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This Hangout is w/ Bytemaster of Cryptonomex

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It has come to my attention of late that some here on these forums have difficulty posting polls that give datapoints based on reality.  I once heard someone give me some good advice: "Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by Incompetence".  So in that light, I am taking this as a means of teaching people how to build polls that come across as unbiased and do not lead others to follow the opinion of the creator (which is not the intent of polls). 

Sample Poll: Guns? Yes/No

Should Guns be Legal in our Country?
Other (specify in comments)

I think Gun Crime is up and data collection should be completed soon.

Meta / How to put a user on ignore?
« on: December 14, 2015, 09:34:13 pm »
can anyone give me a bit of an understanding on how to approach this?

In my mind it should be a button right beside a users avatar...but that is obviously not the case.

General Discussion / ShareBot: Christmas Sharing Initiative
« on: December 13, 2015, 09:52:47 pm »
Many people on these forums work for basically free simply because they know they are giving their time and efforts to help bring into existence an entity that will enrich the world in ways yet to ever be seen before. 

Some time ago [member=258]luckybit[/member] told me of an idea to bring the Sharing Economy to the real world.  And I would like to use the ShareBot as a means of helping with this initiative. 

My thoughts:
We collectively compile a list of individuals/initiatives--with special focus on people like [member=4792]38PTSWarrior[/member] (or [member=49]onceuponatime[/member] and his STEALTH token) who consistently work for very little and ask for little in return, and then ask them to give us an item from their "wishlist" so we can GIVE BACK to them! 

This idea is in the early stages so I would love input on how to do this.  I am working on christmas and christmas eve so I will get a probably 40 bucks I can put toward this. 

I am curious if we have a process for putting people into positions of power to shut down speech on our forums.  Moderators are very powerful positions and I am interested in the community's input on how we can ensure moderators are working in the best interests of BitShares. 

For this reason I am posing a few questions:
1) Do we have a formal process for assigning community members to moderator positions? 
   1a) If so, where is it? 
   1b) If not, should we?  <-------This is the question about which I am polling.

General Discussion / [ANN] For those who care to know
« on: December 13, 2015, 07:46:28 am »
Awhile back I wrote a message to bytemaster after finding out that Gentso stole such a large sum of money from our community for something that I was whole-heartedly backing and trying to help along--CryptoSmith.  The pm contained a message saying (and I paraphrase here) "giving capital to people who have proven themselves over and over again is a far better choice than giving it to someone with a sweet-talking one-liner".  Then I said something to the effect of "imagine what I would have done if I would have been trusted with that funding."

At this point, BM, who is obviously pretty damned busy asked me to hand out his BROWNIE.PTS, saying I would have all I need.  I was conflicted at this juncture for multiple reasons...but much of it was because I felt like it was an "unfair advantage" within our community to be the sole distributor of Dan's token.  So instead I focused on bringing in a team who could help me even the playing field by making it easy to send tokens directly from the forum and in a way that left a transparent record with the forums as the archive.  Most people are unaware of this, but I had the intention for quite some time (and in no way due to the attacks I received for accepting it in the first place) of stepping down from this glorious post to give back this role to BM...but only after it had been made very easy for him to distribute on his own. 

However, I was intent on also ensuring others can create their own token and send it in a similar fashion---because why should BM be the only one able to distribute his own token to those who work and provide value to our community?  Is he the ONLY community member who can create a token that will end up having value in the future?  The answer is an obvious no. 

Now the bot is running pretty well and only really needs some UI polishing and a few other small it is now possible for BM to pass out tokens easily on his own.  Because of that, I feel comfortable stepping down from this post and giving it back to him.  In fact, I sent him the following messages just a few days ago:

I would like to know if your idea to give me brownies to help coordinate and build onto the bitshares community was worth it.  I have taken these funds (and a large large sum of my own money) to help ensure the construction of a system that allows you to Disintermediate ME out of the equation--though admittedly I did use some brownies to test and help pay for some of the extra stuff (like the construction of the Guest List tool).

It is very easy now for you to simply fund your account and pass out tokens wherever you feel necessary using simple syntax on the forum.  Alternatively, you will be able to share tokens natively on twitter and reddit through the BitShares accounts on those platforms and will be able to use URL links (and every platform that supports URLs--which is pretty much the entire web up to and including email lists) to send any tokens of your choosing.  In short, because you trusted me...I got something built that would make it easier for you (and everyone else) to distribute their own tokens.  Ask yourselves how many people you know in the bitshares space who would have done the same. 

I thank you for your trust and hope you have walked away from this one with a sense that trusting people doesn't always backfire---when you trust the ones who have sacrificed and proven they deserve it.  :)

However, it seems that now because of this Poll the entire project might be forced out of our forums...which is one of the MAIN REASONS it was built. 

Regardless, you have now all been informed of my intentions and also that I am backing out of distributing Brownies from now on.  With that said, it looks like I might be out of the realm of passing out tokens to community members altogether because to be frank this tool made the job SO EASY that I refuse to go back to sending them via the wallet and keeping track of them via a spreadsheet. 

Have a good day everyone and [member=31]fav[/member] i'd love to know all these people who complained so I can at least face those who attacked me and this project.  Seems that there are many who don't want these tools added for some reason...and I deserve to know who provoked you to post the poll (especially with such a blatantly biased slant). 

[member=5]bytemaster[/member] sorry for this post to have been the way it was.  I seriously thought I would be able to announce it with a smile and a few fistbumps/highfives/brownies thrown my way...but apparently things can never be so easy.  So my victory post turns into something completely different of regret for even helping.  I suppose it would have been better after all if I had just stuck to using brownies for my own enrichment and not thought the community would actually be stunned and thankful for this move. 

Random Discussion / (Poll) Does a Town Need Roads? Yes/No?
« on: December 12, 2015, 08:07:55 pm »
I'm against a road in its current form.

- Bad image
Investors / entrepreneurs coming to our town will come here and see a Billboard along the road saying Sex Shop, Liquor Store, Fireworks off exit 72...
Though many plan to use the roads to ship genuinely valuable and needed goods, some people ship illegal products using roads.

- Derailing
Used to promote businesses that no longer are considered by some as viable....

General Discussion / Sharebot Use Case: Faction Tokens
« on: December 12, 2015, 07:22:03 pm »
Yet one more use case out of a nearly inexhaustible supply of them for the ShareBot is that of Faction Tokens. 

An individual or group of individuals could create a common token that represents something they believe in.  We could have Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats for instance, and could pass them out to individuals who identify as a member of that faction by completing political tasks for their chosen faction. 

The ShareBot would allow a transparent means of showing the active distribution of these tokens and those who participate in certain faction initiatives could very easily post all distribution openly in the initiative's primary thread along with the individuals to receive them.  This would provide yet another layer of transparency in each initiative as well as provide a real level of trust for those who are in the faction that they are not being underpaid compared to others. 

This is such an amazing use case that I was not going to open up until later...but seeing as the bot and its creators seemingly get attacked every week, I figured I'd show people who are not quite there yet in the vision just a taste of what is possible with this tool. 

There is a forum post on bitcointalk where everyone wishes changetip was usable directly from within their forums...yet it has not happened to my knowledge. 

With this said, should we be willing to empower our community-members and other communities to pass their own tokens on our forums since they cannot do so on their own forums?  What would happen for instance, if Bitcointalk users decided they would like to use the sharebot to send bitBTC to one-another here on this forum since they can't on bitcointalk? 

What would happen...if the Sharebot became a funnel that ended up bringing all cryptofans to our forums because they know they can create their own tokens and pass them freely? 

Is this worth making bitsharestalk the first truly crypto-tipping enabled forum platform?  Is it worth it to get them thinking of tipping as "sharing" instead?  Would it be valuable for them to begin learning our own nomenclature instead of that of bitcoin? 

Many questions here...but I pose them to give an idea.  I have a poll above that asks if we should be the first truly tipping-enabled forum in the crypto space, or if the sharebot should focus on other communities and see if they would prefer to be the first.

General Discussion / Do you have a UIA/FBA/bitAsset you created?
« on: December 11, 2015, 06:15:31 pm »
If so please inform the community and myself about it by letting us know a little bit about your token and any plans that may go along with it!  This is a great time to promote your efforts and initiatives!

Who knows...I might be interested in having hangouts with you about your token.  I guess we'll just have to see :)

#sharebits "Fox" 1 FISTBUMP (MUMBLE="Fox")
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#sharebits "fuzzy" 1 FISTBUMP (MUMBLE="fuzzy")

If you have a UIA and would like to sponsor these events by ShareDropping to the Following Attendees, please do so and provide a little advertisement for your Sharedropped UIA!

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General Discussion / Code Group Progress: CLI
« on: December 08, 2015, 05:39:34 pm »

If you would like to ShareDrop on me as a pat on the back I'd appreciate it :)
I don't care what token you send...though I do prefer it is one you made! 

General Discussion / Join me in the Code Group!
« on: December 07, 2015, 05:44:22 pm »
BitShares Coding Group Overview

I have always stated that for bitshares to grow and thrive we each individually need to empower ourselves and one another.  That insodoing, we would empower bitshares because the value of bitshares is reflected in part by its: Technology and Community. 

However, much of our community is not highly technically proficient.  For this reason I have decided to make a quest for self-improvement and learning more of the coding aspect of this ecosystem.  However, I thought to myself (why go this alone when you can bring others onboard who would be interested in self (and bitshares) improvement as well?  Why not make this a community of individuals interested in bettering themselves and empowering one another to make bitshares show its true value?

When is it?

For this reason, I will do my best to show up four days a week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays) in mumble and will be working to improve my underlying knowledge of how coding works and my capability to master the use of the tool I have in front of my face--my own computer. 
On these days, I will try to be on around 1PM EST (noon my time).  I will spend approximately 1-2 hours each day. 

If you are interested in joining, please do so and I will have you sign a guest list which will then be used for future distributions of a Code-Learner demographic token.  It is not yet certain what the value of this token will be, but it will at least mark you as actively attempting to improve yourself and, indirectly, the community.

What do I need in order to participate?

You need to join me in Mumble (go to Mumble Setup Page for more details on how to download and set it up)
You need an internet connection
You need an account at
You need a willingness to participate...
And that is it!

Today I will be working on learning the Command Line Interface (CLI)...but this does not mean you need to do what I am working on.  This is self-paced there is little pressure.  All I ask is that you consider helping others when they are stuck if you know how to help them.  This is how we strengthen each other and our bonds with one another.

Please post the name of it and how much you would like to donate for the Community Initiative Cooperation Reward (CICR).   Those who donate will receive something in return.

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