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Technical Support / Re: integration support and advise
« on: May 20, 2018, 11:07:35 am »
If I understand correctly,  you want to run your own chain, but have it listed in BitShares?

First thing would be to setup your own testnet. When that works you move into your main chain. For the listing you would need a gateway, like blocktrades.

Team you could talk to? Contact Blockchain Projects BV [email protected]
I guess he wants to start something like OpenLedger.

Please describe your requirements or questions clearly.

What's a "METABLOCK "?
You consistently mentioning "a new block chain". Your running testnet IS a new blockchain. Unless you're asking for "a new asset" or "a new token". Or "a new website hosting the GUI interface for BitShares".

For a testnet, it's unable to get the "meta block with no transactions" via API. It's defined in genesis.json.



@xeroc @sschiessl I got this when trying to create an account:

Account name in the error message is apparently not what I'm trying to register:

As of writing, there are 25 active witnesses in testnet is ready for the hard fork:

abit-test, blckchnd-testnet, clockwork.witness-1, sahkan-bts-testnet, sc-bitshares-testnet, zhaomu-test, witness.zapata,  bangzi-test, crazybit.witness, xeldal-test, roelandp, witness-still, witness.yao.test, thom-witness, freedom-t, sampson-test, test-hiblockchain, migicwallet-witness,fox-20180510,delegate.ihashfury,lafona-testnet,oxarbitrage-test,initX,gdex-witness,necklace-w,bhuz-testnet,rngl4b

Their witness account in mainnet are:

in.abit, blckchnd, clockwork, sahkan-bitshares, sc-ol, delegate-zhaomu, ?, bangzi, crazybit, xeldal, roelandp, witness.still, witness.yao, verbaltech2, delegate.freedom, winex.witness, witness.hiblockchain, magicwallet.witness, fox, delegate.ihashfury, delegate-1.lafona, ?, ?, gdex-witness, xn-delegate,bhuz,rnglab

Among them,
* sc-ol, bangzi have witness accounts in mainnet, but are not active (didn't get voted in);

* witness.zapata, initX(xeroc), oxarbitrage-test(oxarbitrage) don't have an witness account in mainnet.

These active mainnet witnesses don't have an active witness in testnet:

bhuz, rnglab, abc123, xman, openledger-dc, elmato, mr.agsexplorer

Update: bhuz updated.

Update: rnglab had updated earlier


Thanks for your response...
l want to send payments to China or Hong Kong.... please suggest platform should i use which i save and quick. I want to send 40000 USD
I thought you're trying to build a remittance platform or you already own one platform and wanted to integrate crypto currencies (I thought the "commercial use" you mentioned was for the customers on that platform).

If we already have such a platform then all will be fine, and you can use it easily. Unfortunately I guess we don't have it. ( is trying to build one)

We do have MagicWallet( which can be used to send CNY (not USD), but I guess it's only for individual use but not for "commercial use" (E.G. nobody would provide invoice aka "Fa Piao").

So, now you're trying to send payments for yourself, and is USD, and is only 40K, and is for "commercial use". I've mentioned the steps above

Basically, if sender has fiat only and receiver want fiat only, the process is: the sender locally buy certain crypto currency from someone (e.g. you, or an exchange, or other service providers), then send the crypto currency to the receiver, then the receiver locally sell the crypto currency for fiat.

To be safe, firstly I'd recommend that you check with your lawyer and your recipient's lawyer to see if it's legal to do so, and how many legal issues will be involved. Then you can check how much fee/cost would be involved. I guess it doesn't worth the efforts at this stage.

Technical Support / Re: someone please help me
« on: May 18, 2018, 01:07:21 pm »
Looks all normal, just go to MY MARKETS -> BTS -> BRIDGE.BTC to trade against BTS.

there is nowhere that says "markets" on my screen...
Exchange? Or Dashboard?

yes, in order for me to change my bridge.btc to eos, do i need to first exchange bridge.btc > bitshares then > eos?
I mean click the "exchange" menu.
Then "find market" on the right. Then select "BTS" from "quote currency" box, input "BRIDGE.BTC" in "asset name" box.
There is another way now: market picker

Technical Support / Re: remove proxy (me)
« on: May 18, 2018, 12:24:22 pm »
This isn't my real username, it should only demonstrate the problem. I can delete my username but I can't save it. All locks are locked.
Oh, now I understand what did you mean.

Created an issue here:

Below is from Telegram channel, by clockworkgr

If get this error when connecting with cli_wallet:

0 exception: unspecified
TLS handshake failed
    {"message":"TLS handshake failed"}
    asio  websocket.cpp:487 operator()

It's perhaps due to cli_wallet sends a very small list of supported ciphers....if haproxy has those set it will fail with handshake failure due to not being able to negotiate a matching cipher

E.G. for nginx, this won't work:


----------- update ----------
by @clockworkgr:

I debugged the issue on my node running haproxy yesterday
hopefully it's the same reason
using ssldump during handshaking I noted 2 things
a) cli_wallet submits a Client Hello with a max supported SSL version of 3.1
that's TLS1.1
(my node had TLS 1.2 handshaking failed)
after I set it to allow TLS 1.1
b) I Noted that the ciphers supported by cli_wallet were not the ones in my allowed ciphers list in haproxy config
also failing handshake
cli_wallet's supported cipher list according to ssldump is the following:
you'll have to find what literals those correspond to in your nginx config and make sure at least one of them exists

Technical Support / Re: Settling smartcoins
« on: May 16, 2018, 05:20:40 pm »
It will settle on the "Settlement price" of 24 hours later (you need to wait for 24 hours).

Submitted issue:

Technical Support / Re: someone please help me
« on: May 16, 2018, 05:13:04 pm »
Looks all normal, just go to MY MARKETS -> BTS -> BRIDGE.BTC to trade against BTS.

there is nowhere that says "markets" on my screen...
Exchange? Or Dashboard?

Technical Support / Re: Transaction history
« on: May 16, 2018, 05:11:10 pm »

Technical Support / Re: remove proxy (me)
« on: May 16, 2018, 05:05:15 pm »

That looks correct (on my PC I don't see your name in the box).

What OS and browser are you using?

Perhaps better create an issue here:

You said you want to "publish a new block chain starting with no transaction". Apparently need a new setup.

是。前提是你的仓位要设置了只维持 175% 。默认是全卖的。
反过来,默认设置成维持 175%,全卖须要特别指定是否会好一些?

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