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General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: November 29, 2016, 06:53:23 pm »
So when does the November 5th "super" halving price jump kick in....??

General Discussion / Re: Changes I think Openledger needs
« on: November 21, 2016, 02:25:52 pm »
Weren't you doing "theDEX"? Why don't you just make yours better? Learn from their mistakes?

Why would he?  He isn't running an exchange.  Maybe he owns Obits and has suggestions that will increase the value of his tokens.

And IIRC,  he just reserved the domain "theDEX" to help rebrand bitshares.  theDEX wasn't going to be a stand alone exchange built on top of bitshares like openledger.  It was going to be bitshares itself.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: November 18, 2016, 06:38:19 pm »
Do you guys have names and address's for these people running the project... You might want to get those in case this things goes south (which based and this fast talking guy, seems like a high probability).

A lot of members are in direct contact with the Compumatrix staff. I don't have any of their addresses or anything but a lot of members who have been using their forum longer than me have their phone numbers and have talked to them a lot.

And if by "fast talking guy" you mean me, I am just telling you things that any Compumatrix member would tell you. I am not higher up than any other member and am just sharing things from their forums, and am sharing the sentiment that I have seen other members share. It's not like I am a Compumatrix recruiter or anything, which isn't even a thing, I am just a regular member who happens to be one of the few members that has used Cryptocurrency since 2012 and knows about Bitsharestalk and Bitcointalk and stuff like that. Most of the members are just learning about Cryptocurrency through Compumatrix so don't know that these websites exist.

If you guys read the Compumatrix forum you would have just as much information as me, I am not somehow more in the loop than anyone else and am not "fast talking". We are all just reading the forum and waiting for the BETA test (that's what "it" is) to finally get to the final phase.

I wasn't talking about you being the "fast talking guy" I was talking about the guy you are quoting. 

The guy you keep quoting just seems to spout off long paragraphs saying the same things over and over (Were patching, Security, next week, believe, be grateful, be positive, hugs).  This guys is scamming you, no legitimate project leader begs people to stay like that.  His "We are so close... just stick with us a little longer" is one of the oldest scam tricks in the book.  And his reason for delays seem like total bull shit... security and syncing, how can that possibly delay things for months?  He's using those words to appease people who don't understand what they entail.

Sounds to me like you, and probably many others, are way over invested in that project.  Being in something that long, and being constantly told how close you are to having "all your dreams realized", will blind any investor.  Just look at BTS.  The guy you keep quoting sounds remarkably similar to Stan.


General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: November 18, 2016, 05:01:07 pm »
Do you guys have names and address's for these people running the project... You might want to get those in case this things goes south (which based and this fast talking guy, seems like a high probability).

General Discussion / Re: Any non spam posts I should read here?
« on: November 17, 2016, 09:30:37 pm »
Hi [member=1532]mf-tzo[/member] . Every now and then I wonder about brownies too. I have a fair few of them, but am not hodling my breath expecting anything to come from them. Sometimes I wonder if I would even find out if [member=5]bytemaster[/member] did decide to do something with them. He's not posted on this forum since May, and I'm not interested in Steem...
I wish there were an alert I could sign up to in case there's any brownie news/action.

By the way, if I wanted to keep up to date with what Dan Larimer is up to nowadays, is it the Stem platform I'd need to go to? Does he still blog?

Yeah... He's pumping his next project over there.  Something about Universal Basic Income.  The lemmings are eating it up.

General Discussion / Re: Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: November 17, 2016, 02:10:19 pm »
just a little more time until we exit and laugh all the way to the bank. suckers.
is what I read there

Agreed... Those X-posts just wreak of a scam

Follow My Vote / Re: The embarressing death of Follow My Vote
« on: November 16, 2016, 05:41:00 pm »
From the very beginning of the merger, most people were leery of Follow My Vote...  Most didn't see it as being easily monetized or solving a problem that needed to be solved.  If voter fraud or establishment tampering was a huge problem, Trump never would have been elected.  99% of people have no problems with the current system, which makes it much less likely for any voting reform to happen.

FMV touted that they were meeting with California officials and made it sound like they were seriously being considered for an alternative voting platform.  Didn't they alos meet with people called the "Pirate Party".  For all the so called "connections" made (which seems to be the excuse for most blockchain projects blowing through investor cash, ie Muse) there is nothing to show for it.  My guess is the "connections" were mere informal greetings that were built up by the project leaders as a way to keep investor confidence.  FMV was again a tool used by CNX/I3 to wrangle more cash from BTS investors... It was either dilute and pay FMV or we walk.

I think this was brought up earlier, but isn't Dan Notenstein still in possession of several million bts that are to be used for bitshares maintenance issues as they pop up? Do consider those bts gone? How are patches going to be implemented and work delegated unless the two parties are working together?

OBITS voting has ended October 31

Dear OBITS Holders,
Please check the OBITS voting page

Yesterday was the last day of voting, 100 holders voted, result is as follows with Buyback and burn to be the final decision of voters:
  • 37.8% for Token dropping
  • 51.09% for BuyBack & Burn
  • 11.11% for Token dropping and BuyBack/Burn, 50% each/li]

So prepare for tomorrow's Buyback. It will be held as usual at 12.00 UTC and end within the few hours after.

Like us on Facebook
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I voted, I'm one of the larger stake holders, and that voting data was the same both before and after I voted (57 votes for sharedrop, 19 votes buyback and burn, 24 votes split).  It never even factored in my vote.

I don't think your voting application worked correctly.

General Discussion / Re: Obits
« on: October 30, 2016, 01:32:57 pm »
Unfortunately the OBITS voting has swung to the "buyback and burn" option over the "sharedropping"

I encourage all obits holders to vote for the sharedropping option on!

right now there are 55 votes for sharedrop and 18 votes for buyback, but the buyback is winning because of 1 or 2 heavily-weighted votes. Let's get in on this and use the strength of crowds to sway the vote.

Sharedrop will increase the overall value of the obits token. When you sell obits there is a .3% market fee that I'd rather not have to pay to get my profits. Sharedrop benefits everyone proportionately while buyback and burn benefits those who perfectly place their orders and sell at the max buyback price, benefiting the few.

Vote Sharedrop! Thanks everyone!


Sharedrops can have tax consequences that a buyback will avoid.

Plus maybe not all obits holders want bts or open.btc. Doing a buybacks is simpler and cleaner than sharedropping an entirely different investment on obits holders.

Such awesome news!

Unfortunately the market doesn't think so... huge dump this morning

General Discussion / Re: Any non spam posts I should read here?
« on: October 25, 2016, 01:16:47 pm »

lil-jay890 - In regards to larimer lemmings being burnt on steem; i am a larimer supporter (despite feeling a bit unloved at the moment, the platform that was left for us is top shelf, it does need some further development i will agree but the base products function well and we have budget to pay core devs) so back to steem... i am not an early adopter, i did not mine but i am very far from burnt from the experience . sorry if your faith did not stretch that far that you were around to hear from the horses mouth and get involved. A lot of members from this community did very well, directly from their support of Dan and his visions.

Lot's of people got rich on paper via steem, few (preminer's) made some money... but the market was totally illiquid and they probably had it all in steem power and have watched their riches and dreams of never having to work again die a slow drawn out death.

Not sure what you qualify as "did very well", but I wouldn't classify steem going from $400 million market cap to $34 million as doing well. Yeah they got some bitcoin celebs out there to pump their steem coin, but it has been a slow steady bleed that rarely has even an uptick.  Classic investment vehicle courtesy of Dan the man.

General Discussion / Re: Any non spam posts I should read here?
« on: October 25, 2016, 11:44:17 am »
Have been off of here (once my favorite place on the net) for months.

Is there any non spam/ non scam/ non idiotic promotions/ etc content  I should read?.

Sorry but the scam wall of posts by Compuseeds, followed by other almost equally deceiving posts by Obits (and or their other 20th ICO project), with no quality in between, just makes me  to want to puke.

Why hang out here when you can get unlimited free money for liking posts of half naked chicks on steem???

The fuckage of bitshares holders via the merger was bad, but the pure desecration of the larimers lemmings via steem has been awesome to watch. I remember when I said steem was a scam to manipulate coin market cap, that I had "zero vision". But now that steem has run its investor screwing course, it's probably time for cnx to release another "innovative" vehicle to run over investors with.  Wonder what it will be called... Plasma? Graphene 2.0?

Obits Token dropping voting

Dear OBITS holder,
Please check the OBITS voting page

Just 12 days left till the end of voting, for now we have 88 holders voted.
Current voting result is: 52.1% for Token dropping, 29.65% for BuyBack & Burn and 18.26% for Token dropping and BuyBack/Burn, 50% each.

Did you make your choice for the future of OBITS?
Please do it now!

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Ronny Boesing and the OpenLedger team

Follow us in socials!
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I'm a large Obits holder, is my vote proportional to my holdings?

That's it guys... The deadline is over and Construction token is now considered officially a huge failure.

I have tried to supply you guys with as much information as possible about the progress of the project.
I have tried to make real use of bitusd and support someone who had short term cash flow needs and no one (except one guy?) from this community has supported the initiative despite the big interest for the loan that was promised. I put an order to buy back the construction tokens sold @1.1760 which is much higher than anything promised on the original announcement so I expect that the current buyer(s) to be more than happy with this and that nothing more should be expected from the Issuer of the token.

I must say that I am really really disappointed from the bitshares community. I was expecting much more support from you guys...  :(

I want to make clear that CONSTRUCTION is no longer available and will never be available again in the form presented on the Announcement of this post. I have amended the asset description which you can see in and I quote below for the avoidance of any doubt:

"Construction in modern usage is a hypothetical social currency, which can be acquired by doing deeds or earning in the eyes of another, often one's superior. Anybody buying construction should NOT have any expectation of any profit from future sale of the token. The issuer is not liable from any potential loss from the acquisition of construction"

Those who believe in me will be able to buy CONSTRUCTION which I intend to price them vs BTS and not bitusd anymore over the next couple of days. I may chose to buy them back at higher value one day but you SHOULD NOT have any expectations of any kind of profit. I will not be liable for any financial loss you may encounter with "CONSTRUCTION". "CONSTRUCTION" will be used from now on as a token of faith in my future success in bitshares related projects and my intention to share the benefits of my potential success.

Anyway... I think I made it clear that "CONSTRUCTION" is not any longer as per the original announcement and I think I made it clear how much disappointing it is that the project didn't materialized as planed.

It's not the communities fault that you didn't raise the money... What were you expecting from a dwindling forum about an ever depreciating crypto coin?

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