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中文(Chinese) / Re: BitShares PLAY分配方案
« on: January 09, 2015, 04:22:13 pm »
有个问题想请教下 PLAY给BTS分配份额 是不是意味着按照相应比例减少自己的BTS来换取PLS?

General Discussion / Re: Block Explorer and Delegates Listing
« on: January 09, 2015, 10:48:27 am »
Interesting.. BTSBOTS's batch market transactions are identified as 'Ask'?

BTW transaction types should include 'cancel an order'.

Here is a complaint about fund lost caused by covering a short order.

Please check this block:

Looks strange.
Code: [Select]
>>> blockchain_get_block_transactions 1465854
      "deposits": [[
            "amount": 5504026,
            "asset_id": 22
      "withdraws": [[
            "amount": 9900337696,
            "asset_id": 0
            "amount": 5504026,
            "asset_id": 22

General Discussion / Re: api call error
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:31:53 am »
The feed scripts use float() with %g to format the number .. maybe thats the issue ...

Have a sample code?

I think xeroc is correct, it looks like the exponent at the end of "1.2028997179833209e-05" might be causing the failure.
I don't know where it convert price  from type float to type string
from the output above, it's still float when I call
Anyway encoded HTTP post data is a String. You have this in the data:
Code: [Select]
['ask_order', ['fund.btsbots', 11429.350384438114, 'BTS', 1.202899717
9833209e-05, 'GOLD']]

generated by
Code: [Select]


1. 采用加密的文件系统来存放敏感数据
2. 使用一台“安全的”电脑来远程监控运行钱包的服务器,需要时,自动远程连接,创建包含密码的文件/设置密码环境变量


Code: [Select]
gdb ./bitshares_client --server --httpport 9989 --rpcuser user --rpcpassword pass
Code: [Select]
open mywallet
 unlock 999999
 <enter password>
 wallet_delegate_set_block_production user123 true
 network_set_advanced_node_parameters {"desired_number_of_connections":100, "maximum_number_of_connections":200}



第一步,创建一个文件,比如命名为 startup.input ,内容如下
Code: [Select]
>>> open mywallet
>>> unlock 99999999 <password>
>>> wallet_delegate_set_block_production user123 true
>>> network_set_advanced_node_parameters {"desired_number_of_connections":100, "maximum_number_of_connections":200}
注意,每行以“>>> ”开头,也就是3个大于号加一个空格,后面跟要执行的命令。

Code: [Select]
gdb ./bitshares_client --server --httpport 9989 --rpcuser user --rpcpassword pass --input-log startup.input
这样,钱包启动时,就会自动加载 startup.input 里的命令了。


欢迎打赏或者拍砖 :D


Q2. wallet2 to get back the bts
@abit, @vikram
as this act involoves more than half of my savings
i have to be really discreet
will it cause any problem
that the due bts was once claimed,later a transaction was made
then import the pts wallet again?
do you think i should import it to the same wallet same account
or a brand new empty wallet with new account ?
If you 'claimed' but didn't transfer all the fund to another account, you left the remaining fund at its original address, it's re-claimable with the private key. So it's safe if you're the only one who know the key.
As vikram answered, claim to a new wallet is better.

Technical Support / Re: how to save advanced_node_parameters
« on: January 07, 2015, 05:42:28 pm »
Code: [Select]
$bitshares_client --help


--input-log arg                       Set log file with CLI commands to
                                            execute at startup

Looks like it's possible to set some commands to excute at startup, but how to?

You can give it a file with a command on each line prefixed by the console prefix ">>> ". Anything before the prefix or on a line without it is ignored. Like so:
Great. This makes a lot sense.

For those who lost fund after importing a private key, it may be interesting to check whether the owner key and the active key of the account are same.
While creating a new sub-account with current version of client (v0.4.27.2), the owner key and active_key are different by default. In this case, if one dump out the private key of the account and import it into another wallet, only the active key will be imported, as a result, something strange may happen.

Code: [Select]
>> wallet_account_create test.abit


>> wallet_get_account test.abit

  "index": 52041,
  "id": 0,
  "name": "test.abit",
  "public_data": null,
  "owner_key": "BTS5R1G2iBqAoKAKZCRfJgZA7us7N7xkvSaMwStnY1hkK52s42A56",
  "active_key_history": [[

Technical Support / Re: Exception cancelling market orders
« on: January 07, 2015, 01:08:33 pm »
Let's replay..
1. open a wallet console (v0.4.27.1),
1.1 type a command 'wallet_account_create [sub.account]'
1.2 type command 'register [sub.account] [account]'
1.3 type 'wallet_dump_private_key [sub.account]', will get a private key
2. transfer some BTS and CNY to the new sub-account
3. on another computer, open a wallet console (v0.4.27.2),
3.1 type 'create_wallet [wallet_name]'
3.2 type 'wallet_import_private_key [the_private_key]'
3.3 type 'wallet_market_submit_bid aaa xxx bbb yyy', created a bid order
3.4 type 'wallet_market_order_list xxx yyy', can see the order created, with an order id
3.5 type 'wallet_market_cancel_order [order_id]', Exception raised.

It's interesting that the owner key and active key of that sub-account are different. Perhaps it makes sense?
The result of command 'wallet_dump_private_key [account_name]' is the private key of the active key, but not the owner key.
So I guess active key is needed for submit an order, but owner key is needed for cancelling an order? Will import the other key and make some tests.

After imported the private key of owner key of the sub-account in the new client, I was able to cancel the market orders successfully.

So here comes a question: is it a new feature or a bug?

i send some bitcoin to ags with multibit in jan last year
and on mar 1st i had some pts, i sold them days after the snapshot
im to claim these 2 sum of bts

windows xp,bts


Q1:now what do i do with wallet1 to get the due bts for ags?
You can check your AGS balance at , input all of your btc address there, you'll know which address has AGS. Then import the private key of that address in BTS wallet.
Q2:now what do i do with wallet2 to get back the bts?
Import the pts wallet again.
Since you haven't move all of your BTS to another account, most of it should be in the original address.
Q3:is there any place i can input my bts acccount address so that i can see the balance of it, just like for bitcoin?
No way for TITAN accounts.

I think you know Chinese. Please check these 2 pages:

If you are importing Genesis funds (AGS/PTS) , you don't need to re-scan the BTS chain, just import the private keys then your funds will be there.

Are you sure your addresses / private keys are correct? Check them at .
This article may also be helpful for you:

You can also post questions in the Chinese sub-forum, a lot of people will help you.

Technical Support / Re: Exception cancelling market orders
« on: January 07, 2015, 06:26:41 am »
here is the output from rpc call  wallet_market_order_list
you can find ID 48b08ef975ca3c5002e6de8ae3d034b90c427c44 belong to key BTSEzmSPTwQys6AgdJFjLoTioVdLXMWujPzY

run  this command to see if the key is in your wallet
Code: [Select]
wallet_dump_private_key BTSEzmSPTwQys6AgdJFjLoTioVdLXMWujPzY
if it's not, maybe you need to run this command to regenerate your key,
if it's not work change 200 to more, untill wallet_dump_private_key run success.
Code: [Select]
wallet_regenerate_keys youraccount  200
Yes I have the private key(s), just unable to cancel the order(s).

wallet_set_transaction_scanning true

Code: [Select]
wallet_repair_records 账号名

Code: [Select]

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