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General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: July 07, 2015, 06:10:35 am »
Apparently articles about NXT make it go up 40%, but ones about BTS dont do shit.  Got it.

NXT is a LOT more stable than BTS. Perhaps that has something to do with it?

If BTS2.0 delivers on a cleaner, more stable client, then heavy marketing can begin. Dan didn't want to settle for mediocre product with 1.0.

BTS seems to relate a lot more to CNY than USD, BTC or anything else.

I have had little trouble buying bitUSD from the DEX or anywhere else daily. Though it often takes me a good 5-6 transactions to get the amount I need. I am pretty sure everyone has gone into a holding pattern for the 'better' bitassets to come in 2.0.

Really? Are you talking about 5 BitUSD or 5,000 BitUSD?

200% collateral rate is needed to achieve an equilibrium market.

I'm not sure that's the main reason for lack of liquidity. Hopefully will be addressed in BTS 2.0

I asked the same thing yesterday:,17395.0.html

It looks like most people don't have the patience to sync the client.  I can see that.  So when 2.0 launches, and you can sign up for BitShares and short BitUSD all within 5 minutes, then a whole new market will open up.  That's why I started that last thread.  if 50% of current BTS owners are not even taking advantage of the additional derivative leverage provided by bitcoin2.0 then it's going to be obvious.

Good call, I'll add that option to the poll. Feel free to change your vote.

I am short bitUSD and bitEUR ..
option 3 is not really bad assuming as a short you are already bull .. you can ride the price and set back to get you buy-close order be filled eventually ...

You could get margin called with option 3, before you have the chance to cover (due to lack of liquidity).

My assumption is that BTS holders believe in the project, otherwise they would sell it / hedge it. At the moment it is impossible to obtain decent size of BitUSD, and I think that hurts the project's reputation. I'm curious what may be the reason for this, and why are stakeholders not willing to assume some of the risk in the name of the project's success?

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Two kinds of shares
« on: July 06, 2015, 12:15:57 pm »
This is already the case - those that exhibit voter apathy and don't vote are automatically share type B.

Goal is this month.

Of which year? :) It's an ambitious set of dreams.

Technical Support / Re: How to calculate profits from
« on: June 27, 2015, 11:40:16 pm »
Start by asking the UX/UI experts on the team the very important question: WTF?

That said - if you go to the console and list the transactions you may be able to get a much more reasonable answer.

If not - find reciprocal values i.e. divide 1 by 0.00654194769

You are not p2p/decentralized. No thanks.

I stopped reading after I read "site". Unless it's P2P provably fair... Fuhget 'bout it!

If Bitcointalk finds it acceptable to modify the interactions between people who helped bring this technology into being, then it is as good as worthless and has shown unequivocally that it cannot be trusted.

Decentralized Forums, Where Art Thou?

Right on ... closest there is right now.

*shrug* Needs to have a sexy version.

Maintaining a peg is super easy. Any central bank can provide a DPOS system that will work. Then when they print their next $1B worth, they can issue it on a blockchain instead. In fact I expect Central Banks to use a distributed ledger in the near future. This will also make Bitcoin and all other cryptos mostly obsolete.
why would other crypto become obsolete?  Surely, it is the corruption resistant protocol & open source code that has the most compelling case for a network people can trust.  Central banks are not well regarded and that trend is set to increase exponentially along with hyperinflation.....

Again - if USD, GBP start having features similar to BTC, without the regulation/taxation burden, businesses will start adopting the technology.

You don't have to sell the idea of corruption resistance to anyone in the space. But the average Joe will go with the path of least resistance.

So they will achieve internet of things with a centralized currency. Look at Gold - there is nothing preventing you today from using Gold as a currency. But it is just too much hassle to do so. It's the same with BTC and altcoins.

EDIT: did some digging. Unless you are doing it wrong. Like this guy:

Aren't they stress testing it? One of their bounties was for that anyway...

Yes, it might be a stress test but so far it doesn't look too good. It doesn't seem to be scaling but you're free to interpret the results and offer your opinion.

They are still doing better than BitShares. BitShares hasn't even done a real stress test yet. When's the last time BTS had 50GB blockchain in test mode?

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