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General Discussion / [ANN]Now Open: ShareBits CrowdDonations
« on: November 14, 2015, 07:54:36 pm »
UIA Crowd Donator Drive

I am pleased to approach the community today to outline a wonderful opportunity to donate to and own a stake in yet another foundational BitShares project: the BitShares Powered ShareBot and its associated token, the ShareBit. Beginning humbly on our own Bitsharestalk forums, enabling each community member to send and receive both bitAsset and UIA shares to one another, the bot and its bits are planned to expand into other social media platforms in various nooks and crannies on the internet.  This is just the beginning however. 
There are many steps/phases to what is planned to be constructed, but this is one of the foundational components necessary to construct them.  And you are here for the groundbreaking ceremony--how wonderful it will be to know you were part of history!
The power of the ShareBot makes it possible for real grassroots referral gathering by enabling our community to bring on referrals via tipping on social media and nearly anywhere else, including email lists and many others.  When gaining adoption, this UIA and the entire ecosystem around it will enable individual community members to gain cashflow income from transaction fees directed toward ShareBit holders.  For this Crowd-Donation Drive, we will be distributing 50k ShareBits (20% of total supply) to raise $9k in funds.  When this goal is reached, an additional 100k ShareBits (40% of total supply)will be distributed via sharedrop to Brownie and BTS holders.  Please read specifics below.

ShareBit Distribution Overview
Total Supply of ShareBits will be 250k (40% Founders, 40% Community, 20% Crowd Donations).  This will be split up as follows (see diagram 1.1): 

Founders (Seed Funders)
Founders were the initial individuals who put together their own funding to ensure the beginnings of the ShareBot could be shown to the community before asking all of you to participate in the funding of this project.  They felt it was important to take the risk to show you the value of the bot before asking others for donations.  Total Supply of ShareBits for Founding backers is 100k (40% of 250k total--see diagram 1.1).  This will be split between CCEDK and Beyond Bitcoin as follows (see diagram 1.2): 
40% Beyond Bitcoin, 60% CCEDK

BitShares Community ShareDrop
Total Supply of ShareBits for Community Sharedropping is 100k (40% of 250k total--see diagram 1.1). 
This will be split between BitShares (BTS) and BROWNIE.PTS as follows (see diagram 1.3): 60% BitShares (BTS) and 40% BROWNIE.PTS.  This ShareDrop total is conditional on full funding[/i] (see diagram 1.4).  The higher percentage of funding reached, the higher percentage of the 100k Community “ShareDrop Pool” will be ShareDropped on BTS and Brownies.  This will be up to 100% see diagram 1.3.. 
Full Funding is nearly guaranteed as we have intentionally started out smaller.  In fact, we are already roughly halfway to completing funding at present, so it is highly likely the ShareDrop will occur, as seen below in Diagram 1.3[i/]:

Crowd Donators
Crowd Donations are a means for us to open the funding (and future expansion of the platform) to the community. We are putting up 50k of the ShareBits up for sale for a total of $9k ($.18/each).

Fee Distribution

The beautiful thing about the Sharing Economy is that it enables us to Share with one another and earn capital from empowering ourselves with p2p Sharing/Tipping/Funding solutions.  As the ShareBot is one of the foundational elements for many of these solutions, we have approached this task as a means of empowering our community and incentivizing participation through the distribution of fees earned by the service. 
Fees will be earned in two ways:
1. Account upgradation - we get 80 percent of the transaction fee (don't we? )
2. Transfers (withdrawals and deposits)
The ShareBot fee distribution is intended to be sent out with the following breakdown:

How can I donate??
We look forward to working with you and opening up the avenues for grassroots marketing and referrals in a way that empowers everyone--including ourselves--to leverage the Referral Program in a way that will ensure the ecosystem grows to be robust and lean, while enriching everyone who has supported our efforts to turn a single-tier referral system into one that will kickstart grassroots adoption of the Fastest Blockchain in the world:  BitShares.  Our efforts will bring a new angle to the term “Share” with respect to the BitShares economy, however.  ShareBits are intended to be the foundation of this extremely important (yet often overlooked) perception of the term “Share” in our ecosystem--as an action and a foundation for the “Sharing Economy”.  We look forward to bringing fellow “Sharers” onboard, and helping ensure profitability to those involved. 

Instructions for Donating
We can accept bitUSD, bitCNY, BTS and BTC at present (bank wires acceptable on a case by case basis). 
Please send all bitUSD, bitCNY, BTS donations to acct: browniedistro w/ the following memo format:
From (enter forum name here) for ShareBits Donations, (enter date)
Please send all BTC donations to acct: 18Eby3193CizDMPb9cHE2q7GDWuj5V36Xj 
And a pm with the link to the tx (for BTC) with the following Subject: ShareBits Donation, (enter date)
Can I use it before I donate so I know what I'm getting? 
-Yes.  This bot is currently being tested on the forums:
-For help setting up and funding the bot, please see Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2

When will I get ShareBits?
-Our first priority is giving the bot the testing and core functionality it needs.  During that period I ask that everyone consider making their own UIA and tip it to people to help us test.  The faster we debug, the faster it gets polished!  We will not be giving a specific date on the release of the token, but we will be pooling the tx fees that are going to token holders and will release them as a lump sum (or buy them at a certain price) when the token is distributed. 

I am going to test this to see how much participation I receive.  50 BROWNIE.PTS to anyone who logs into twitter and sends Jim Willie the following message:

@goldenjackass The #BitShares community thanks you for your interest in disruptive tech to bring solutions for #Life & #libertyforall #gold

Post a Screenshot once this is accomplished (use imgur and upload a screenshot saved to your harddrive, then copy/paste the forum "BB code") along with a link to the tweet for your reward!

Let's Show the Reach of our Community!

This Hangout is w/ Bytemaster of Cryptonomex

Please ask questions Here:

Follow Twitter: @Beyond_Bitcoin

Retweet This Week's Hangout [ANN]!

Or better yet--Join us!  For updates on upcoming events, attend, record and report live from our Mumble Server!


Ensure you Complete the account information HERE for easy dispersal. 

General Discussion / Committee Town Halls (Poll)
« on: November 12, 2015, 08:24:15 pm »
Above is a poll to see how interested people would be in attending hangouts with committee members to hear their visions and plans for bitshares?

Some of them may oppose one another while others may wish to collaborate, but the community would get the chance to listen in, report live from mumble and even give their own opinions when they feel it is necessary.

Freebie / Open Beta: Testing the Tip/Sharebot Today @ Noon!
« on: November 08, 2015, 09:06:37 am »
We will be testing the tipbot/sharebot today  @12 est 8)

Everyone is invited to come join us in Mumble.  While there, please feel free to ask for help setting it up and using it, giving us feedback on new features and various other valuable input we have not yet considered.  You all have valuable input so we want you to join us and help us with the Open Beta! 

Who knows, maybe a great opportunity will even present itself to those who attend.  Or maybe not...I guess the value proposition is up to you to entertain, but I personally know I will be there because I believe it is high :)

Brownie Quest:  Slaying the BitShares Wikipedia & Github Update! 

Today we are recruiting people to fix the BitShares Wikipedia and/or Github page and get them up-to-date.  As a Bonus quest, if you can get [member=18342]robrigo[/member] to reach out to me (or get me his bts address), I can pay him a large portion of Brownies for his past hours of work in getting it up and running, and maintaining it diligently.  If anyone else helped Robrigo and hasn't been paid for their efforts, please let me know so I can pay you some Brownies. 

Please send us a link to your changelog/github release builds every week in this thread to show which changes have been submitted and accepted.  We will use this as a general guide to how much you are paid, but there is potential in the 1000's of Brownies for each week. 

Also, Freebie's team has offered to buy back $75 dollars worth of BROWNIE.PTS upon completion of this quest.

General Discussion / **If you want to receive tokens from Hangouts**
« on: November 06, 2015, 06:28:20 pm »
Please click on the image below to associate your mumble and forum names.  This will help us and future hangout moderators/hosts to be able to easily get project UIAs into your hands for participating in our hangouts. 

Stakeholder Proposals / Committee Member Hangouts
« on: November 06, 2015, 03:51:33 pm »
If you are interested in holding a hangout to talk about a committee member campaign and associated Bitshares Improvement Project, please post below about your interest.  We will formalize this process more and more over time.

General Discussion / If you are a Forum Moderator. *Name Fixed*
« on: November 03, 2015, 08:10:45 am »
Please post here along with the thread and level of access.

Technical Support / Current Committee Member List?
« on: November 03, 2015, 07:35:00 am »
Can anyone get me a list of the current committee members?

General Discussion / Committee Member Selection Idea: (Poll)
« on: November 03, 2015, 07:13:25 am »
Should committee member spots go to those with the most valuable tokens trading in the BitShares ecosystem?

Are there too many Downsides to do this? Too many Upsides not to?

General Discussion / Tipbot Use Cases (Iteration #1)
« on: November 03, 2015, 06:51:36 am »
Please add to this by posting responses below.  I am interested in seeing if others have ideas worth collecting for anyone who wishes to use the tipbot.

General Discussion / Would you Help BTS Community for Brownies?
« on: November 02, 2015, 03:04:26 pm »
Lately I've been thinking of alternative ways to keep BitShare's oldest movement. 

We at Beyond Bitcoin have worked tirelessly for nearly 2 years and have become a foundation for all the bitshares community to join in and get "inside information" as though they are part of the core dev team.  This is the only place where anyone can join and have a voice that is on level ground with everyone else--and a place where they can record and report live without being forced to show press credentials.  Or charged outrageous fees to join.  But these are not the only benefit offered.   

Over these years, we have had some who have worked with us for long periods of time and still others whose efforts have been interspersed and inconstant.  Yet they have worked and volunteered their time nonetheless.... 

Multiple volunteers have run beyond bitcoin since the very beginning of bitshares, and some were given small sums of bts funding via a delegate, but the delegate's pay did little to actually compensate them.  In fact many of those volunteers then even gave a substantial portion of their earnings to other initiatives, like minebitshares (now bunkermining). 

So we are the types of people who are not afraid to help others who are not part of "Beyond Bitcoin".  We represent a demographic that looks to Uplift Everyone! These selfless people have asked for very little and have given back far more in return...and for this reason, I have recently begun paying volunteers of bitshares' beyond bitcoin movement in brownies.  Not only this, but it is my full intention to work with project leads to begin looking at brownie holders as one of the most potent sharedropping targets in the ecosystem...perhaps second only to bitshares itself. 

With brownies, however, I no longer need to worry about paying our community with funds from a delegate or worker proposal and asking them to put those limited funds back into the community.  We can simply create value together...and the brownie supply will expand to reflect that value.

So if you are a person who has done a great deal of work for bitshares, and feel as though you sacrificed at great opportunity to yourself (aka working on something else with lower risk and higher reward) I see you as the foundation of bitshares...and I'd like to recruit and compensate you to help bitshares itself become a place where volunteers do not have to worry they will be overlooked. 

That is why brownies exist...for people like you. 

So now that I have opened a discussion to identify brownie holders, the next step is to for the first time open a discussion to identify those who would be interested in doing volunteer work for brownies(pts). 

If you are interested in this proposition, please post a reply here to let me know.  Shortly after you have done this, I will ensure to reach out to you personally to find out more details regarding your ideas and options.  Some people with big ideas that the community backs might even be given brownies to distribute for their own cause! Many quests will need done for many people in the bitshares ecosystem, after all, and I believe brownie lovers are in the perfect position to help all of bitshares--because they are its most selfless servants...they are a silent guild filled with the ranks of our heroes.   

So please post in this thread if you are interested in volunteering to help us, and we will coordinate to ensure you can--and will ensure you are given many hugs for doing so.  It is time to bring this to the next level everyone---and we only do this by leveling up every hero bitshares has...not by ignoring them and hoping they will force others to compensate for their work.  A free market is necessary, but taking care of those who generally work for a higher cause is also essential...and those people tend to be the ones who never ask.  I want to change that paradigm...because I think it is an important step in changing today's more macro level paradigm.

General Discussion / Hangout Attendance | 10-23-2015 (Test Sending w/ Bot)
« on: November 01, 2015, 10:09:35 am »
#btstip btsxking 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip atomicbounce 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip datasecuritynode-com 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip beyondbitcoin 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip chris4210 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip jabbajabba 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip dmo09 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip stan 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip mostar 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip bitcube 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip xeldal 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip godzirra 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip thomas.tfreedman 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip hadrian 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip jwf 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip rycon872 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip DestBest.bfcx 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip bitbuckster 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip ihashfury 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip tuckfheman-com 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip slim180 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip frodo 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip bitscape 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip xeroc 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip estefantt 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip Fox 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip puppies 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip amirichwow01 100    BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip ingenesist 100    BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip Cam 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip testz 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip mindphlux 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip Harvey 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip lafona 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip clayop 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip bytemaster 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip roadscape 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip claude-homml   100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip spartako 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip bhuz 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip proctologic 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip mattjohnson 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip destbest 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip attenuated 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip well-attenuated 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip cryptoprometheus 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip wallace 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip free 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip luca 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip frozenfan   100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip Luckybit2   100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip pheonike 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip kenCode 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip fav 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip thirtyeightptswarrior 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip Spectral 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip theangelwaveproject 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip blocktrades 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip edilliam 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip betaxtrade 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip ElMato 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip pal 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip rnglab 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip methodx 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip werneo 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip Mangou007 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip liondani 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip b33lz38v8 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip speedy 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip clout 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip boombastic 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip riverhead 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip tbone2 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip facer 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip thera 100   BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip carpetride 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip svk 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip myles 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip unosuke 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip ebit 100 BROWNIE.PTS
#btstip FuzzyCell   100   BROWNIE.PTS

Please tell me if you do not receive your brownies from this hangout.  It will arrive via a notification within this thread or in a pm (not positive which it is yet).

General Discussion / If you are a Brownie holder
« on: November 01, 2015, 08:21:30 am »
Please reply to this thread. 

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