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He didn't quit. He was fired by those voting against development workers.

Yep right... and after he was fired he got instant-enlightened and came to the STEEM plan-b idea ...  Cm-on...


That can only artificially be done! Right?   :o

...or you can make the favor to reputable members  to sell for them some of their DGBs using the OPEN.DGB pair and take % cut for successful sells ....

PS if you not trust them enough you could ask for a collateral like META tried to do with LISKs before you take the initiative

So currently only you will be able to sell publicly?

Anyone can put up their own IOU

If you want to fire-up transactions volume on this pair I would suggest you decrease the sell price from $35 per dgb  to something more reasonable ... (don't forget the original crowd-sale price was at $2.5)
It doesn't make a good impression to ask 14x for the pair debut ...  I thing you will win much more value with a more  liquid dgb pair (because the BUZZ) compared with the instant big profit you will make selling part of your DGBs....

just my 2 BTS!

PS so yes it would be make much sense for DGB holders to unite and make their own UIA if they are satisfied with less profit than $35/DGB

"dollar value" meaning rewards have a value that can be easily denominated in dollars (but that can also be denominated in any currency or commodity).  :)

That should be mentioned on the white-paper conclusion also !
(the "average Joe" will be glad)

Hi @all – the Steem Whitepaper is now pinned in the Steem Slack (  Come join us and check it out ☺

Within Steem, individuals earn real rewards online that are
directly correlated to their contributions. Their rewards will have dollar value due to the
market price discovery and liquidity of Steem, and the people who hold Steem will have
more exclusive earning powers than those who do not.

I would prefer the rewards are not restricted to dollar value!
There should be more options... To choose for example rewards in GOLD value or BTC or whatever ... Whatever the customer wants!

"The customer is always right"

...and they are not only typical Americans! We want to sell our product worldwide (?)...Are we?

PS what happens with Steem if in 5 years the dollar fails? Why should a great project/experiment depends on dollar future/success ?

Has steem similarities with    ?

+5% I would rather have OL there than bitsapphire.

^^^ THIS  +5%

C'mon guys, let's get those VOTES in so we can trade STEEM on bittrex!!

Go to to register.
Join the #voting channel
Scroll way up and click on the appropriate reaction associated to STEEM!

It takes just a minute of your time!  Less than 6 hours left in the voting.

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Expected trading pairs?

wtf do you mean?

Does this sound good?

Cadastral/btsplus  /  COMPUCEEDS/STEEM

What the f*** abit!!!!????!!!!!

PS with all the insanity going around...this seems like a very down to earth approach imho

have you seen this:

General Discussion / Re: Ethereum price discussion
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:34:06 pm »
I'm margin selling all the way up to 0.030 myself.

You made the mistake to not participate on ethereum crowd-sale... don't make another one! We need you here...healthy!

Yeah I might lose on this one :) My thinking is that they have a high valuation, a lot for sale under 0.032 and high inflation atm.

If you look at LTC when it had that kind of inflation, it could never maintain a high level, as that 30% inflation would always drag the price down when the current reason for speculative demand dried up.

If I lose on this trade, I'll lose on others because I've put buy orders very low on other things I like expecting a sharp Ethereum correction to make them crash too, so I might end up having to buy into them higher. Oh well...

Thumbs up to @Empirical1.2  for his accurate prediction !!!!     +5% +5% +5%
Now tell as where you think it stops?

OpenLedger should be one of the first things you see when you hit this forum or the BTS website.  Who disagrees?


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