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MemoryCoin / Re: Not doing very well on cryptsy are we
« on: January 13, 2014, 03:04:36 am »
I agree this is something special. I wonder why others aren't getting behind it. Maybe they mostly just read the forums and don't post.

I haven't seen an alt-coin with this much growth behind it yet. Almost 3 weeks and we have several pools, a block explorer, CPU/GPU databases/calculators, two gambling services, a charts site, and one exchange. Plus, it is an innovative coin with the election system. Unheard of.
Its not even that, they literally have to log into facebook and press like. However Seraphim and you are right, the voting system has created huge progress in terms of services available

MemoryCoin / Re: [Media] Media about MMC
« on: January 13, 2014, 02:35:29 am »
Good job, new CMO :P

Do you know, when and where can we see Katie Couric's interview of FreeTrade?
Stickied at the top of the board already

MemoryCoin / Not doing very well on cryptsy are we
« on: January 13, 2014, 02:24:44 am »
64 likes, in 19 days.

UFO coin, a knock off scrypt coin. 111 likes, 6 days.

Batcoin, another celebrity scrypt coin. 2 days, 77 likes

We have something special here, and some of you cannot take the time to log into cryptsy (even with your FB account) and hit like.

For those of you who would like to vote, here is where you need to go:

5 bets with 0% house edge remaining

MemoryCoin / Re: [Media] Media about MMC
« on: January 12, 2014, 10:13:21 pm »
Well done, please share any results.

Thanks for your suggestions for improvements.

I'm thinking maybe proxy voting would help to improve the situation - that would allow users to delegate their voting power to someone they trust. Not implemented yet, but might be something for the future.

Not sure about being able to delegate voting power, makes it easier to pay for votes and rig an election.

What i would like to see is somewhere where all the candidates are given a couple of pages for their plans which could be listed.

For example, vote for me and i will

1. implement a tally chart continually updating the number of votes going to each candidate.
2. Introduce a secondary system of voting so you can vote on which parts of my manifesto you want to be prioritised and which are just a nice to have.
3. ........ ect ect

The idea of a coin that has paid employees is what sets memory coin apart. If we want to see it raise in value and taken seriously we need to demonstrate that having elected paid employees leads to quicker more focused development and a community which is engaged in the coins direction.  Which in turn will make the elected moor accountable for their promises.

I believe if its done correctly you can create auto focusing development in all aspects of the coin. Then even the development becomes decentralised because it ends up being a consensus of the will of all holders.

Im surprised to see no opinions on the above, surly this is the most important discussion for memory coin. How to make the best of what sets it apart. or am i taking about something already covered somewhere else? If i am please reply with the link.

Isnt this important? come on free trade. Its not just coders that follow you and your team. If this is dealt with else were point me too it. If all of you that have been voted into positions of responsibility are not answering because you dont want to be accountable or put under pressure then tell us.

If i was a future investor and i read this i would not bother. I know this coin has potential but it only has potential because it has payed developers. Please all of you that have been elected tell us all there you stand on this.

I have a thick skin, if im talking rubbish then explain that to me and any other like minded investor.
CEOs of any company pay themselves from the business funds.

He paid himself for his work, this isn't just another copy and paste Crypto

MemoryCoin / Re: TOP 100. The richest addresses. Jan 12, 2014
« on: January 12, 2014, 05:31:13 pm »
MFhWZJFwPgmGtFcATEcXYkbng5sZqzeYtn, 810000.0000 (!!!) is FreeTrade8)
No, it isn't its bter

MemoryCoin / Re: TOP 100. The richest addresses. Jan 12, 2014
« on: January 12, 2014, 02:39:16 pm »
Nice to say I'm in the rich list.

Shows that FreeTrades pre-mine isn't that bad, 80,000 seems a reasonable amount to me.

Spread the amount over several addresses >.<
I know a few of the top 10 addresses, I know one of them belongs to FT and the others don't, so he may have a few more addresses with 5k-10k each but that doesn't add up to much really

MemoryCoin / Re: [CEO Support] Max Power Project Funding
« on: January 12, 2014, 11:58:11 am »
Some progress in structure, groups, and documentation.  It's basically a forum where you'd have your own child board - kind of playing with the typical forum power structure to broaden into more of a training market / open working environment for small team boards.

Anyone got advice on which forum hosting site to use going forward?  I just picked at random.  bitsharestalk is on a different hosting site.  Different may be good. 

Support To: MVTEceoftKAgPVbf7BgbqkPaRmKoZdbZRQ
Donations To: MNMRYcnTE3XWtBWn2Grt5DcewHveFb6E3s
I'll set up a VPS for you, we don't want these running on someone elses less that adequate shared hosting.

MemoryCoin / Re: TOP 100. The richest addresses. Jan 12, 2014
« on: January 12, 2014, 11:56:19 am »
Nice to say I'm in the rich list.

Shows that FreeTrades pre-mine isn't that bad, 80,000 seems a reasonable amount to me.

MemoryCoin / Re: The Pre-Mine Questions FreeTrade Won't Answer (Ongoing)
« on: January 11, 2014, 10:15:45 pm »
There's seems to be a really bad vibe with MemoryCoin2.

Any interesting features are overshadowed by rumors of corruption. And the air isn't cleared.

Bad community = no interest for me.  I can go back to XPM or PTS.

Best luck!
XPM and ProtoShares are very good, innovative currencies, but neither of them went smoothly initially.

We are working on it, we have a few people who post a lot of negative things but largely the community here is outstanding. In just a few short weeks we have more tools available than even litecoin, it is rather unfair for you to say the community "has a bad vibe". I would say we are actually incredibly productive

MemoryCoin / Re: CSO / CMO / CHA positions (no longer) compromised
« on: January 11, 2014, 10:13:37 pm »
MemoryCoin 2.0 voting is proportional to the number of coins you own. So if you have 1 MMC that's one vote. If you have 25k MMC that's 25k votes.

Hello people?  Is this some sort of democratic "voting"?  No.

Isn't this the definition of a corrupt voting system?

So basically except for the "1-percenters" your vote is worthless.  So what's the point? 

The whole memorycoin2.0 "voting system" seems like a corrupt gambling system for the top owners of the coin.  Whoever can accumulate and vote enough on themselves will take the pot.  No leadership nor vision is required, only the desire for power and wealth and risk.

So many things about this coin are clever and so many seem idiotic and doomed.  Am I missing something or is this voting system just completely dumb?
I can create a script in just a few minutes that creates an infinite number of addresses and votes for me from each, would you rather that happened? Or would you rather it was centralised like ripple?

Any publicly tradable corporation acts the same way, one share = one vote.

MemoryCoin / Re: The Pre-Mine Questions FreeTrade Won't Answer (Ongoing)
« on: January 11, 2014, 09:08:17 pm »
A lot of fud is spread at the moment, but I'm optimistic that the facts speak for themselves and the haters will give up soon.

The market was crashed by someone selling about 25k coins at once a few days ago. Plus, regarding profitability we're still ahead of scrypt coins for GPU miners, and they tend to sell fast. Price will recover soon, and with the fast decline of the block reward we can expect a bright future  :)
I hadn't taken miners into account, but looking at market volume vs coins mined per day they are fairly similar

MemoryCoin / Re: [ANN] Coaex - MemoryCoin Gold Exchange
« on: January 11, 2014, 09:05:54 pm »
I can confirm the identity of Mr. Isaac Goldbourne. It seems to be the same guy you find on facebook when you google him, only that his passport picture looks even scarier :D
I've decided to grow my hair, I think it will make me look a lot less scary

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