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Another solution would fit nicely would be that all worker proposals are paid in BitUSD but this would require a hard fork.
That's not true. I proposed on several occasions to create a new multisig account (owned by the committee) that actually creates the workers for people looking to work for BitShares, gets the BTS and borrows bitUSD at ratio 3x or more) to pay them to the "employee" ...
All we need to do is to agree on this process since the shareholder needs to pay 3x - MORE for the worker in BTS terms to fund the collateral.

There is the problem to it. :) .. Everyone freaks out when they see the amount of BTS being asked for.. regardless of the conversion.. its the number they see they are voting on.

Other than the human issue.. I think its a fantastic idea though.

General Discussion / Re: Hello, I'm new to BitShares
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:56:58 am »
The ability to issue dividends would be very helpful. Will that ever be made possible?

Yes, the Peerplays project has developed this and has plans to share it with Bitshares.

personally I do not like this idea, business should be done by businessmen.

I dislike this as well and have cast that vote multiple times already.
For me, this is not the time to use our reserves to improve the liquidity .. not yet..

Can you give reasons why?

I think it has something to do with the lack of utility that thus is not driving any real demand. By doing something like this 'today' we are creating an artificial market that is more likely to lead to something like nubits than towards growing.

That's just my guess anyways.. not a trader!

Our 'slack' channel is now up, but instead of slack we choose to leap frog straight into rocket chat.

You can signup to it at

To get the mobile or desktop client go to:

General Discussion / Re: poll for bitUSD parameter optimization
« on: July 29, 2016, 04:46:46 pm »
I support this. However, I think I would prefer to see this simply become the standard across the board for all community run bitassets instead of spinning up the same process on every single one.

It appears to be clear that the economics and incentives are better aligned and it doesn't make a different from one bitasset to another.

This should be considered across the board.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: July 28, 2016, 05:08:13 pm »
Bit share been loosing since I got in. The trend has been down for a while. I would say anyone in Bts is a big contrarian probably won't go up in price until end of this year possibly later.

The thing is you really can not judge the long term trend to heavily when looking at the bitshare price history. The project underwent major alteration near the end of 2015 and this caused the fundamentals of the project to drastically alter. Given this I think it prudent to base all judgments of bitshares' future performance from the launch of bitshares 2.0 back in late 2015. From this view the project is at least larger, the price higher and the project is more well known. It will take time for the market to properly price the new fundamentals. Least that is my thought and why I buy BTS whenever I can  :)           

Maybe we would have seen different results now if the 2.0 launch was done under a new token and sharedropped instead of the same one.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares Reserve Bank’s Repurchase Plan
« on: July 28, 2016, 05:06:38 pm »
First and for most: A poll in the forum has no meaning at all.
Secondly, I personally disagree with using reserves to borrow bitassets (that what it is .. *borrowing*).
It leaves EVERY INVESTOR at a risk of being called even if he doesn't care about CNY, or GOLD ..
It also leads to the questions .. how big should the collateral ratio be? which assets to short? What' percentages to short which asset? Which prices to sell the bitassets at?

I want BTS to grow as much as you do, but I do not see the need to take these drastic and risky actions ..

With over 1B BTS collateral this could be done with little risk through a worker proposal to provide liquidity to bitAssets in demand. The problem is to find skilled market maker who could manage this process.

Thats the rub.. where do we start?

hi, all the sell orders in (  ) disappear, I placed three orders to sell peerplay, but now, the three orders disappear in my account, and I can not find the peerplay returned to my account? why is that?

Hello auspal,

Without reference to your Bitshares username we can't really see what is happening. However, there is a username called 'auspal1' which appears to be similar to your forum handle. Assuming this is yours, you can review all your transactions that took place on the Bitshares DEX here:

Hope this helps you in your analysis of the buy/sell/cancel orders placed.

General Discussion / Re: Paging the great satan Larimer
« on: July 19, 2016, 02:56:01 pm »
Exactly what kind of glowing response do you expect by calling someone 'satan Larimer'?!

If you want to be taken seriously then state the party you wish to address, and get a response from, with their proper name, and with respect.

General Discussion / Re: STEEM hack discussion
« on: July 17, 2016, 01:08:06 pm »
Here's my take on the hack, and possible solutions for the future:

So, is it possible that our bitshares private keys are shipped away by XSS program?

It's not likely because  OL hosted wallet is not designed for user input the same way Steemit is. Though I would imagine after seeing this @svk is checking to make sure the same thing can't happen.

General Discussion / Re: STEEM hack discussion
« on: July 17, 2016, 06:15:55 am »
Hardfork coming in tomorrow that introduces a new 'account recovery' feature:

Details written by bytemaster about it here:

General Discussion / Re: STEEM hack discussion
« on: July 16, 2016, 05:06:58 pm »
Their centralized wallet got hacked after all this advertisement of advantages of decentralized blockchain. LMAO!

I've used it because I like the concept but I've also wondered about this. why is that? because they're still not using IPFS?

IPFS wouldn't have prevented the attack as it was an XSS attack. IPFS is just a storage medium. It was a coding vulnerability in posting that allowed for this to happen.

This is unique to steem so OL is not exposed the same way.

General Discussion / Re: STEEM hack discussion
« on: July 16, 2016, 05:04:15 pm »
Their centralized wallet got hacked after all this advertisement of advantages of decentralized blockchain. LMAO!

Yea I'm pretty shocked about that. I wouldn't have thought something like this was even possible.

Of course I never got around to changing my keys over the past couple days. Easy come easy go?  :-\

Also makes me wonder if our openledger wallets are exposed to the same risk...?

And wtf wasn't 2FA authentication set up by now? That would have probably saved a lot of headache.   ???

2FA is not so simple in blockchain.. it also creates a barrier to onboarding.. eg. you don't have 2FA in facebook.

Is the plan to have the site designed to just be HTML or have some kind of content management under it... like Wordpress for example?

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