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MemoryCoin / Re: How to show all addresses
« on: February 12, 2014, 08:31:31 pm »

MemoryCoin / How to show all addresses
« on: February 12, 2014, 08:06:14 pm »
Working on something, just updated to latest version and some of my addresses have been hidden. What parameter do I need to enable them again?


News? website? services?
Its all been going a bit wrong for me these past few weeks. I am however going to be reprogramming the server into a native windows application which will fix the issues I have been having with MySQL

MemoryCoin / Re: IMPORTANT! Help support MMC on Cryptsy
« on: January 22, 2014, 10:06:28 am »
BUMP at 88, still not enough

MemoryCoin / Re: MMCPOST - Community Project Plan
« on: January 18, 2014, 03:04:56 am »
Seraphim, Isaac, and I are working on developing and would like input from the community on features / etc.  Distributed project management is somewhat tricky, and distributed autonomous project management is, well...

So the first item is getting community input on general project structure.  There's tons of management systems out there, so parts should be familiar to some, or some may be used to other terminology, etc.  This would be overkill for most small or quick tasks, but MMC may have more and larger projects in the future....

Community Project Plan

The team will have its own development site for brainstorming, and will maintain on-site forum threads as shown below.  The first thread is for general management / status update advice and comments.  A second "procurement" thread will be for general description, site features, and community requests - goals, requirements, etc.  The third would be a "development" thread to outline technical details site implementation, and community technical input or advice.

The difference is difficult to describe without seeing an example, but we'll update and adapt as we go along.

  • Community Project Plan - Project description
  • Community Procurement Specification - Feature requests and site requirements
  • Community Development Specification - Site specification and implementation
We need a dedicated site, where users also have the ability to securely trade. We are looking into legal issues re: escrow
The team will have three lead volunteers.  The Project Manager for execution and overall project coordination.  The Community Manager for procurement management and site review.  The Community Developer for technical lead and overall site implementation.

I've volunteered team members for those positions as follows:

  • Project Manager - isaacgoldbourne
  • Community Manager - MaxPWR
  • Community Developer - Seraphim

Please provide any comments on project structure / terminology / etc.
I should have the "Procurement" thread written-up shortly.

Can you not do all of that here?

MemoryCoin / Re: MMCPOST - Community Procurement Specification
« on: January 18, 2014, 12:26:55 am »
I'm helping out on this project, it seems that we have had ideal timing for 0 fee transactions to be allowed.

MemoryCoin / Re: Please Update Your Nodes For Zero Fee Transactions
« on: January 17, 2014, 01:55:44 pm »
You have a coin that's made for voting.  The miners count the votes.  The price is a transaction fee for each vote distributed out to the miners.  Transaction fees are miner incomes...

Did...did the Officers just unilaterally decide to take income away from the miners??
The amount miners earn in tx fees per block is tiny, not even 0.5% so I don't think this is a problem.

Service functioning as normal.

You should probably implement some sort of test that runs constantly to make sure service work as intended.
Not a bad idea, I'll implement something like that in the future

I did say I want to trade too! FWIW, we're buying a house, my wife is pregnant and as of today, I'm making a little income by trading/mining, so being able to trade MMC over this last week would have seen me change 300mmc into about 420mmc, the slump was visible from a mile away and helped massively ;) my point being there will come a time when I am going to sell some of my MMC shares as property renovation isn't a cheap game.

Why should you care? Because I am mining, I want to trade and my voice in the community should carry some weight as much as the next miner.

I ask about what is being done by MMC staff as e.g 42Coin was added to Cryptsy quickly, so EAC less so but that was also done, along with other coins. What can you do about it other than contact the exchange? Promote MMC as a fantastic coin to mine, given it can be done on a standard PC without any real drama. Encourage other MMC members to vote for it to be added to Cryptsy/coinedup/etc etc the list goes on.
Sell to other people directly and use escrow.

Miners don't have a huge voice here though, they don't do all that much for the coin

MemoryCoin / Re: Value of MMC Going down
« on: January 16, 2014, 10:40:35 am »
Why would anyone try to sell that much at once

MemoryCoin / Re: Cross-Coin Satoshi Dice Idea (Exchange)
« on: January 16, 2014, 12:44:40 am »
Only problem is maintaining liquidity when money is going predominantly one way

MemoryCoin / Re: [ANN][DEVS] 2 new python libraries for app developers
« on: January 16, 2014, 12:33:37 am »
You don't need asm2mmc to extract sending address from transactions:)

Service functioning as normal.

Yeah, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but I don't think this is working as intended anymore.

I sent 13 payments to MDice6TRuT18YCHMdAZ9NHoxydYgAx7F4D (48% win rate!? 2x payout) none of which won. The balance is just sitting in the address, and none of them are coming back.

I think what would make people more confident in using this is a website with a history of all the bets and payouts, so that we can all see that the random number and the service do indeed work as intended.

Good luck. Obviously it is not a good idea to bet against the house, it is just for fun after all, however I would not make any more bets until we see a site.
Just taken a look and you are right, there was an error on half of the 48% address (that won't make much sense unless you have seen my code).

I will fully refund you for all of those bets now, I have fixed the code.

Currently working on a website which will list bets. Don't worry about that!

Scratch that, I'm just going to reprocess the bets.
What address would you like me to tip you on? Quite a lot of bets weren't processed because of that!

MemoryCoin / Re: [CHA] French
« on: January 14, 2014, 02:12:19 am »
I, for one, am the community,
and I welcome you  :P

By the way can you show us what you did with your cha money ?
0.8 BTC gone to Seans so far, waiting for an appropriate time to sell the rest.

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