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General Discussion / Re: more professional price feed?
« on: January 06, 2017, 03:47:28 pm »
today a man made margin call happened again for bitCNY, about 50K bitCNY margin called, someone did price manipulation just by selling a little quantity of BTS in yunbi.

proxy bitcrab decided to unvote below witnesses, until they implement professional enough bitCNY price feeding.
spectral delegate-clayop bhuz bue delegate.ihashfury spartako fox elmato rnglab datasecuritynode

don't tell me btc38 always fail to provide price, don't ask me how to generate good price feed, you are witnesses, you should find ways to make that done.

Note - datasecuritynode wasn't being voted for by your proxy before anyway.

I would suggest we create a worker proposal to gain access to more price feed data rather than continuing to rely on bottom of the barrel free data. Vote for it?

I  don't understand why worker proposal are needed here.
if some witnesses have proved that they can provide professional price feed for free(no more than the block generation reward), then why should I vote for the worker propossal?

I'm just going by what you said.. not professional enough. I never seen free as ever being professional enough.. so I am recommending we do things professional and proper and have paid data feeds that are the same quality as all the major forex markets around the world.

I think what bitcrab is getting at is that witness's should provide a quality robust price feed.  They are being paid by the blockchain to produce blocks and provide a reliable feed.  Providing this reliable feed is well within the scope and responsibility of the witness and shouldn't be subsidized by a worker proposal.

That said, I know feeds for assets can be expensive.  Right now, a witness would run at a net loss if they were to subscribe to a professional price feed like Bloomberg.

The witness's that can find a balance between robustness and cost effectiveness of the price feeds are going to be the ones that get and stay elected.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: January 05, 2017, 06:13:32 pm »
bitshares doesn't participate in any of the bitcoin rallies, but falls when bitcoin sells off...

I'm sure there is someone here who can explain to me how bullish that is.

The answer of "The future of bitshares has never looked brighter!" is not valid anymore when describing the price of the bts token.... That saying has been regurgitated thousands of times and the price keeps falling.

Pumps keeping getting smaller...

I'm eager to know if anything has changed since then, I have missed 18 months out of bts life at one point...

This thread has been dead for over 2 years... I'm guessing anyone involved in this has long left bitshares

Before investing in this, please be aware that:
It looks like a scam to me

WHO ARE YOU to make this statement ???  Have you any proof of it ??
If not , you better shut up !!

Or else what??  This is the internet and people can say what they want.

Why is cryptoceeds, which is suppose to represent 1 euro, Trading and $0.55?  The constant pumping of this coin and never ending delays resonate of a scam.

General Discussion / Re: Why is the price of bitShares so low?
« on: December 23, 2016, 12:56:50 am »
Basically cnx, the creator of bitshares using investor cash, pumped the coin based on a future "sharedrop" theory.  They then created a new chain, steem, using bts tech. Unfortunately, they immediately abandoned the "sharedrop" idea once they found out they would have to be the ones to sharedrop.  They were even dumping shares as they were pumping the "buy because of share drops, the price is a bargain!".  This caused many remaining investors to leave.

The Chinese investors were a big part of bts a year or two ago, but they dumped when Dan larimer took control of the coin and forced inflating the supply to 2.5 billion (the merger).  Bts was just taking off, but this merger was the beginning of a long downtrend vs almost all currencies.

Long story short, the original investors that invested because of cnx are gone. Many invested what they had left in steem, where they were pumped and dumped again. The silver lining of all this is that bts has a fresh start. The cloud of centralization by Dan or cnx no longer lingers over bts.

Pretty much every UIA is falling, less peerplays.  It's early investors leaving the BTS ecosystem.   Each UIA has been some version of a pump and dump. Yes, the charts look like there is more activity, but it's just bots trading back and forth with each other.

This negativity is, quite frankly, unwarranted.

Let me ask you this.  Where do you think most of the volume comes from on the big centralized exchanges?  Not sure?...  Let me answer that for you: trading robots.  Increased bot activity is a *very* good thing for Bitshares.  (Even better for OBITS holders when the assets being traded are of the OPEN variety).  So kill the negative chatter dude.  Bitshares best days are still ahead of it.

Never said bot trading was a "bad" thing.  I said the increased activity, as can be seen by the cryptofresh charts, is mostly due to people running bots.  Most of these bots are the exact same and all they do is trade back and forth with each other.  It's not new money coming into bitshares...

In fact money is fleeing bitshares.  Market caps of the two biggest smart coins, bitUSD and bitCNY, have plummeted over the last couple months.  UIA's like solcerts, obits, icoo, compuceeds, and blockpay have also steadily declined.  Its people leaving the ecosystem.

"(Even better for OBITS holders when the assets being traded are of the OPEN variety)." - Go read the summary during the month blockpay was introduced.  There were no ico's for CCEDK to pump and they had to rely mainly on OPEN fees.  There were probably record transaction in OPEN.btc in order to get into the blockpay ipo.  Turns out that was one of the worst months ever for the Obits buyback.  It came straight from ronnies fingers that OPEN fees are not signifacant revenue generator.  This is when the downtrend in Obits started to pick up steam.  People know that CCEDK is going to run out of ico's to keep pushing out,  when that happens OPEN fee's are all that is left... and according to the CEO, that revenue is insignificant.

So take off the rose colored glasses *dude*.  Don't confuse being realistic with being negative.  "Bitshares best days are still ahead of it" has been said for the last 3 years.  It's been in a downtrend the entire time.

I get the theory, but this concrete, practical case it not following the theory.
The tokens are worth less now than what people paid for one year ago. That's true either in BTS or USD. The purchasing power of the OBITS bought one year ago is lower now. And there were buybacks&burn every month. The case is even worse if OBITS were bought and held since lets say 6 months ago.

I'm not demanding OBITS to outperform BTC. I'm expecting the the buybacks to do what the theory says they were supposed to, which is to gradually increase the price of the remaining tokens. This has not happened. The tokens are worth less now while at the same time the value they effectively generated was burned/destroyed instead of being distributed.

If you want to argue with the BTC price rise and the disproportional devaluation of altcoins in relation to the valuation of BTC/fiat, then simply this buyback&burn system does not insure against BTC price fluctuations and therefore is unsuitable for its proposition.

Pretty much every UIA is falling, less peerplays.  It's early investors leaving the BTS ecosystem.   Each UIA has been some version of a pump and dump. Yes, the charts look like there is more activity, but it's just bots trading back and forth with each other.

General Discussion / Re: btsbots wallet release v0.0.1
« on: December 20, 2016, 10:37:03 pm »
I think is someone found your robot's trading strategy ,and create a sniper strategy to obtain your bts.

Everything is much simpler than this. Some guy created billions of worthless tokens out of his ass and dumped them on the market.

Well oldman will be really happy when, according to that mars resident compuceeds dude, "Compuceeds will go to $1 each!, Hugz!".

Sorry about your loss, oldman.  Trading bots are inherently dangerous.  Unless you know how they work or you were the creator, you won't know how they react to different market conditions.  Heck even if you are the creator you there's a good chance you blow up your account during some unforeseen market occurrence.  Unfortunately there is no "demo" trading for crypto bots.

General Discussion / Re: [Evaluation] Need for a better python library?
« on: December 16, 2016, 04:42:01 pm »
Do not always ask money from BTS holders, but ask what you can do for BTS holders.

Haha... CNX was much more and still is "ask money from AGS/PTS/BTS/Brownies/BTS 2.0/Steem holders, don't ask what you can do for AGS/PTS/BTS?Brownies/BTS2.0/Steem holders"

They really set a great precedent...

General Discussion / Re: Obits
« on: December 14, 2016, 02:34:04 am »

Sharedrops can have tax consequences that a buyback will avoid.

Plus maybe not all obits holders want bts or open.btc. Doing a buybacks is simpler and cleaner than sharedropping an entirely different investment on obits holders.

Usually I say damn the tax consequences but hokay well buyback won so status quo. Your point was not one I saw before the vote. Hopefully OpenLedger sees some good action this month. Reducing supply slowly will increase the price. It would be nice to see some more transparency on what % of their profits are used to buyback OBITS.

The quote I had earlier was before I realized that the sharedrop was going to exclude the large "Obits" and "CCEDKbts" accounts.  I originally planned on voting for the buyback, but then switched to the sharedrop.  But since the vote was never counted, I guess the point is moot...

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: December 05, 2016, 07:58:35 pm »
CNY market cap is getting torched currently... This plus the decline in the BTS price looks like some larger holders are leaving the ecosystem

With the chaos going on around the world, people will take notice of BitShares.  It seems to get glanced over by the crypto crowd however once real traders try it out, watch out.

-War on cash worldwide, see India as the latest example
-Crazy volatility in FX markets
-Volatility in the metals markets

The list goes on and on.

liquidity, usabilty/understandibility, and ease of access all trump the reasons you have listed above.  Bitshares has severely lacked in every one of those critical features.

If the only reason to own bitshares is in case of a world wide financial meltdown or to skirt government oversite, I think "to the moon" will be delayed decades.  Or quantum computers will be out and bts's encryption will be worthless.

Also, volatility in the metals and FX markets is only extreme when looking at it over the last couple years.  Historically it is fairly muted, along with most other market vol.

The BuyBack today with the following burn of 46 497 OBITS executed. Congrats!

The link to burn soon to be.



What a mess (fraud?)?
Why purchase Obits/BTC transaction took place a few hours ago, rather than December 2?
You stole my potential income, and my time I spent waiting for redemption on December 2 !!!

Why December 2nd ransom Obits/BTS = 442 200 instead 731 883?

I demand:
1) urgently brought into line with the statement ransom Obits now!
2) from the next month to make binding SHAREDROPP BTC and BTS instead of false BURN!!!
3) stop selling Obits privately (outside blokchain).

It is possible that the results of the vote (sharedropp) were modified 2 day prior to the end completely the opposite (Burn) is due to such sales.

Actually,I think that sale of (especially private sale) by the issuer in private voting shares at the time of the vote - is nonsense!!!
Return sharedropp - it is the people's choice!

I urge support me in the comments if you agree with my point of view. (Or tell me where I'm wrong)

Above is the link to the burn... it was on 12/2.

But your other questions are definitely valid...
Why was only 442200 BTS worth of Obits purchased?  That was only 24,431 Obits... Where did the other 20,000 Obits that were burned come from?

I agree that their should be a sharedrop... I even voted for it, and I'm a fairly large stakeholder, and it never recorded my vote.  Sharedropping is much more beneficial to the shareholders since the obits held by Openledger are excluded from the drop.

Unfortunately the support from Openledger is sketchy at best

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: December 05, 2016, 06:06:40 pm »
CNY market cap is getting torched currently... This plus the decline in the BTS price looks like some larger holders are leaving the ecosystem

OBITS website sold the asset also as a long-term investment:
"4. OBITS tokens can be traded and used as a speculative instrument or as means of profiting from a long-term cryptocurrency investment."

But in spite of the monthly buybacks, the price just keeps going down. 11 months ago, a 10k BTS investment in OBITS would yield about 408 OBITS. If those OBITS would be sold today, they'd be worth about 7500 BTS. In USD, that was an investment of 33.6 USD that is worth today 27.3 USD. Every time there is a buyback, there is an increase of price, but that seems to be only temporary, and does not translate to a real value increase of the token as time goes by. The long term chart is very clear, although right now it doesn't get displayed in the webpage (using Linux, either Firefox or Chromium).

I understand that as a speculative instrument, if you buy and sell every month you can set yourself for a nice profit, but as a hold and wait this buyback system seems to be a terrible idea.
What was the voting result after all - the final numbers are messed up - and what is going to happen in the future?

Every asset bought in the BTS ecosystem seems to constantly lose value... The assets are pumped hard when they are first introduced, and when those assets don't go to the moon immediately after launch, the early buyers dump.

Plus BTS is in a constant downtrend as well...

What is happening with OBITS voting? It now says that 19 votes for BuyBack & Burn account for 51% of the votes and 57 votes for Sharedropping account for less?? (38%).
Just before the vote ended, the percentages agreed with the number of votes -  see other posts up this thread. What is going on with the voting results and where is the official acknowledgement of the end result and its consequences?

I voted and it never counted it.  I'm a pretty large share holder as well.  The sent me a private message asking for details of my vote.  Told them it didn't count my vote, but I never heard anything back on whether or not the issue was resolved.

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