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General Discussion / Re: Gauging interest: Dollar UIA Club
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:20:18 pm »
Awesome. I see interest.

I'm going to sleep on it and if interest continues I may just take a crack at this soon. Seems like it would be simple enough to do.

What kinds of UIAs do you guys want? humorous ones? serious ones? even split?


General Discussion / Re: Price of BitShares on Dec 25th?
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:18:44 pm »
2001...a space odyssey

I'm in favor of not having any one standardized way to fund new features.

By standardizing I mean that we have to formalize the process how share-UIAs are created and used.

So far one of the biggest problems for Bitshares has been that many wonderful features lack both technical documentation and newbie-friendly explanations how things actually work.

I do not want that we will repeat the mistake once again. So what we have to do?

We have to design the share-UIA so that it can be used in many ways. There is no need to limit it to be only "20 % forever" or similar. Let it have broad variation of parameters that are set when it is created.

There should be only one share-UIA – I suppose it is the best way, because then we don't need to be hardforking and designing new kinds of UIAs all the time and the blockchain will stay simple. That one UIA just has to be versatile enough.

We have to document with sufficient detail every parameter, so that everybody knows that they are there and what they can be used for.

We have to also explain what this funding model is good for and what it is not. People need to have enough information about the system so they can evaluate their business plans themselves without flooding our forum with stupid questions.

We are going to the uncharted lands. If we want others to follow us, we need to draw some maps for them. So far not enough people have been following us, thanks to lacking documentation. They just don't know where the hell we are going and what there is. That's why I created this thread. I want us to discuss this new system so thoroughly that we can explain it to others and they will become as enthusiastic as we are. They have to see the possibilities we see. They have to be able to fully use every possibility that our system presents for them.
very good....whatever the configuration, we do need well understood, supported, documented and easily repeatable processes
If we go on a case by case basis, in my opinion,  that information will be available on the sales page for the UIA.

If the community don't like it, they can start a worker proposal to cut the grass under the feet of the private investor or start their own crowd funding with better terms.

General Discussion / Re: BitUSD and BitCNY at poloniex!!!
« on: November 25, 2015, 06:32:28 am »
#sharesbit "xeroc" 1 THANKYOU

#sharesbit "xeroc" 1 FISTBUMP

#sharesbit "xeroc" 1 HIGHFIVE

Game On

General Discussion / Re: Gauging interest: Dollar UIA Club
« on: November 25, 2015, 03:29:58 am »
I was actually thinking along the same line.  I have in the plan, once is easy to use for normal people to create a swap bot at 1:1 ratio and make those "emotokens" interchangeable.

So yeah, I would be interested

General Discussion / Re: New Stealth Transfer Worker ($1000)
« on: November 25, 2015, 01:50:03 am »
Onceuponatime may soon have nearly $45,000 worth of UIA crapcoin tips in his wallet!

I may be able to setup a sales page for you and write the copy @onceuponatime and with some help from metaexchange, people will be able to buy  directly from the sales page. If I could get the help of someone like @kenCode or @Method-X  to promote it, I think it would be worth it in order to attract some eyeballs from the large cryptocurrency crowd...especially on the darknet.

#sharebits "onceuponatime" 1 THANKYOU

Who wouldn't want to get a cut of every stealth transaction made forever on the bitshares blockchain?


If BTS want's to own all of the stealth transaction fees, then it needs to place a competing bid against NoMoreHeroes.  Otherwise let nomorepurchase the feature and get royalties... It's still a massive risk on his part.

There is always the possibility to buyout nomoreheroes if he is ever in the position to sell.

I don't often find myself agreeing with you @lil_jay890 , but on that one I do. If BTS holder want to get 100% of the future profits of this new feature, they need to start getting their head out of their butt and promote a worker proposal. It's always appreciated if onceuponatime wants to reduce his risk and sell UIA to us. But I don't think he should be obligated to do so. If we want to attract investors and devs, we need to make it IRRESISTABLE for them to want to build features, pay for them and get maximum rewards for it. Like I said, FREE features, no risk to us and more transaction fees if the feature is successful...

The people who oppose giving maximum return to investors for giving us is a new feature at no cost to us is "pound foolish". Yes, we provide the infrastructure but THAT IS THE REASON WE CHARGE TRANSACTION FEES. If the feature isn't successful there is no downside for BTS holders.

I don't get the entitlement of shareholders on any featured paid by a third party. First, we get the feature for free. Second, if the investor brings in new users, the shareholders of BTS get the transaction fees. That's the only cut we are entitled with are transaction fees unless they do a crowd funding on the platform with User issued assets. Unlimited upside is what's going to attract investors...and we have only gained.

General Discussion / Business opportunity currently opening
« on: November 24, 2015, 02:40:29 am »
There is a legitimate business opportunity presenting itself on the BitShares platform.

In rapid succession we have OBits, METAFEES and SHAREBITS coming up with their crowdfunded profit sharing businesses.

Today, we discovered that we could also do the same with some of our features...such as stealth transactions.

There is a host of task someone need to do in order to create, define and manage the UIA over time (the buyback process for example) as well as doing a good launch promotion.

If someone out there that has the knowledge of doing that, that person could get a cut on every new feature and project being crowdfunded on the bitshares platform. (see: )

The upside is unlimited.

We could all benefit from such service and could gain new users by attracting new investors into our ecosystem.

The opportunity is here...who wants to pick it up?

General Discussion / Re: New Stealth Transfer Worker ($1000)
« on: November 24, 2015, 02:07:53 am »
I would also strongly recommend that we open up this deal to "crowd fund" a UIA with a buyback plan. This way onceuponatime can diversify his risk and we can have an "equal opportunity" policy.  I don't want anyone accusing us of playing favorites.  By being equal opportunity we should auction it off.  Raise as much BTS as possible to fund it and then burn the rest.  This way the network gets a proper market-determined-price for this revenue stream.

Just some ideas.

 +5% +5% +5%

If I can get a direct stream of revenue from STEALTH...

General Discussion / Re: BitShares 2.0 Roadmap - Priority List
« on: November 23, 2015, 11:31:46 pm »
I think we forgot to mention the chatbox customer support function.

General Discussion / Re: New Stealth Transfer Worker ($1000)
« on: November 23, 2015, 11:05:35 pm »
Mark me down as in favor of this anonymous lender being allowed to recoup their investment plus a generous amount.

Alternatively, and even better in my opinion, create a UIA, crowdsource the funding, then use future stealth fees to buy back the UIA.

Mark me down as 100% firmly opposed to them having lifetime royalties forever. In fact, mark me down as insulted by the proposal,.

This is so misguided in so many ways.  There is absolutely no gaurentee that the investor will recoup his money back.  So you want him to to be exposed to all the downside (losing his initial investment) while you get all the upside.  How fair is that?

project succeeds and blows up. for 45,000 this person bought millions of dollars from bitshares' profits every year forever.

So what happens when there is a stronger privacy standard?  Maybe happens a month later after this one is implemented.  What then?  He lost all his money.  Of course he should get lifetime fees given that there will be always  a newer standard in the future that will threaten his lifetime revenues stream.

Good way to think about the market and how his revenue stream isnt guaranteed forever +5%
He would have to update the feature at his own expense in order to secure his position overtime.

In my opinion, if someone is paying 100% and risking 100% of his money, he/she should deserve the maximum return he can get from it.
Even if that feature isn't a killer app for our marketcap, at least we got a new feature...for FREE.

Now making an offering of STEALTH (UIA) and doing something like METAFEE would help get the community support, get free marketing and early adopter of his product or service.

I am down with any private investor willing to invest in features they need.

Lifetime royalties? Absolutely. As long as we have the transaction fees, I dont care if someone gets rich because on stealth transaction. Its his $45K. Someone who is willing to spend that kind of money in a feature DEFINITELY has a plan to market it and get users to use it.

If the person is willing to pay 100%, he should receive the maximum benefit he can get from it. We profit from transaction fees and WE DIDNT HAVE TO PAY FOR THE ADDED FEATURE.

As an investor, I would like if the person split the investment opportunity with the community. The person who wants to pay for the feature, would benefit to offer this has a marketing opportunity and to secure himself people who would want to promote his project.

For stealth transaction, the individual could create STEALTH (UIA)  and then sell lets say 50% of the UIA and buyback shares over time. This way, he gets 50% of all fees for a lifetime fees and we do too. Everybody win.

One thing is that this new feature need to be available for everyone to use in the future.


When the announcement for version 2 came out, everyone entrepreneurs stopped their projects.
When we fight on transaction fees, every entrepreneurs has to stop since it impact their bottom line.

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