapulco网络广播上的公开演讲者,并且是遵循非侵略原则(NAP)和和平育儿的虔诚的Agorist。
  • 在工作中,Ken与多个开发团队一起工作,并对他们的每周承诺和发票进行审核和支付。他讨论并提供项目指导,不断审查开发人员,保持较低的开销,并且github(经常提交。
  • Telegram/Keybase: @Agorise @kenCode

请投票给Bitshares委员会 “agorise”。谢谢!
和平,爱与无神论。 8) 

But what to do with the committee? What business decisions are being discussed? Among them, which are the best?

I think my goals above are pretty clear. For years now my business decisions and goals have been made very clear, without an ounce of political correctness either. I love Bitshares and I want to help it to become an unstoppable DeFi platform. If and when Agorise can join the committee, then we will take each decision on a case by case basis.

Good background. What will you do in the committee / as a committee member?

Our goal as agorists is to make Bitshares as trustless, distributed, zero-counterparty, fast, scalable, affordable, FOSS, anti-censorship, transparent, anti-aggression, sustainable, automated, agile, and anti-corruptible as possible. To that goal, we will continue to participate in as many discussions and groups as possible, to make the best business decisions possible.

Hola from #Criptopulco Mexico! :D
Effective immediately, we would like to contribute our time on the Bitshares Committee. AGORISE, LTD. as you probably know, is the International Business Company that I work for out of Cyprus, but whether they are in business or not, I have been here building stuff since at least December of 2014 and would sincerely like to help out the chain a bit with my experience. Here is a short list of my works:
  • Roles: Business Consulting, Project Manager, Human Resources, Accounting, QA/QC, Code Audits, Beta Testing, Servers, UI/UX, Web and embedded systems.
  • Well over 5 years experience with BitShares, including months as a Bitshares Delegate, voted in to the original 101.
  • After Limewallet (a poc by elmato), Ken built/completed the first Bitshares mobile wallet (Bitshares Wallet).
  • Built the second Bitshares mobile wallet (Smartcoins Wallet)
  • Built the third Bitshares mobile wallet (BiTSy)
  • Built the Blinded Transactions UI/UX, and upgraded its security. Helped write the BSIPs for Stealth.
  • Built C-IPFS and C-LibP2P, a lightweight implementation of IPFS in C language for mobile and RasPi.
  • Built PalmPay, the point of sale dApp that utilizes Bitshares.
  • Experienced with running multiple, public API nodes, Web Services, and a Faucet for Bitshares.
  • US Navy Shellback with over 5 years active duty. Green sash in Shaolin Kung Fu. Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Snoopy Team, ASF Force Tactical, and Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. Multiple ribbons and medals, with DD214 Honorable Discharge.
  • Built 4 companies and has managed distributed, remote Developer teams since 1993.
  • Manages multiple social media accounts for promoting Bitshares and products listed above. Bitchute, Bitsharestalk, Bittube, Flote, Commun, Dtube, Flote, Gab, LBRY, Minds, Publish0x, Somee, Steem, Twitter, Uptrennd, Whaleshares, and Youtube.
  • A trusted Admin for all main Bitshares telegram and keybase groups, as well as groups related to agorism, anarchy and permaculture. Ken is also a MOD for the Bitshares Community on Steem (
  • Gained the trust of multiple Bitshares Investors, Stakeholders & prominent community members around the world.
  • Weekly public speaker on the Anarchapulco webcasts, and is a devoted Agorist, following the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) and Peaceful Parenting.
  • At work, Ken works alongside multiple Dev Teams and keeps their weekly commits and invoices audited, and paid. He discusses and supplies project direction, continuously vets developers, keeps overhead low, and github ( commits often.
  • Telegram: @Agorise @kenCode ::: Keybase: @Agorise @kenCode

Stakeholders & Proxies, please vote "agorise" for Bitshares Committee. Thank you!
Peace, Love, and Agorism.  8)

Agorise / Re: PalmPay - The chain-agnostic Point Of Sale dApp
« on: February 26, 2020, 07:40:12 pm »
This week we show some love for 100% Natural. They're a chain of awesome restaurants throughout Mexico and serve the most delicious food and drinks anywhere. Their healthy bites are above and beyond, and now, they accept cryptocurrencies too!
The PalmPay point of sale software enables any business to accept one or more cryptos at zero cost

The next time you visit Mexico, be sure to visit 100% Natural and pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitshares, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, EOS, Steem, stable-coins and many others.

Accepting your cryptos helps to secure their future, and remove reliance on the dying local fiat currency and banking system. It's totally free, and 100% Natural has made all the right moves to position themselves accordingly in the new digital economy.

To find a 100% Natural near you, check out their website!


To try PalmPay, and accept the top cryptos (app is in 104 languages):
For free, live support and info, ping us on Telegram: (Español) (Русский)

BiTSy wallet v0.17 Released - Lightning DeFi, unbeatable.
BiTSy is an easy to use mobile wallet for the Bitshares (BTS) blockchain and its 2000+ digital assets and coins. Breeze through the checkout line in under 6 seconds. Works flawlessly at all PalmPay merchants worldwide as well.

Agorise / Re: PalmPay - The chain-agnostic Point Of Sale dApp
« on: December 25, 2019, 05:53:06 pm »
CEX's being shut down and exit scamming, global protests and riots, banks closing, and KYC bullsh!t everywhere you look.
The good news is that true agorist, free-markets can, and will reign.

The PalmPay point of sale software has been growing and improving for over 5 years now. It has been built to withstand the collapse of the old monetary system by way of Node Hopping, Decentralised Exchanges (like Bitshares of course), C-IPFS (so that app stores, HTTP and DNS are no longer relied upon), Atomic Swaps (so Centralised Exchanges (CEX) are not used), and as little reliance as possible on humans or third parties.
If the point of sale software that your business uses relies in any way on the current internet, bridges (like shapeshft, changely, etc), KYC, centralised exchanges, a bank, a company, or even a human, then it is guaranteed that your point of sale system will stop functioning when the next crash and credit freeze comes in 2020.

PalmPay doesn't give a sh!t about the failure of the old monetary system. It operates outside of it.
So, what's new in PalmPay version 1.8?
* Massive improvements to speed and reliability
* Added an auto-close option (Airline Stewardesses and Taxi Drivers have to use expensive mobile data)
* Alert the user to do proper Backups occasionally
* Improved Venezuelan exchange rate accuracy (factored in real street values, due to hyperinflation)
* Added exchange rate caching in case of CEX issues (for example, what is the price in USD, MXN, EUR, RUB etc for 1 Bitcoin? ..or 1 Dash? ..or 1 Monero?). Prepped for Morphit API integration.
* Fixed price discrepancy with bitUSD
What's next for PalmPay?
* Finish, and release Morphit (the world's fastest, most decentralised atomic order book (dAOB)). Then, integrate PalmPay with its pubic API.
* Morphit allows us to finally dump our reliance on the CEX's to tell us what the price of 1 crypto is, in various fiats. CEX's wash trade like crazy, so by using a lightning-fast dAOB for proper price-discovery, those wash traded prices and CEX's will eventually be rendered obsolete. Price feeds must be accurate, not what the criminal CEX's dictate it is.
* The Morphit API will charge a small fee of 1% for providing the public dAOB, but those fees will go (every 3 seconds) to the investor(s) of the Morphit product. If interested in getting some of those fees, feel free to inquire on our Telegram group at:

PalmPay is piece of mind. It means your business can accept all of the top cryptocurrencies without ever having to worry about the issues with the old monetary system. It's literally faster and safer than cash, supports invoicing, eReceipts, payment tracking and is now in 104 languages. Oh, it's totally free for businesses too, so give it a shot, you will be impressed:,+Ltd.

The PalmPay API should also be out of alpha testing by next week. The docs are being finished up now as well. This enables merchants to integrate PalmPay with existing billing systems, websites, etc.
PalmPay - Cryptocurrency Point of Sale software
FASTER AND SAFER THAN CASH (criptomonedas info en Español)
-- Oh, and #fuKYC --

most of the repositories are not public.

Related, Recent Commits and Reputation
If I am going to hire a new Dev, I don't give a shit about their resume or university certificate.
I want to see their recent commits, that are also related to the job that I am thinking of hiring them for.
Without that proof, it's like throwing money on a campfire and hoping it doesn't burn.
Xeroc and Dima give this WP a thumbsup and imo that says a LOT because I have watched both of those guys for 5+ years actually produce value.

+5% Full support!

With Dima and Xeroc supporting it, I will support this as well.

BiTSy wallet #fuKYC version released

BiTSy is an easy to use mobile wallet for the Bitshares (BTS) blockchain and its 2000+ digital assets and coins. Imagine breezing through the checkout line in under 8 seconds. It’s a very lightweight hot-wallet for receiving, sending and storing your cryptocurrencies.

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