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General Discussion / Re: Developing a bitAsset research program
« on: May 02, 2019, 04:01:24 pm »
Thanks for the warm welcome back.

To answer a few questions:

The only thing that concerns me is it seems that you don't have a clear economy-related background, so possibly an average Joe (who don't understand computer science nor game theory nor economy) won't believe you nor your research results.

Messaging to average Joes is one of my favorite things to do -- check out my "Game Theory of Steem" series I published on Steemit a couple years back. As to my background, I actually do have training in economic thinking -- more than most computer science/engineering people, and one of my key research areas is developing algorithmic incentive mechanisms to influence human behavior. The topic of MPA/bitassets is fundamentally interdisciplinary, so anyone working on it needs access to a range of background material, and this is something I bring. In addition, the PhD student who will likely be working on the project is a software engineer with trading experience, so he brings some good relevant diversity as well.

When talking about economy, bitAsset is impacted by the impossible trinity theory. More discussions are linked below:
Looking forward to your inputs about this.

Yes, I'm aware of the impossible trinity and I'm looking forward to formalizing that kind of concept for bitassets in particular. More about my thoughts on this in the future.

Good to see you are preparing to do deep research on bitAsset, it is very necessary indeed. However, is there any specific target?  or we can we expect from your future research?

You can find a very brief summary of the project goals here. In a nutshell, we'll do two things:
  • We'll ask BTS-specific questions: How should MSSR be selected? Could dynamic collateral requirements be helpful? What is the right way to eliminate global settlement as an undercollateralization safety mechanism?
  • We'll ask broader price-stable-asset questions, focusing on the fundamental design tradeoffs in the space. My favorite question here concerns risk: there is a complex interplay between the behavior of bitasset shorts and the risk assumed by bitasset longs. The system can only work if the shorts assume most of the longs' risk, and yet in BTS bear markets, the shorts want to assume as little of that risk as possible. However, if the shorts offload the risk back to the longs, then the bitasset may un-peg and thus lose its value proposition, which in turn harms the value of BTS, ultimately hurting the shorts as well. Thus, the system must be designed so that this long-term risk is somehow directly "priced in" to the shorts' incentives.

This sounds very interesting. You'll get my support. Looking forward to more outcome from your research. Do you have a schedule about the research, e.g. at what time you will publish what?

General Discussion / Re: MARGIN CALL
« on: May 02, 2019, 03:52:29 pm »

Second, MSSR is too large.
MSSR is too large ?How does it come no margin call is getting bought if its too large?

To be fair, (I observed that) MSSR has nothing to do with whether margin calls would get bought.

We had a 10% MSSR before, in a downtrend bitUSD was usually traded at around 12-15% premium so margin calls didn't get bought.

We have a 2% MSSR now, bitUSD is traded at around 3.5% premium, nobody eats margin calls as well.

Only in an uptrend or when the price is bouncing up the margin calls will get bought.

General Discussion / Re: would you support a cheater as the wintess?
« on: April 28, 2019, 11:41:28 am »
How ridiculous is this!!!

 the feeding program is developed by community and open-sourced, you are lazy to simulate with the provided evidence, but keep asking unless questions and trying to impose your willingness on others.

i did a deep~~~ track on logs and the feeding activity i provided before, what i observers is it might drop on the "median" on most of times if you simulate with [email protected] and following config, i do not know whether it is as designed or program bug,you could have a try by your self。

Code: [Select]
        target_price_algorithm: 'adjusted_feed_price'
        target_price_adjustment_scale: 0
        maximum_short_squeeze_ratio: 105

what i see from this thread is Bitshares already controlled by a few whales, and many community members cannot distinguish what is right and wrong, what you do is just following, i don't care any more ,just do as you like.

I have removed my votes for crazybit.

The above comment proves that

a) it was NOT done on purpose IMHO but

b) crazy bit has no understanding of the various discussions on feeding

        target_price_algorithm: 'adjusted_feed_price'
        target_price_adjustment_scale: 0

The above are BSIP42 settings....Meaning it's based on negative feedback on the MEDIAN price.
When BSIP42 became inactive he just changed the feedback factor (target_price_adjustment_scale) to 0 so there was no feedback and just fed the last read median price outright.
This might be the most reasonable reply.

I wouldn't call 360M votes a majority, since a single voter can easily turn it back.
I'll take the conservative approach, not change my feeds now, but wait for more votes on the worker.

The "no" worker now has 231M votes, that means the difference to the "yes" worker is around 130M.

yes = 518M, no = 347M, total = 865M, diff = 171M.
Voter turnout seems better now, I'll change my feed.

General Discussion / Re: Developing a bitAsset research program
« on: April 28, 2019, 10:59:05 am »
Welcome back and thanks for the offer.

The only thing that concerns me is it seems that you don't have a clear economy-related background, so possibly an average Joe (who don't understand computer science nor game theory nor economy) won't believe you nor your research results. (I guess) the majority of voting BitShares stake is in the hands of average Joes which are hard to educate. To develop the community/ecosystem, we've chosen a hard path. You may want to research topics about the voting mechanism as well.

When talking about economy, bitAsset is impacted by the impossible trinity theory. More discussions are linked below:
Looking forward to your inputs about this.







中文(Chinese) / Re: EOS 上去中心化稳定币 USD-EOS
« on: April 12, 2019, 09:15:30 pm »


General Discussion / Re: bitusd peg
« on: March 30, 2019, 10:59:37 pm »
Please voice your wishes, suggestions or ideas for the marketing worker in a constructive way, I will happily listen.

Does anyone have any experience with this exchange?   Can the foundation make a proposal to them to add BTS-USD pair..?

A direct fiat USD/BTS on ramp would be a major boon to a revamped Bitshares marketing campaign...

Obviously the sooner bitUSD is revived the stronger case the foundation can make...


I wonder if this announcement by Samsung had any influence on the BTS price spike on Upbit Exchange...Is Samsung aware of BTS' superior capabilities. ?

Is there a bitKRW asset? 

US$ =  1138 KRW   CNY = 169 KRW

@bitstopia2049 & clockwork, thank you for the replies.

Please confirm the following hypothetical bid for BitUSD

mcr 1.75
GS 0.051
Debt I will take 10,000 bitUSD
Additional Collateral I provide 400,000 bts
CR 59.608
call price would be 0.029

Based on the formulas and bitUSD revives with my bid being inclusive, I am essentially "rewarded" an additional 200,000 bts as collateral in the long position?
Essentially, yes, if your bid is included, you get a debt position whose debt is 10,000 bitUSD and collateral is your additional BTS plus that 200,000 BTS. The higher "additional_collateral / debt" ratio, the higher possibility that your bid will be included.

中文(Chinese) / 新版重钱包 3.0.0
« on: March 27, 2019, 10:31:58 am »

* 交易手续费分成/返还
* 修复智能资产总量可能超出上限的问题
* 修复交易大小限制问题
* 修复MCR问题


中文(Chinese) / Re: GDEX做市计划
« on: March 26, 2019, 11:27:13 am »



General Discussion / Re: bitusd peg
« on: March 26, 2019, 11:18:00 am »
Can someone explain the best way to "arb" this in terms of USD? I can just buy BTS, and sell on the BTS/USD market (for a higher price, in exchange for risk of holding BitUSD)?
IMHO the best way is to participate in collateral bidding, you'll get a (cheap) debt position if succeeded, in the risk of being margin called later. The higher current BTS price is, the higher potential profit and lower risk will you have.

Proposal 1.10.25608 created:
* update bid_collateral fee to be same as call_order_update (debt position update) fee: 0.02526 BTS
* update account_update fee to 0.02528 BTS (increased by 1 Satoshi)

The proposal will expire in 3 days (2019-03-29 11:50:00 UTC).

Please vote.

Note: fees for new operations have been explicitly set, however, some of them didn't honor original USD--denominated value.
Specifically, bid_collateral fee was set to same as call_order_update fee, it's now increased to $5, which greatly discourages participation. Here I suggest that we revert this change with a new proposal.

Meta / Re: Spam Bots
« on: December 25, 2018, 07:34:05 pm »
Thanks for the head up. Just wanted to post the same, E.G. force inactive accounts to reactivate if they want to post again.

Merry Christmas!

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