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General Discussion / Re: 224,201 BROWNIE.PTS up for donations
« on: April 12, 2016, 09:09:44 am »
How about this: Instead of simply transfer the BROWNIE.PTS to you guys which makes the available supply go up quite a bit and benefit only whoever got lucky and is on his computer when i actually transfer them.. how about I create some vesting balances for those that want their brownies.pts? Everyone would get a vesting balance pre-filled with their corresponding amount of brownies and ready to be claimed linearily over .. say 90 days. That would make them fully claimable by 1. August.

Actually, I like that idea so much that I might just do it that way .. since you get gifted in any case .. you may not even care ..


I hope no sharedrop happens to brownies before August!   :P

today, openledger announced the possibility to buy LISK before the official start on bitshares, so i think this effort is not needed anymore.

thanks for all members who are willing to give some funds for this.


Thanks on taking the initiative and thanks for stepping back after CCEKD made the announcement about LISK pairs...
I think it is on the right direction and for the best interest of BTS holders to NOT split our efforts on identical initiatives...

PS what about AUGUR REP tokens? Only one exchange are trading REPs (and META are going great with metaETHs)
      I would contribute a portion of my REPs

Well done !!!!!

 +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5%

You must ask CMC to add  the pair OPEN.LISK/BTC to their market list !!!

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: April 12, 2016, 12:22:15 am »
Why are so many fund moved from poloniex to btc38 the last days?   
(Accounts: poloniexwallet,  btc38-btsx-octo-72722)

Arbitrage or something else?

Maybe it is better to follow/promote OL about LISK trading, since it has the first mover advantage right now, instead of splitting our efforts?

PS Our volume is too low to split it on so much UIAs... Am I wrong?

and it is cheaper to buy LISK from OL now  instead of YoBit !   ;)

Well you are quick !!!!

 +5% +5% +5% +5%

What about to put the collateral max at  3 times the "original" price?   (don't forget that the "original" price is probably overvalued)

PS  "Original" price = 0.0075 BTC

this are some funds :D

0.005 will give LISK a market value of 210.000.000 USD so 1/3 of Ethereum. Personally i would say this is much to high, but we will see how the people will value the LISK.

2. How big should the collateral be?
- not to small and not to big. i am really tight with funds right now, so what about 5 time the original value? So, if i did the math correct for every 1LISK we need 0,0002 BTC in collateral or the every other bitshare asset as bitUSD etc. or OPEN or META assets as collateral. If you are not comfortable with the collateral ratio just cut some of your contribution.

If you think lisk value is 0.005 BTC(sic!) then 5 times for the collateral is 0.025 BTC per lisk not 0.0002 BTC as mentionned.... Except I am missing something.
So please let us know how much exactly should be the collateral and for which exactly supposed price of lisk, so we can re-decide the exact number of lisk we can really constribute.
Because personally I can't right now offer 15 BTC (!) collateral for my 600 LISK...

Since it last 28 more days I assume the bonuses are not for Day 1,2,3,4 but for week 1,2,3,4


Contributer: LISK

1. shentist : 2.000

2. onceuponatime: 1000

3. Pheonike: 500

4. llildur: 174

5. liondani: 600

Just saw this thread, but created OPEN.LISK for Ronny earlier today to allow pre-sale trading.

We should coordinate and use only one of them OPEN or META, not
From the other side it would give arbitrage opportunity inside the DEX...  ;)

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