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Does bitshares have a proper way to liquidate outstanding tokens which are no longer supported?

No it does not.. but it's an interesting idea to enable some kind of kill switch for owners. The alternative of course is hard forking it out by a consensus from the voters.. but that would get messy and trample on property rights in my estimation. I would prefer if there was some way the owner could voluntarily kill their asset in some structured way so that all balances somehow go through a forced settlement and the name can be removed from the space. It would then be claimable again perhaps after a period of 60 days or something like that. Similar to how domain names work I suppose.

Just some thoughts.

Sorry construction didn't work out... I know how hard going crowdfunding can be.


1st Testnet is now live.

Information on it and further rollouts provided here:

I am not finding my peerplay at all. I changed my public keys and imported to a new wallet to see if i could see my peerplay and i dont. can someone please expalin how i can get the pperplay?

The SHAREDROP happens when the Peerplays blockchain is launched, towards the end of this year. A sharedrop is when the snapshotted addresses/accounts are integrated into the Genesis block of the new Peerplays blockchain. The people who controlled the BTS held in those addresses/accounts can then use the same private keys from their BitShares accounts to unlock their new Peerplays tokens on the Peerplays blockchain.

Hope this helps to clarify your question.

General Discussion / Re: [Video] Bitshares Inflation Rate
« on: September 15, 2016, 04:00:51 pm »
bunkerchainlabs-com will be voting for approval of this.

Technical Support / Re: metaexchange open source bridge/gateway
« on: September 09, 2016, 05:12:01 pm »
Metaexchange should leave the code for community in case someone else wants to use it.

Licensing is available for sale if you wish to use it. Contact them.

I see that you pushed the rewards referral program back a few weeks until after the pre-launch is this the reason for not getting any memo


This was initially what I recommended. We still have to see what impact bitUSD will have with this.. starting to collect the data on community sentiments though is good.

@bytemaster has downvoted this.


The post was very poor quality and didn't meet any criteria as far as content goes. It literally just was a call to give you money on a promise.

If you put some kind of effort into actually making a case that detailed how that advertising would be done.. show the prepared campaigns that are ready to go with screenshots.. and what the end goal might be, then it would have been more compelling to support.

I think a little more effort would have yielded better results.

General Discussion / Re: An appeal to revitalize the forum
« on: August 15, 2016, 05:18:03 pm »
STEEM powered forum style gateway site with tags related only to Bitshares.


Problem solved.

Announcement – BTS Snapshot Date

For further local discussion in the forum on this subject a new thread as been started to ensure visibility at:,23002.0.html

General Discussion / Peerplays Announcement - BTS Snapshot Date
« on: August 12, 2016, 03:06:42 pm »

If we view bts as an exchange company, then we need to make profit from market ordering like 0.1% of the order amount just like most exchanges do. We can get both bitasset and bts from market transaction which can be put in interest pool and distribute like in bts 0.x (where you get interest when you move your bitasset).

^^ This... I am not a fan of interest.. I know some are.. but in the way it is handled in bitshares it makes no sense to just give it away unless it is something that is build. Banks pay interest on term deposits because they are making multiples on it.. in the blockchain its going nowhere and not really being put to work to provide value that can even justify that interest payment.. it's almost like a tax.

I would prefer to see something where activities that benefits the network in turn will benefit the user.

Committee member bunkerchainlabs-com has approved this proposal based on the fundamentals being better aligned to make the creation of bitassets less risky to those that borrow them.

There is the problem to it. :) .. Everyone freaks out when they see the amount of BTS being asked for.. regardless of the conversion.. its the number they see they are voting on.

Other than the human issue.. I think its a fantastic idea though.
Thinking about it .. it's actually not an issue at all .. if they pay 3x the BTS .. only 1/3 will be payed to the worker .. and 2/3 will be "leverage" on BTS ..
Interestingly .. we can do BOTH .. at the same time .. the worker can create his own worker paying BTS .. and the committee-owned worker account can create the same worker asking for 3x the BTS with the promise to pay the original worker in USD and have leverage on BTS .. If the ordinary worker is voted in .. anything the committee worker receives can be kept (or returns) as owned by the committee and thus shareholders anyway .. nothing to loose ..

I like that also because it adds a degree of 'curation' to the process.... but in this case we then have to maintain 2 workers being voted in if I understand this correctly. What happens when one is voted in but the other is not?

I am still yet to hear any convincing reason why this proposal could have a negative effect on bitshares.
Is there a consensus among the committee that demand for BitUSD is not the issue, it is the supply of BitUSD that is the issue?
If not from a worker proposal where does the committee suggest this supply should come from?

Another solution would fit nicely would be that all worker proposals are paid in BitUSD but this would require a hard fork.

@xeroc @bitcrab @Bhuz  @clayop @bitcube @abit @dele-puppy @BunkerChain Labs @ebit @Chris4210 @Harvey-xts

Initially I thought this was a good idea.. but the more I thought about it the more I saw too many issues as have been stated by different people.

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